Pixelated Graphics and Sound Issue (Gt70 2pc dominator gtx 870m)

Sup. Bought my first MSI gaming notebook a couple days ago. It's fairly nice but it seems I'm having a couple issues. First: Sound issue. I have a Turtlebeach Z22 headset. When using it on my MSI laptop I get a series of pops every couple words.    T

Windows Vista major sound issues

On my 2 month old Unibody Macbook, I'm experiencing severe sound issues with bootcamp 2.1 in windows vista. While playing games such as Halo 2 or Fallout 3, which the macbook graphically handles exceptionally well for a laptop, the sound crackles and

Sound issues while streaming after installing Snow Leopard

Oh please help! I have sound issues now that I've installed the upgrad of Snow Leopard (from Leopard) onto my Macbook. I have also installed the upgrade online. This is the deal ... I work online (Ethernet ... no WIFI) and stream video and audio, bef

HP Pavilion dv6 Windows 7 Beats Audio Sound issue

Hi- I am using HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7 and has Beats Audio installed.It is about 9-10 months old Couple of times in the last few months, the sound just screached and then the volume on the speakers went down tremendously. I have- 1. Confirmed

ATV2 Sound Issues - known workaround?

Hi there I'm also having still some sound issues with my Apple TV 2 (using latest firmware and iTunes Release running on a Mac mini Server) The ATV2 is connected by HDMI and Toslink to a DENON receiver. I do have a library of movies converted from DV

Sound issues in iOS6

I'm having random sound issues since upgrading iPhone to iOS6. For instance, after using iMessage I will sleep the phone without exiting iMessage. 5 mins later I will have messages sent to me but there were no sound notifications indicating such. Onl

Compaq CQ50 Sound Issues

I've found two sound issues affecting my Compaq cq50-110us (Note: Using latest sound drivers with Windows 7: A -First one is I wasn't able to use my internal microphone on my laptop, in the Recording Tab it did list the microphone in my lap

What is a packet problem? I'm having sound issues.

I'm at my wit's end. I am having sound issues. I've run diagnostic tests and everything comes back as OK, but it's not OK! Something somewhere is messed up and I can't figure it out. I have been to the help rooms on paltlak and opened up support tick

Lion Sound Issues

I am having problems with my headphone jack sound output, it is distorting and clipping since upgrading to 10.7 I have checked other places, and they recommend Audio Midi set to 32Bit, but I do not have this option available, and have tried all the a

Macbook sound issue after standby

Hello, Bit random issue here.. This is not consistence but it is totally random. Randomly when i open the macbook lid when it comes out off standby by i hear a weird "ripping" sound issue i think its coming from left hand speaker or side. Im ass

Sound Issues with Mac OS X 10.4.10 ?

I had successfully updated to 10.4.10. However, now whenever I use iTunes and start a song, I get a "Pop" noise from my Creature II speaker system. After I stop the song and a few seconds later, I get a "Pop" noise from my speakers. So

Iphone sound issues?

Is anybody else having sound issues with their iphone? Ive had my phone for a few months now, and the sound on the part where you hear, and the speaker phone part cut out for awhile. Randomly..... That was about 3 weeks from having the phone. It came

Sound issues with ga

hello, ill start out with the basics system AMD Athlon 64bit 3000+ .8ghz MSI Neo2 mainboard 024MB ddr400 ram ati radeon 9800 pro 28mb video card soundblaster li've 24bit sound card I am having various sound issues with a few games i play, most notabl

HP Mini 311 1037 that is having sound issues.

 have an HP Mini 311 1037 that is having sound issues. It sounds as if it is going through a spring reverb effect. Is this something that can be corrected? Can the sound card be replaced on this mini? please help.Try the following steps. 1. Open up d

AIR 3 ios sound issues

hey all i am using the AIR 3 sdk overlayed Flash Pro 5.5 and i am having 2 sound issues: first of all, my iPhone 3g's physical mute/silent button does not affect my app, and it should secondly, the app records sound from the microphone when the user

Speakers sound issue on Envy 14 Beats Edition

Hi all, For few days now, my one year Envy 14 has a weird speakers sound issue. When the sound level passes over 50%, there is a lot of scratches and distorsion on the speaker, in that case, it is not usable at all. Note that this issue does not happ

Sound issues after upgrading to iOS 5

Hello, Wondering if this is happening to anyone else. Yesterday I upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 5 and today I notice that my system sounds are not working: Lock button does not "click" Unlocking gives no sound Keyboard with no sound When listening t

HD/DVR Box Upgrade Play Back Sound Issues

I just upgraded my DH/DVR boxes and now when I pause live TV and then start playing the sound skips.  It also happens with a recorded show.  My old boxes worked fine and just connected my new boxes yesterday.  Also it takes a long time when switching

ACER e700 DTS Studio Sound issue

Hi e700 users,  i'm using e700 for almost a year now, and tried every possible tweaks to improve this 3 sim phone especially its audio. could somebody confirmed that DTS Studio Sound is not working properly after playing some mp4 or flash files? i th

Mac Mini Sound Issue under OS X when Boot Camp is installed

I've noticed a strange issue on my Intel Mac Mini. Fresh install of Mac OS X 10.4.6 or higher - sound volume is normal and stays at the previously set level after a power off, power on, or just a restart. If I take the same fresh install and install