Why can't I view my photos when I log into my iCloud account?

Why can't I see my photos on iCloud when I have Photo stream activated on my IPhone and computerBecause photo stream is a sync service, it is not a storage service where you can post gallaries and view photos directly in It's only used fo

I have around 1,000 photos on my old phone and I want to put them on my new phone without using a backup or iTunes, which would be the easiest way?

I have around 1,000 photos on my old phone and I want to put them on my new phone without using a backup or iTunes, which would be the easiest way?I was looking for something on the net, and i run into this post. Am not sure if you have found a soulu

Photosmart c4480 cutting off top of photos

hi, i bought this printer today and thought i would give it a test run on photos from a memory card on 6x4 paper but it keeps cutting the top of the photo off a little bit am i doing something wrong? is there a way of stopping this happening? thanks

What to buy? Does the Zen Sleek Photo have line-

Hello, I am looking for a MP3 Player and recorder that has the following: . Quality line-in recording capabilities, preferably built in, but if not at least avaible through and attachment or something. 2. Quality voice recording capibilities to MP3 f

Downloading photos to iMac from camera

I often (not always) have two problems when I try to download photos from my camera to my iMac: (1) I am often told that I didn't disconnect properly, I don't understand this. My understanding of the proper procedure for disconnecting anything connec

How do I move a photo within a cell? (montage)

Hello there. I am trying to create a photo montage. I have all my photos in cells on the page, but now I am trying to zoom in on and move photos around within each cell (sort of what you do when you upload a photo in Facebook). This was quite easy fo

Is there some setting to obtain the highest resolution photos?

I want to burn to a DVD to show on a large screen and want to get the highest resolution possible in the photos. Are there any settings I need to know about?iPhoto's Slideshow outputs are pretty limited. With iMovie or an app like PhotoToMovie you ca

Why are photos and videos taken with my iPhone 6 not recognized in iPhoto?

My Mac and my iPhone 6 are both up to date but I still can't upload photos and videos to iPhoto from my iPhone 6. It gives me the message that they are in an unrecognizable format. I have restarted my Mac and tried selecting a few photos at a time to

Printing Photo Negative

Can I print an old  B&W photo to a positive on my HP Officejet 6600, Product Number CZ155A?Hi again. Thank you for the operating system of your computer. I have taken a look at the HP Officejet 6600 e-All-in-One and 6700 Premium e-All-in-One Printer

How do I move photos within a journal (ie from 1 page to another) in iPhoto

How do I move photos within a journal (ie from 1 page to another) in iPhotoiPhoto is not very smart with multiple photos... I don't think you can move multiple photos and I suggest the following turnaround, using the "combine pages" option menti

I can't see some of my photos. iPhoto says "The Operation couldn't be completed. (OSStatus error -54.)

when I click on some photos i saw this sign. This happen after one Time Machine backup (I think) and I couldn't solve it. I've tried  to rebuild library and thumbnail and it didn't work. and this too. What should I do?This indicates a disconnect betw

Missing Photo Booth Effects

For some reason, I only have two pages of effects in my Photo Booth application. There are no backdrop effects, either prefab or blank frames where I can create my own. I've got version 2.0.3, so I don't think I've missed an upgrade anywhere. Can any

I cannot download my photos from icloud thru photostream onto my iMac

I have 1000 pics on my photo stream... I got a new iMac.. only 57 pics got downloaded thru photostream.. it was downloading them and I might have pause it accidentally but dont know how to get it going again...Ideas?Does Image Capture recognize the p

I edited photos in photo shop that  I took off of my camera and then whenI was done I saved them in a folder in my documents as a JPEG. Now when I try to open them there is an encrytion error me assage.

I edited photos in photo shop thay I took off my camera and when I was done I saved them in a folder in my documents as a jpeg. now when I try to open them there is an encryption error  messageThe folks here would need far more information from you b

HT2481 photo printing from iPhoto

In iPhoto when I want to print a photo using glossy photo paper how do I get the presets to include this type of paper? Presets only show  4 paper choices related to photo on Matte paper & photo on phot paperPaper type is not an iPhoto selection but

HT201317 how to recover deleted video from photo stream in icloud

I have deleted a video from my iphone 4 photo stream before it was syncd to my computer.  My photo stream is backed up to icloud. How can I recover the video I deleted?  Thanks you!Photo stream doesn't upload videos, just photos.  If the video was in

Massive photo upload

Hi Guys, I found CF 'ARCHIV_CREATE_DIALOG_META' is useful for massive photo upload.I tried tat,but getting an error(file_open_error)  eventhough valid file exists. And also, -What should be the name of  photo? i kept as (emp no).jpg , - Do we need to

Sending photos by mail from my iPad

When I click on a photo to send by mail, it stays in the outbox and won't be sent. I have had the iPad for more than a year and it's the first time that's happening. No problem with any other mail.Try reconnecting your WiFi modem.Read other 2 answers

LR Mobile update-Can't adjust old (pre-synced) photos

Hi, I have LR 5.6 on my desktop and have just updated to LR Mobile 1.2.0 on my iPad (iOS 8 update).  I am now unable to edit any of the photos that were previously synced prior to the updates being installed.  The photos are there, but the adjustment

My iPod touch 4G doesn't receive photos through iMessage, only typed messages. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Lately my iPod touch 4G has not been receiving photos from my wife through IMessage, when the photo is received I can see it for less than half a second, then it disappears. If I restart my iPod sete it shows up as unknown and a question mark, instea