No Push Notifications with Nokia Lumia 820 WP8

Our Servers are Setting up very well and are tested and installed by a Lync Partner. Push Notifications for Lync 2013 App on Nokia Lumia 820 doesn't work. Thanks for your helpBy default, push notifications are turned off. You need to configure your E

Can you re-show push notifications for messages after unlocking iPhone?

Is it possible to re-show push notifications for messages after unlocking an iPhone? If I open my phone, but want to re-see the same message push notifications after closing my phone would that be possible? In other words is there a way to customize

Push notifications for specific apps not working even though the badge updates (Facebook, Google  etc.)

So this has been happening for months now. I was expecting iOS 5 to fix it, but it hasn't. Push notifications for specific apps do not work. Some come through just fine, but Facebook and Google+ in particular don't work correctly. Facebook push notif

Is there a way to get push notifications for social apps on the Droid Maxx

Is there a way to get push notifications for social apps on the Droid Maxx? With text messaging, you will see a badge icon, but I wasn't sure if you could do that for social networks, too.    @cmabbott85, I can definitely understand how important it

Double push notifications for e-mails sent to self

Since iOS 8 I am getting double e-mail notifications for e-mails which I sent to myself. I also know the cause of this problem: It happens with all Exchange-accounts, so I went to verify the Push settings for these accounts. There, both Inbox and Sen

How do I find push notifications for games

Hi, Please help, I play Words with Friends it is connect to itunes to use push notifcations, I cannot get it to go away so I can play the game, ayone else had this problem, what did you do about it? HFirst, when you open an app for the first time it

Double Push Notifications for Gmail - How to stop

Hi .. I'm getting 2 mail notifications for all email received via Gmail; one for my In-Box and another for the All Mail folder on iPhone and iPad.  Gmail is set up for push in IMAP on both devices using Exchange. Push works well but kind of annoying

Background Push Notifications for Mail

Is there any way to set up Mail notifications without having the Mail app open in Mavericks? Every other service can send notifications without being open, so I'm surprised there isn't a way to do this with the Mail app, ala iOS. Any thoughts or sugg

Push notification for Lync in ios5.1.1

Hi MIcrosoft Lync push notification is not visible in my iphone 4s on iOS 5.1.1. However, i have tested with similar iphone 4S with iOS 5.1.1, suprisingly it appears in Settings--> Notifications. (check attachment) i hv tried several attempt 1. insta

Push notifications for iOS 7 updates

When I receive a push notifications that there is an update available for the newest version of iOS 7....will it automatically download and install or will it give me the option to not download and do it at another time. I see that the notification a

Push notifications for Facebook on Nokia C3

Hi, I have a Nokia C3 and I want to know if there is a way of receiving Facebook notifications even when the app is not open or if there is an app that allows push for FB notifications. I read that the Facebook 3.2.2 version had an option in settings

Disable push notifications for an app but still have badges

In iOS 4, disabling push for a particular app was pretty straightforward, ON/OFF.  Not only that, but badges still worked (assuming the app supports badges), regardless if notifications were enabled for that app.  For example, I opened Words With Fri

How to generate Uri to send push notifications for windows phone 7

Where do I register my app to get Uri to send push notificationsHi Eric, Thank you for your reply. I have created instance for HttpNotificationChannel. Plz find the below code:  public MainPage() /// Holds the push channel that is created or found.  

Push notifications forgotten?

Apple told everyone in June that push notifications for programs will be available in September. I bought the phone agreeing to wait till then. 3 months have past where is it? Make your voice heard I'm sure more people out there are feeling the same

ITunes Connection to get Push Notifications

How to get push notifications on my iPhones appsHi mruiteixeira, This article has information about notifications, including push notifications, for your iPhone and how to use them - Understanding notifications on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple

Android App Push Notifications

Singe the 7.4.00075 server updated I did yesterday around noon, I have not been getting push notifications on my Android Spiceworks app (v. 3.0.2). Notifications are on in the app, and on the server. Has anyone else had this issue? This topic first a

Weather Channel push notifications - iOS 8

I have The Weather Channel app v6.3.2 on my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.0.2). In a previous version still on my iPhone 4, I am able to configure push notifications for severe weather. The current app description even says in its feature listing "Push alerts &

Isanyone else having issues with Push Notifications?

I am having the issues push notifications with MLB at the Bat 2010, ESPN Worldcup app, ESPN Sportcenter App, Sportsatcular. No push notification for any of these apps what so ever. I get push notifications for text messages and exchange calendar even

Push notifications not working on 4g/cellular data

i have an iphone 5s with latest ios 7. recently the push notification stopped working under cellular data (lte most of the time, 3g other times). if i turn on wifi, push notification works fine. in fact if i turn on wifi after a few days i get al the

HT3576 Viber on Iphone 3GS - Issue with push notifications

hi i installed viber on my iphone 3gs. the push notifications for viber are set to "on", yet when i start viber it continues to say that push notifications need to be switched on, n wont progress further. any solutions. deleting n reinstalling h