Online exam of Oracle 9i SQL

from web search, i found that, for giving online exam of Oracle 9i SQL is no need a prometric centre. Any one can give the online exam from anywhere. Is it true? Without sitting in a prometric centre for complete the exam is the result get full valua

Ms sql date format is coming as oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP

Hi, Instead of getting the date as mm-dd-yy i am getting the dates in ms sql as below. Can someone pls advise how to rectify this.. Thanks [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Can we use different Databases (Oracle & SQL Server) in one report?

Post Author: venki5star CA Forum: .NET Hi there. Can we use different databases (Oracle & SQL Server) in a same report? If possible how? Another question, Can we change the Provider Name at runtime of the given report. If so the above question is use

Java.sql.SQLException: Internal Error while using oracle.sql.ARRAY.getArray

Hello All, Here is the issue description. Our application uses Oracle Object Types and LIST. We deployed our application on QA environment which has Oracle 10g. Application runs issues. Now we moved to UAT. UAT environment is same as QA env

How to use Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 to connect to Ms Access file with .accdb extension

Hi all, I am using Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 and Ms Access 2013 under Windows 7 (64 bits) After browsing and selecting MS Access file with accdb extention, I got  an error message  :[Microsoft] " Data source name not found and no default driver specif

"Explain Plan" in Oracle SQL Developer is greyed out

Hi all, I know this is not the right place to post this, but I have look around and do not know where to post question about Oracle SQL Developer - I presume this tool is also discussed here in this forum. My question is very simple (I presume): 1. I

Problem Encountering in oracle.sql.ARRAY type

Hi, i am using one stored procedure to get a set of records. i am getting it by mapping those things with java.sql.Array. And after that i am getting the values as ResultSet from that Array. The same thing is working fine in Windows platform. If i po

Where can i download oracle.sql package?

Hi! Can u please help me in finding out the site from where I can download oracle.sql.package.I need this for inserting images into the database using oracle.sql.BLOB class.I tried with java.sql.Blob.But I failed.can u please help me? Thank u, Ramana

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 EA1 and 1.5.5 not working on MacOS X Snow Leopard

Currently, the Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 EA1 and 1.5.5 are not working on MacOS X Snow Leopard. Is there a plan to support the actual version of OS X? When I try to start the MacOS X-Download I always get the following errors using MacOS X 10.6.1: ./s

Oracle sql and plsql

Hi..friends... am new to this database working on installtion devlopment side. i am planing to to change the domain into back end i want to start with oracle sql and plsql .so plzz suggest me which book is good for begginers.. An

How to insert data from *.dmp file to  oracle 11g using Oracle SQL Develope

hi i backup my database using PL/SQL developer and made *.dmp file how to insert data from *.dmp file to oracle 11g using Oracle SQL Developer and how to make *.dmp file from sql*plus ? thanks in advancePl/Sql developer has a config window,

Oracle SQL- Date/Time Help

Hi I have a query that generates a roster report. The issue I am having is how do I create a query the runs off the start and end time. What I mean by this is, no matter what time of the day it is, I want the query to run based off of the between tim

NullPointerException at oracle.sql.BLOB.createTemporary(

Hi, I seldom use the BLOB. Here is the coding that creates a BLOB. private  BLOB getBlob(byte[] str, Connection con) throws SQLException, IOException {   BLOB blob = BLOB.createTemporary(con, true, BLOB.DURATION_SESSION);

Send mails with csv file as an attachment through oracle(SQL SCripts / Stor

Hello Everybody, I have recently come across a requirement in which I am supposed to send mails with csv file as an attachment through oracle(SQL SCripts / Stored Procedure) . The contents of the csv file are to be retreived from the Database as well

Can I use Oracle SQL Developer to "Move" data?

Hello, I'm new to Oracle and I'm trying to use Oracle SQL Developer to export data from one table (on server A) to another table (on sever B). I'm able to create a .ldr file but I don't know how to use the .ldr file in Oracle SQL Developer? I would a

How to conect to the Oracle 10 g Exp Edition from Oracle SQL Developer Tool

Hi all, i have installed Oracle 10 g Exp Edition in my stand alone system(no internet connected to the system). I want to connect through Oracle SQL Developer tool. Can any one please tell me the steps involved in "how to connect to the Oracle 10 g E

Error after update Oracle SQL Developer Migration Tools

Hi, I'm receiving a error after the update of Oracle SQL Developer (v. to work with mySQL migration tool. This error appear when it´s restarting: Exception Stack Trace: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access class

SDO_GEOMETRY displaying in Oracle SQL Developer (freezing)

Hi, I am using Oracle SQL Developer (V 1.5.3) heavily at work, and have noticed some undesirable behaviour when the table's data tab is trying to display SDO_GEOMETRY. In this version (and subsequent ones) Developer tries to convert the geometry to W

SAP R/3 much compable on Backend databse Oracle/SQL

Hi, We are going to start SAP R/3 new dimensional products implementation. Client wanted to know that which backend databse is very much compatable for SAP. If some one have much idea on that can please help different comparisions on SAP On Oracle /

Best Book on ORACLE SQL for a Beginner?

Hi friends ....I have just finished my graduation....(BE ELECTRONICS) .....I am dead serious about mastering ORACLE DATABASE......I have basic idea about ORACLE....Yesterday I just installed Oracle 10g Release 2 for VISTA...I just wanted to know whic