ReportDefinition web services v11

Hi, finally got bi publisher and bumped into a problem which is making me crazy. Now I have all the features I need, like getting all the meta data about params and set dynamic data sources, but have trouble making use of them. I'm trying

How to compile jar file including all dependencies ?

Hi all, I have an application with more than 50 classes that use third party libraries. I would like to compact everything in just one single jar file BUT just the classes I need, not the whole external libraries. Archive builder from JBuilder works

Runnable JAR in Eclipse

Hi, I'm trying to make a runnable JAR in Eclipse, but I don't know how to limit which libraries or other source codes to be included inside. Does anyone know how to do this? The JAR I'm making is 13.6 MB, much bigger than I think it should be. Thanks

Compressing classes and jars using pack200

Dear All, As per the following I expected standalone pack200.exe and unpack.exe in J2SDK1.5.0 Beta. But I could not find it. Is there any other way

Missing .jar files in the Weblogic Server 6.1 beta

The files /weblogic/lib/weblogic_sp.jar and /weblogic/lib/poolorb.jar are required to be set in the classpath, according to the documentation. But they are missing in the downloaded version of the server. Is there any solution?Hi Rajashree, weblogic_

What is my JAR "fully qualified class name " ?

I have created a application, and I have packaged it into a JAR Recipe using Studio one. It compiles fine, and I can runn it manually fine too. Now I need to run it as a NT service and because of this, I need the "fully qualified class name". I

Getting jar file name with wrapper

Hi, I'm using [java service wrapper|] to launch my project, with the command File jarFile = new File(main.class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource()           .getLocation().toString());witch opens the jar file name

Where can I get deploytool_patch.jar and cmp_patch.jar?

Please help me! Where can I get deploytool_patch.jar and cmp_patch.jar?Try this link: and there especially:

Invalid MAGIC number in jar file

HI Gentlemen, I just compiled a java file into a class file and then set up a jar file with that one single class. Manifest indicates that the Java version is 1.7.0 as is any other development tool. Now I am inspecting the file with my hex editor and

Automated Deployment Using admin_client.jar gives 500 error

Greetings, 1. standalone OC4J version 2. Windows XP platform in a VM We have a mature deployment in that the deployment from JDeveloper is routinely successful. During the course of developing continuous integration builds, the automated d

JAR files + java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

Hey all ... I'm looking for little help with building JAR files. Here's the situation: (using ant script :)) I have few source files *.java which I include into JAR file with default MANIFEST built by ant. (these files should be implemented as LIBRAR

J2EE Policy Agent Jars

Hi, Could anyone who has installed a J2EE Policy Agent please send me the following jar files zipped up. My email address is [email protected] thanks for your help. /opt/SUNWam/j2ee_agents/lib/am_agent_sdk_2_1.jar /opt/SUNWam/j2ee_agents/lib/am_agent

Jpa haven't any .jar file is in need?

I have jpa delete class , work fine on sun glassfish, but when load the class to sun Java system , and when I dod the actually delete I get the Jpa haven't any .jar file is in need? what can I deal this problem?? Thank You I mean the application work

What is the difference between JAR and WAR

would u pls tell me how to answer the Diffrences between JAR and WAR, if interwiever askedI hope you know what a JAR file is. If not, you need to study the Deployment trail in The Java Tutorial. If you have basic knowledge about programming web appli

Updated Jar not Downloaded

For some reason when users launch my program from web start the latest version is not downloaded if the user has an older version in cache. My JNLP file is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <jnlp spec="1.0" cod

Ejb-jar.xml generation bug?

Hi, I noticed that TopLink seems to forget the tag <primkey-field> and put java.lang.Object instead of Integer in the tag <prim-key-class>? Is this an error from me? VladHi, For a JEE5 EJB module, rather than using EJBGen, you can use WLS spec

Where do I get essential JSF Jar files

Dear friends, Where can I download essentila JSF jar files? Can I downlaod them seperately from any site? One more question... Can we depoloy JSF in Tomcat 5.0? Thanks in Advance SarathDear friends, Where can I download essentila JSF jar files? Can I

Jar for the package

Dear All, I am writing a UDF where we want to use the Payload class of package We are not getting the corresponding jar file. Please suggest what should be the jar file. Thanks and Regards, Rana Brata Dethis y

Loading images from Jar - Please help!

Tried with / in front of the path or without and using both getImageResource and getSystemImageResource methods and no images are showing. My jar has manifest file of: Main-Class: com.package.MainFrame Class-Path: j2ee.jar - blank line - Thanks Abrah

How to get .class files from a JAR at runtime

Hi. I wrote a program that load the classes it find in the "prog/components" directory. It enables me to add new components without messing with the code of the main program. Everything worked fine when wrote a batch file - but I want to create