Mail & Missing Plug-in /Java/

I'm using MAIL Version 5.0 (1244.2/1244.3) and I have a situation. I would send digital poscards from iPhoto to my email and when I recieve it Mail wouldn't let me see it. It says "Missing Plug-in" but I have installed a proper plug-in - Java fo

How to install & enable Java Plugin2 in safari on windows

how to enable java next generation plugin 2 in safari.I used this link to detect plugins in my safari and i get Next-Generation Java Plugin2 installed & enabled: false. can anybody help me how to en

Java Applets in Safari

I'm trying to run a Java applet with safari, but everytime I go to the webpage all I get is a grey box with a picture of a coffee cup that has two arrows circling it. Nothing loads after that. Any idea how to fix this?Hi ad1054, Are you sure you have

Java error after safari 5.1 update.

After installing the new safari 5.1 on my mac os 10.6.8, I get this java error right when i turn on my computer. i have posted 2 posts of this and noone has responded...i dont know what to do should i degrade my 5.1 safari? and go back to 5.0.5?? Als

Can't find the plug-in that's crashing Safari

Safari 5.0.5 keeps crashing and I get the message: "Safari quit while using the plug-in.” I don’t recognize this plug-in. Could anyone help me find it and delete it? Here’s what I’ve done so far. I read the report. It list

Can't load Java applets in Safari

Ever since I installed Snow Leopard, Safari can't load Java applets. I get a blue Lego brick with a question mark, and a message telling me that Java was not found. Firefox is unaffected, and I get the same error whether Safari is open in 32-bit or 6

Cannot load java applets in Safari

I have several accounts on my machine. In one, the one I use most of the time, Safari will not load java applets. I have checked preferences and compared with those set on the other accounts. They are the same, including enabling javva and javascript

I am receiving "Blocked Plug-In" message. Running Safari Version 5.1.10 on MAC OS X 10.6.8. Updated Flash Plater, but problem persists.

I am receiving "Blocked Plug-In" message when I open webpages through Safari. I am running Safari Version 5.1.10 on MAC OS X 10.6.8. I updated Flash Player, cleaned out Cookies and restarted, but problem persists.When you have installed the late

Java failure in Safari

Today it started. I can't get any java based websites to run. No chats, no online games..nada. I do see the Java coffee cup with it's arrows. Went to Sun's website and tested, it shoed I had version 1.42 and 5.0 release1, but did not load the java im

Safari Crashes When Java Plugins are Enabled

Thanks in advance. On a PPC G4 eMac running 10.4.11 and Safari 3.2.3 Safari repeatedly crashes when visiting Facebook and other sites when Java Applet Plugin Enabler, Java Applet.plugin and JavaPuginCocoa.bundle are enabled. Crash Report: Date/Time:

Java Card Manager NetBeans plug-in

Just to announce, I've uploaded a simple plug-in for NetBeans that provides basic functionality for Java Cards. Send APDU commands to card or simulator, browse content loaded on card, load & install & delete applets, open secure channel... Plug-in

Safari on Win7 -- Java not detected

I am trying to use Safari on a Win7 box to attend a WebEx meeting. The WebEx Java client works on IE (so Java in installed on the machine). However, when I try to launch the WebEx Java app from within Safari, I get an error of "WebEx Client Page trie

Safari Java Isnt working!

I wanted to post pictures on Facebook, which uses Java, and for some reason Java isnt working! I uploaded the new java just like technical support told me to do, but it still doesn't work. Please help me!Hi very basic first step : in Safari-Preferenc

Can't get Java to work on Safari Windows

Have downloaded latest Java for Windows, but doesn't work with Safari. Am running windows XP. Any help?I'm not wrong. Java in Safari does not work for me and, judging by the posts in this forum, for the vast majority of Safari users on Windows. Reply

Java Plug-in / JSObject support with IE and Firefox

Hi there, Basicaly, the idea behind is to write objects in Java to replace or extend functionnalities of a web page (like XMLHttpRequest object). Those objects should support event handler writen in Javascript. My first idea was to create JavaBeans a

HT202643 I couldn't verify Java 8 update 25 with Safari 8 browser

OS X version is Yosemite 10.10.1 (14B25) I installed JRE 8u25. I couldn't verify Java in the Safari 8. At fist time of try to verify with Applet, Safari asked to me to allow I allowed. After waiting a long time, I receive a message

Safari crashing when trying to accept a Java applet

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to Mac environment but I have a very irritating problem. Whenever I try to open a specific page (tried both v3 and v4 beta) which ask me to accept a java applet / certificate, Safari crashes and the only solution is to fo

Safari 5.0.4 Problem with multiple overlaying plugins

Hi! I experience an issue only in Safari on a webpage with multiple overlaying plugins. The overlaying plugin will not render in the browser. For instance, on the mainpage there is a flash-banner. When logging in it opens an iFrame overlaying the ban

How to add a web site to the "Java" preferences?

Apple states the following regarding Safari 6.0.4: "When you first visit a website that requires the Java web plug-in, Safari presents a prompt similar to this one but containing the specific website ..." I didn't authorize a web site when i fir

Safari won't open - thread 0 crashes

I want to use Safari but am unable to open it. (My ISP offers software that accelerates my dial-up connection, but it needs Safari to run.) I had OS X 10.2.6 with an unknown version of Safari (whatever it came with). Safari did not appear in the desk