4016: User/Role relationship for user

Hi Guru, I have a requirement to send email notifications to mulitple users. I created a adhoc role and tried assigning the users to the role but I am getting this error. I am on R12.1.3 4016: User/Role relationship for user Where do I pick the user

ORA-01935: missing user or role name

Hello. I'm trying to change a users password, logged in as SYS. I'm using the script: ALTER USER dross IDENTIFIED BY 1111; Also tried: ALTER USER "dross" IDENTIFIED BY "1111"; ALTER USER 'dross' IDENTIFIED BY '1111'; ALTER USER 'dross'

Java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20002: 3133: Activity instance 'HR_REVIEW_CHANGE

Hi, We are on and, getting below errors in SSHR any help in this regard would be appreciated. I found one note 472411.1 but its not helping much. ## Detail 0 ## java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20002: 3133: Activity instance 'HR_REVIEW_CH

Restrict some user roles for tocde VA02

Hi All, Please can any one help on this? i have to restrict some user roles while rejecting the item in va02 tcode. how to do this. Thanks, RamuHi, There are two ways to do this: - Make a transaction variant through SHD0 and assign it to your sales d

Creation of user roles

Hi all, can someone please explain me how to create the user roles. is this a IMG part of Logistics? please explain me in detail. kumarPFCG is the T.Code for creating roles,& you need to check in T.Code SUIM, which all are the roles that are currentl

Solution Manager 4.0 Solution Monitoring User -Roles-Profiles for Satellite

Hi All, I have installed Solution Manager 4.0 (OS -Linux ,Database - DB2) . Now i need to connect solution manager to the R/3 4.6C Satellite Systems (DEV, QAS ,PRD) for Solution Monitoring and Service level Reporting . I have read the configuration g

Access User Roles

Hi, Can I access user roles by using the following code and if so, then how do I retrieve the role information from the iterator. //This is code for getting Username and role. IWDClientUser user1 = WDClientUser.forceLoggedInClientUser(); IUser user2

How to assign a Bex report to the user role

Hi Expert in the Excel, when you open a query, the system will display history, faviourate, infoarea, role button on the left side of the popup screen. if you click the role button, you can see the user authorized Bex report. now I have created a Bex

ORA-20002: 3133: Activity instance 'VERICONDGER' is not a notified activity

HI I've a jsp that is calling a PL/SQL procedure wich have this statement: WF_ENGINE.CompleteActivity(L_ITEM_TYPE,processo,'VERIFICONDGER',resultado); but when i run this jsp i've this error: ORA-20002: 3133: Activity instance 'VERICONDGER' is not a

RAR: Best strategy for users/roles/profiles synchronization

Hi all, Assuming that: 1) we will be never interested about profiles risk analysis (just users and roles) 2) roles risk analysis will be run first and after sometime (threee weeks) we will run it for users. and we will run batch risks analysis: Quest

LS 2013: Error with User/Role Screen

I upgraded my LightSwitch application from VS 2012 to VS 2013 (VS 2013 Update 1). Now, when I access the user/roles screen, I receive the following error now: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Data.Services, Version=, Culture=neutral,

On the web how can I check the user role to display the form suitable for this role i

Hello How can I check on the web the use role to display the a form for each role Example If the admin login I display admin_form.fmb and if user login I display user_form.fmb Thankx TamerIn my forms I hide tab pages according the role using somethin

Content delivery in portal based on user roles ?

Portal Server new bee... Please can anyone point me to guides/url where i can look to enable content delivery in a portal based on user roles and how to establish SSO. I have installed Portal Server6.0 and iplanet Directory Server Management Edition

Defining BI Power User Role and Authorizations

We are looking for information/best practices/guidelines pertaining to defining BI Power Users and the appropriate authorizations to attach to this role.  Our Power Users are asking for approval to access several transactions within BI, specifically

Getting ORA-20002: 3825: Error '-4061-ORA-04061: Error from business event

Hi, I have defined custom subscription to the iRecruitment business event oracle.apps.per.api.assignment.update_apl_asg . In this custom subscription i am launching a custom workflow to send Notification about offer acceptance or Application Submissi

Windows Small Business Server User Roles - Missing or deleted

I have a small business server sbs 2008 r2. The user roles, Standard, Administrator, Standard w/ admin are no longer available. I don't know why, or how. All I can guess is the previous IT admin, removed the roles, without permission. I am wondering

Know User role after connecting via wlst

Hi, I have a query. suppose I have already connected using a user (configured in LDAP), via connect command in WLST. Now I wanna know the user role, if it is administrator, deployer, developer or something ? Is there a method using the CMO ? thanks A

ABAP User Roles and Query for accessing particular T- codes and Reports

dear Gurus I have one problem, i want to know about ABAP User Query ,i have one requirement my user wants to Lock all the HR Std versus Customized reports in T- code SQ01,other department peoples also see the Payslips and Hr personal reports which is

User Roles for changing tables?

Which user roles are there in the environment for changing tables? Any help is appreciated. Regards, NeetuSearch for roles which have SE11 in their menu as a tcode and take you best pick or create your own. The advice from the other is also good in m

MM End user roles Segregating - Suggestions

Dear SAP Experts, In our company, Purchase Dept 10 persons are using SAP MM Screen. We would like to minimize the work as well as for logging in SAP Screen usage. Kindly tell your all suggest that, Work profile allocating on daily basis, so that we c