Opera Mini fails in Nokia 6300

Hi, I am using Nokia 6300 with firmware 5.5. I've subscribed to Vodafone Live! I'm unable to use Opera Mini,Gmail etc now.It used to work fine before updating the firmware. The inbuilt WAP browser works fine. The settings from Vodafone doesnt help.I'

Opera mini not working on nokia asha 303....:(

after downloading opera mini on asha 303 its says " invalid application" can i download opera mini for asha 303?Hi vishwajeetkmr7, Welcome to the Nokia discussion boards! Did you download Opera Mini here from the Nokia applications stor

Update nokia 2730 opera mini 4 built in to opera m...

guys! , how can i update my old opera mini , is it possible?Download from​assic/ ..and install..Read other 4 answers

Problems in running opera mini in nokia 6233

my nokia web browser is running properly.but when i try to connect to internet through opera mini 3.1,there appears error in establishing the internet connection. so pls help me out as quickly as possiblePlease check that you have a Preferred access

Nokia C3-Opera mini 5

Nokia c3 can't use opera mini 5? I think  there is a little apps and theme for C3I Sent the.jar file from my pc from the link you provided , but now the problem is when i try to install it it ask me for the type of connection (WLAN, My sim package ,D

Nokia X2-00's inbuilt Opera Mini 4.2 won't use cus...

Hi everyone! I'm from India. I have a Nokia X2-00 (Firmware version 4.90) that I use with an AirTel subscription. I want the phone's inbuilt browser (Opera Mini 4.2) to use the 'Mobile Office' or 'Airtel Internet' access points instead of 'AirTel Liv

Lumia 710 browser Nokia xpress and opera mini

Is it possible to install opera mini on lumia 710? and what about xpress? does it work?Windows Phone 8 is required for Nokia Xpress - For Opera, only Opera Link works - Anyway, why not using UC Browser -Read other 2 answers

Nokia 208 problems with Opera Mini

I have a Nokia 208 (Single SIM) and I can not install Opera Mini on him. The application is downloaded but not installed. When I want to install the application, it shows me: "Installing ..." and remains locked so. And after some time it says: &

How to put opera mini in nokia n70 on orange?do yo...

how to put opera mini in nokia n70 on orange,and do you have a site for opera mini in nokia [email protected] Have you tried going to in N70 browser or downloading Opera Mini 6.5 (S60 2nd Edition) from here?

Nokia 5000 : use of on-board version of Opera Mini

Hi, I have configured the WAP parameters of my Nokia 5000 in the "Personal configuration settings" menu, and it works very well with the default WAP browser located in the "Web" menu : no problem to access Google, Gmail, etc. Nokia 500

Opera mini not run in nokia lumia520 and themes ar...

Opera mini and themes not run in my sell fhone Lumia 520 then I run it a message give problem in the apps tell me solution the problam and send me good saportebal apps link Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have removed with the email a

Unable to install Opera mini 4.2 in nokia 5800

hi i bought nokia 5800 in saudi arabia, i download opera mini from but installation fails.  the error: "failed to connect to the internet" but i have a working data connection from "mobily ksa"opera services and browsers

Nokia 5530: video with opera mini

Hello, I want to make you some questions: 1- How can I watch online videos (like google videos) with opera mini browser? 2-  It's possible to set Opera Mini as the defaut browser, instead of Nokia's browser, when you open links? Thank  youSorry , but

Problem in whatsapp and opera mini

after upgrading to that version of whatsapp in which new smiley's were added i am facing this problem. I cant send and recieve images or ne media through cell network but it works through wifi , but before that update i was able to send or recieve me

Opera mini 6 says application error after some bro...

hello, i am using a nokia x2-01 device. I have downloaded opera mini 6.5 from , when i run the app, it runs well. After e while (after browing some pages) , it shows "application error: reason : out of memory error" . Can you tell me

New opera mini 6.5 text arrangement problem.

Hi, New opera mini 6.5 is not formatting web pages correctly to the display for some websites in portrait mode. Any ideas? Website for example- -------------------If this post helped you, click on accept as solution.-----------------

Opera Mini for LG Cosmos Touch (VN270)?

I used to have Opera Minia on my LG Cosmos Touch phone.  Late last year, I had to exchange the phone for warranty reasons.  I tried to update the new phone with my previous apps, but the Opera Mini was no longer available for the phone!  Does anyone

E72 - flash content in opera mini

i cant view any flash in opera mini, it says flash player not installed. when i try to install flash player it says unable to install component built in. i found out that it has already flash lite 3 installed, but how i can use it with opera?have you

Facebook full site on Opera mini

I have Opera mini 4.02 installed on my N82. When I click on the facebook icon I'm directed to the mobile site which is not a problem and is actually what I want. The problem comes in when I want to go to the full site. I can get to the full site with

Opera Mobile or Opera Mini for Curve 8900?

I prefer Opera Mobile browser but before I install this I want to know if it will work or should I install Opera Mini?Hi and Welcome to the Forums! You can compare the two products and check compatibility here: Good