OIM 11g R1 Request Template issue

Hi All, We are facing an issue with implementing the Request Management of OIM 11g R1 for Create User. OIM already provides OOTB CreateUserDataSet.xml and a ‘Create User’ Request Template. We have changed(customized) the OOTB CreateUserDataS

Iplanet process form issue in OIM 11g

Hi, When I try to provision a user to iPlanet. It throws below error in OIM Admin console itself in OIM 11g This resource is not configured correctly. Contact your System Administrator. Form does not have any fields defined. I'm not able to see my pr

OIM 11g high availability - is LDAP required for Weblogic credential store

Hi all, Trying to understand whether we need an LDAP in an HA architecture with [OIM/SOA] - [OIM/SOA/Admin]? The HA guide: Does not mention this requirement, in fact it specifical

Not able to add groups to the user ODSEE via OIM 11g R2

Hi, I have created some groups in ODSEE and ran the recon job to sync these groups in OIM 11g R2. Groups are populated in OIM 11g R2 and while raising the request for ODSEE Application Instance I can see these groups. Now following are the issues I a

Problem with EventHandler in OIM 11g

Hi All, I followed the Part I(Chapters 6,7 & 30) in pdf file shown below I developed the plugin and registered the plugin for custom eventhandler. Iam not able to see the defined eventh

How to Deploy the Scheduler Task OIM 11g

Hi. I have deployed the scheduler task in OIM 11g and also I have configured the Scheduler task in OIM Admin Console. The Java Scheduler class was not invoked when I run the Scheduler task. I have done the following configuration to develop and deplo

How to deploy a new ADF task flow in OIM 11g R2

Hi, I have created a new ADF task flow. Now I need to deploy the same in OIM 11g R2, so that when I click on a link it will call my new ADF task flow. Please help me in identifying the steps required to deploy the adf task flow. ThanksHi Durga, Thank

Help required in OIM 11g

Hi Experts, I have to define Custom Admin Roles like "Customer Admin", "Employee Admin" my OIM 11g. So that Customer admin can search only for customers..and Employee Admin Can search for only Employees... I have two organization:

Customize the look and feel of OIM 11g R2 selfsevice page

Hi All, we need to customize the self service UI as per the styles used by client, for eg the background colors, fonts, tab colors, fontcolor etc, I tried doing by configuring skin but the docs say place it in admin.war and cannot find admin.war anyw

Sending email to user using the notification template in OIM 11g

Hi all I have created a Notification Template using web console in OIM 11g. Iam able to access the contents from notification template in my java code. But iam not able to find the correct api's to send email to user using the notification template (

How to find history of changes of organization attributes in OIM 11G?

Hello. I need to find fistory of all changings in organization attributes, chould you help me to find, what table can i use for it? I use OIM 11G and oracle database 11.2.0.Hello, Thank you for your answer. I mean modification of an organization such

How to create Lookup field in user form in OIM 11g - Urgent

Hi Experts, How to create Lookup field in User Form - OIM 11g. Pls. provide your support on priority. Regards KaranThanks all for your suggestion. Our requirement, is we need to have a user defined field similar to how its there in "Organisation"

Using web services in Approval Work flow in OIM 11g

Hi All, I am a new bie to OIM 11g. I have created an approval work flow and it is working fine. Now my requirement is to use a web service in the approval work flow instead of directly embeding the java code in Java Embeding Activity. Can some body s

How setup LDAP Sync After Install in OIM 11g  ver,

Hi guys, I'm trying to find how to setup LDAP Sync After Install in OIM 11g (ver, I found on Metalink an interesting article "*How to Setup LDAP Sync After Install in OIM 11g [ID 1272682.1]*", but inside there is a Note that says:

OIM 11g LDAP Sync Features

Folks, I`ve been researching the LDAP sync option in OIM 11g and I have some questions. 1. Is it true that once enabled, the user does not exist in OIM DB but only in LDAP? 2. Can we define rules such that only a certain set of users are in LDAP and

Weblogic Managed server not starting after installing OIM 11g

Hi All, I have installed OIM 11g successfully and I am able to start the WL Admin Server. But when I try to start the Managed Server for OIM (oim_server1), the screen just disappears and do not generate any logs. I haven't used the WL JDK while insta

OIM 11g ootb notification

Hi All, I'm new to OIM 11g.I'm trying to create user using web interface and user is successfully created but no OOTB email notification are triggering.. I have configured Mail Server It Resource. IT Resource Name           Email Server       IT Reso


Hi I am looking to generate user logins in OIM 11g ( using event handlers. Can anyone guide me with the process and which API need to be used? RegardsYou have to write your custom class which implements oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.api.UserN

Reconcile user groups to OIM (11g)

I would appreciate it if someone may let me know how to reconcile the organization and leadership structure information from an Oracle DB based identity vault into OIM (11g) to create organizational roles, for example, into the user group and user gr

OIM 11g-configure SoD so that it works for direct provisioning of the roles

Dear All, page 23-3 of Developer's Guide (OIM 11g) provides information regarding configuration of the SoD for Direct provisioning of the resources. How to configure SoD so that it works for direct provisioning of the roles? Thank you for your time M