OSS Note Implementation

Hi,   Is there any other way to implement OSS note except SNOTE transaction. KR, Senthil.u  have 2 options to get modifications of Std.SAP program. 1.Implementing Notes which has been given by SAP   u have to 2 options in notes   1.Automatic Implemen

OSS NOTE Number required

Hi Gurus, could you plese provide me the Related OSS NOTE number for the folowing exception . TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED No storage space available for extending the internal table. You attempted to extend an internal table, but the required space wa

OSS Note for Clearing to Specific Ledger Group Field

Does anybody know if there is an individual OSS Note that allows you to add this field in the GL Account master without having to install a support / enhancement pack?Hari, There is no specific note that allows this functionality, however, after inst

From where do we see OSS notes and message errors...

hi, From where do we see OSS notes and message errors details if the error number is provided?? Thanks & Regards*OSS* are online sap support notes. These notes are available online for solving critical problems in sap system.We may use the already ex

Apply OSS note

Hi BI experts, What access is required to apply OSS notes. one i know is SNOTE. Do we need OSS2 . Could you recomend me other transactions. I need to apply OSS notes. I need to ask for access to various transactions. Please suggest. Regards, BWerDieg

Revert back the OSS notes

Hi Experts, I have implementaed one OSS notes through SNOTE T.code. This OSS notes is not a solution for  my issue. Now i need to Revert back the OSS Notes( Means don't required this OSS notes in my system).any body tell me what are ways i will reach

OSS note 832994

Can any of you send me the OSS note 832994 to thanu.krishnan AT Thank You Thanu Edited by: Thanu Krishnan on Jun 4, 2008 12:33 PMHi, Pl check your mail. Regards AyyapparajRead other 2 answers

OSS notes and service packs

Hi, Can anyone elaborate me the difference between OSS1 transaction and SNOTE transaction in relation with application of OSS notes ? Also, what is the difference between SAP service pack and OSS notes ? Are SAP service pack similar to windows servic

Implementation of OSS Note-304290

Hi, This is Kiran Kumar. We have an issue with the US tax classification. Issue is Tax classification is not passing to the subsequent documents like Invoice to Debit Memo Request /Credit Memo Request. Hence Tax values are becoming zero. ususally XR1

OSS notes during upgrade

Dear All, We are doing ecc6.0 upgradation. While doing this in SPAU there are oss notes with green question marks under Note Corrections. Kindly suggest me what to do with this oss notes.  Whether to consider that or skip that? Kind Regards, Ranjith

LIS Extract structure MC17I00ACT changed while implementing oss note 865254

Hi, While i am trying to implement the oss notes 865254 , the sap defined data source 2LIS_17_I0ACTY , having the extracture MC17I00ACT , extract structure is modified and many  fields and includes are deleted .can any one please give soluation how t

Shall I undo the Applied OSS notes

Hi Team, I applied 3 OSS notes in my BI system using SNOTE Transaction after BI 7 patch 12. Now I want back to the original state of the system by un doing the 3 OSS notes. My question: Is it possible to undo the applied ossnotes ? If yes please let


Hi All, Can anyone please provide me OSS note numbers available for FM ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM. I want to see OSS notes applicable for printing Countries in address. Regards, Imran Kundan.Better perform (yourself or basis) the search yourself at http:

A lower OSS note dependent on higher OSS note

Hi All, Our team is trying to implement  a OSS note, say #12345 via txn SNOTE and noticed that it pops up asking to implement #22222. It triggers some thoughts among ourselves. Is anyone able to advice why or under what sort of circumstances would a

How to search OSS notes

Hi Dear Friends, How to search OSS notes, tell each and every step; this is the interview question. I answered that using OSS1 but they did not satisfy with that. How to answer for this question Thanks in advance, LearnerHello Paul, the ability to fi

OSS Notes -- do or do not

Hello colleagues, I have to implement some OSS notes here as required. Some of these notes have the status "Can be implemented" and some others the status "Cannot be implemented". I have already implemented the first group, although th

How to access OSS notes

how to access OSS notes. i'm working in a reputed company, i would like to see OSS how can i access that.Hi OSS note provided by SAP for standard program issues. Based on problem which is facing sap will provide OSS note number. After getting the OSS

Reg: OSS notes implementaion.

Hi, This is my problem while applying OSS notes number 645422 . Before implementing an OSS notes number 645422 structural changes are required for note number 645401 and 645404. For OOS note number 645401: The structural change requires, inserting a

Problem with OSS note

Hello. I do not know if there is anybody in here that has encountered this problem but.... We have NEW GL activated so we have to use transaction FAGL_FC_VAL with program FAGL_FC_VALUATION for closing year and converting some documents from local cur

OSS Note 1048856 does not fix system error VL 059

Hi all, we have exactly the issue described in OSS Note: 1048856. "When you use IDocs to create inbound deliveries, the system issues error VL 059 by mistake 'You cannot add this item to the delivery'." Our process is: 1. Post over the IDOC DESA