I want to buy MBA 11'' which model is good.  i.e.  i need speed.  I am using Lenovo netbook s-10. Is very slow in opening web pages an also in operating other apps.

I want to buy MBA 11'' which model is good.  i.e.  i need speed.  I am using Lenovo netbook s-10. Is very slow in opening web pages an also in operating other apps.Put your first emphasis on memory. Don't even consider 2 GB. Second, maximize your SSD

How to export desktop app into jar file??

Hello, I have a desktop application needing some jar libraries. I've exported my application using eclipse exporting wizard, so I've achieved an app.jar with a simple (only indicating Main-Class) I've modified the to include a

Is it possible to run my swing app in another jre

Hi All, I have a swing app jar deployed in the server having jre. It may be possible that the client may have a lower version of jre. In that case would it be possible to download the jre itself from the server (local server not Sun server) and then

What to do if you have an i phone5 threw sprint carrier and arent able  to creat events on ur calendar app

What to do if you have an i phone5 threw sprint carrier and arent able  to creat events on ur calendar appWhat carrier you are on should not be an issue when it comes to operating an app. What happens when you try and create an event? Do you see an e

JAR archive run problem

Hi Can I start my jar app with: java -jar app.jar -cp classpath or I should set classpath var and run: java -jar app.jarThere is a jar utility in j2sdk AFAIK if you search for something else. With fastjar, the following should work: fastjar -cf test.

Double click on jar file but does not launch

My PC has windows7 operating system The jar file was working fine, everytime I double click it would launch, no problems Somehow the .jar file association was changed to open with winrar so now when I double click it does not launch and run like befo

Unable to execute JAR files

I am unable to execute jar files and applets. Also, the Java Web Start and the Java Plugin Control Panel will not load. I have unloaded the JRE and installed other versions. To date I have loaded and unloaded the following: 1.4.1 1.4.2_01, _02, _04 1

Ejb3 app functions only when both .jsf and .jsp is present

Hi All, I have the following problem: when I try to remove either of booking.jsp and booking.jsf (having same contents) from the directory tree of app.war (following), I get the message HTTP status 404 The requested resource (/s_ejb3_jb421_tobbfele/p

Jar files and classpath

Hello i have built a console application in jbuilder which depend on some jar file as libraries (example log4j ....) when i run it from jbuilder i have no problem... but when i try from console i get the following error Exception in thread "main"

Jar Files in a Jar File - Classpath Error

Hi, I created a jar file that will have all the class files of the application. In the manifest file class path, I have the jar files the application is dependent on. The dependent jar files were kept outside of the application jar file. I was able t

Running multiple java apps simultaneously, using different versions of jre.

I have a situation where I have 3 or 4 applications (and one applet) that were built over time, each with a different version of the jdk (ranging from to 1.3.2). I need to know of a way (and it must exist) to run each of these applications

How to include images/icons for a jar file

Hi, I need to create a jar file which will contain my application. My source code (.java) files are in "app" folder. I compiled that using javac -d . *.java and one package("appl") was created. I have all icons and images related to my

Java -jar NewOW.jar

Hello! I get an error when trying to run my apps jar ... Directory of F:\Documents and Settings\Richard\NewOW\dist 01/17/2006  07:38 PM    <DIR>          . 01/17/2006  07:38 PM    <DIR>          .. 01/17/2006  07:38 PM           595,646 NewOW.

Problems with Manifest building jar file

Hello all, i try to deploy my application in a jar file. I also have some libs to deploy with my application. My app.jar and my lib.jar are in the same directory. My Manifest looks like: Manifest-Version: 1.0 Main-Class: parser.Parser Class-Path: lib

Integrated JDeveloper Weblogic 12C issues

Hi, I'm running Jdev (JDEVADF_12. on a mac OSX 10.9 and I'm having problems with the integrated Weblogic starting up. I've tried it on multiple versions of java 7 (update 21, 25 and 45) with no effect. I've

How to use XPath with XMLBean?

Hi all, I'm using xmlbean for a new project now, and everything was great until I tried to use a XPath selection. I got a "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: This operation requires xqrl.jar" exception, but I could not find this jar anywhe

Maven 3 + JavaFX 2 + EJB 3.1 + JBoss AS 7. Is this possible?

Good afternoon guys I'm new in the forum, and I'm studying recently JavaFX 2. My question is: Is it possible to create an application JavaFX 2 and make it available in a JBoss 7 application server? I'm doing some tests of architecture (a simple login

Error while deploying DataSpace project

Hi, I have migrated an dataservice project from ALDSP2.5 to 3.0. using the upgrade tool as described on the BEA docs site. While i try to deploy this EAR file i get the following error: > <Mar 26, 2008 5:55:45 PM IST> <Warning> <Deployer

Coherence cahce monitoring

Hi, I have runing Oracle Coherence GE in my both machines. And also i configured it to use log4j framework for logging. Here is my log4j.logger.Coherence=9, CONSOLE, FILE log4j.appender.CONSOLE=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppend

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Update (version 16.0.3) Installation failed?

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Update (version 16.0.3) Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7 Photoshop update work fined. Macintosh running Mountain Lion.I have the same problem. Dreamweaver's update installed fine though. I don't even know what MacKeeper