Photoshop CS6 Extended 64bit scratch disk error

I'm unable to point CS6 to the alternate scratch drive despite changes in permissions. I noticed my boot drive (C:) is actually Disk 1, not Disk 0, and my scratch disk (internal) is Disk 0. I can select an external drive (I:) with no issues, but that

Photoshop CS6 64bit crashing with big psb files right after opening

Hi everybody, I'm having big trouble since CS6 and I couldnt find andy help anywhere, thats why i have to ask here. Problem discription: Opening an 7gb 8bit psb file in PS CS6 64bit: PS opens the file and crashes immediately after showing the content

Adobe Photoshop CS6 64bit version no longer shows under program

A few days ago I somehow acquired a virus on my windows 7 laptop. With virus protection software I was able to quickly identify it and delete it from my system. After I deleted the virus I noticed that my Photoshop CS6 64bit shorcut disappeared from

Installation fails Photoshop CS6 Public beta 64bit windows 7

I tried to install the windows version of Photoshop CS6 Public Beta, the 64bit version failed to install said that it failed to locate folder tokens. I uninstalled it and restart my computer. I tried to reinstall but I still get the same error. What

Photoshop cs6 64bit and windows 8

Why my photoshop  CS6  64 bit in windows 8 can't SAVE and SAVE AS any files? it's ok for my Photoshop cs6 32bit,but there is not reaction when i use command file->save  or file->save as ,also CTRL +S and SHIF +CTRL+S in Photoshop 64 bit I can only t

Adobe Photoshop Cs6 64bit installation trouble.

Exit Code: 6 Please see specific errors and warnings below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERROR: DW050, DW062 ... -------------------------------------- Summary -------------------------------------- - 0 fatal error(s), 25 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Photoshop cs6 trial download

Hi, I will like to ask how to download photoshop cs6 on mac 10.6.8 that has intel core duo, and does it support 64bit and is there alternatives for people who are still using intel core duo computers to use photoshop cs6 thank [email protected] Perlie, Sorry to

Problem importing .mov file into Photoshop CS6

I recently bought a canon 600D and I am trying to edit a 1080p video in photoshop CS6, however whenever it won't let me import the video. When I try to open it via File>open, it tells me 'Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not rec

Photoshop CS6. Will it run on my computer?

Hi. I would like to buy Photoshop CS6. Will it run on my computer without any problems? I've got Windows 7 Professional 64bit Service Pack 1. Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz. 4GB RAM. Graphics - Radeon HD 6490M. (some time ago I bought Aut

Is there a substitute tool path for "Image Adjustments Variations-" in Photoshop CS6 Standard Addition?

Is there a substitute tool path for "Image>Adjustments>Variations-" in Photoshop CS6 Standard Addition that brings similar results?  I was used to using Image>Adjustments>Variations- in Photoshop CS4 Standard Standard Addition quite

Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 CC simultaneity

Is is possible to run Photoshop CS6  and Photoshop-CS6 CC simultaneously in the same computer? For instance PSSC6 for batch processing and PSSC6-CC for image editing?You can run the 32bit and 64bit versions simulatanously just as you can of course ru

Photoshop CS6 extended creates 65,000+ tmp files

Can anyone help with a tmp file problem?  After the last update for Photoshop CS6 extended, I get 65,000+ .tmp files (all 0k size) each time that I save a jpg or targa file.  It doesn't matter if I save to the local drive or a network drive.  It also

I can't find Photoshop CS6 Extended on the adobe download manager, only the ordinary photoshop cs6.

When i admit the trial download link of Photoshop CS6 extended on the website i'm reverted to the adobe download manager which doesn't have the extended version, only tghe normal one. And how about x64 versions? does the normal installation pack incl

Unable to enable OpenCL in Photoshop CS6

I have a Radeon HD 5670 card (640sp version) and I'm unable to activate the "OpenCL" option in Advanced Graphics Processor settings. My GPU driver version is Catalyst 13.3 beta 3 for windows 7. The problem occurs in Catalyst 13.2, too.  GPU-z re

Photoshop CS6 does not open or create files

I am using Adobe Cloud. And have downloaded Photoshop CS6. Using it locally. It was working fine.  For weeks. The application still loads without error. But if I open a file nothing happens. No error message. But no file appears. And if I try to crea

Photoshop CS6 & CC shuts down right after startup

Hello! I've just got my self new lisence for adobe Lightroom, PS CC & CS6. Previously I had just PS CS5. Problem is that I can't get PS CS6 nor PS CC to start up, or more accurately to stay on more than one second. Now I'm asking help to get just the

Photoshop CS6 Extended Update Questions

I have Photoshop CS6 Extended as part of the Master Suite (stand alone) on a 64bit Windows PC. it is currently running PS version 13.0 I can't connect the PC to the internet at this time but would like to download the update(s) on my laptop and then

Photoshop CS6 not using all available computer memory [was:Hello all]

I have the creative cloud trial version, and when I use photoshop cs6 it will not allow me to use all of the memory. I would love any help that can be offered.Sound like you starting the 32 bit version of Photoshop on a Windows system. If you have a

Never used Photoshop CS6 nor Adobe Bridge CS6, on my drive. Trash them before using CC?

I am a photographer. I never used the Photoshop CS6 nor Adobe Bridge CS6, both of which are on my drive. I used Apple's Aperture software instead. a) should I trash them before downloading CC  (I don't see any Uninstall feature for them)? and, b) doe

Impossible de mettre à jour Photoshop CS6

Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à mettre à jour Photoshop CS6, j'ai fait plusieurs tentatives (redemarrage, arrêt PC, désactivation firewall) rien n'y fait. Lecode erreur est U44M1P7. PS: les autres mises à jour se sont bien installées.Check out this fact s