Loading vi missing of Get Current Font

Please see the attached screen. I cannot find the vi. Office and report toolkit both installed on this new machine. Can any one give it, I use 8.6. Solved! Go to Solution. Attachments: missing.jpg ‏27 KBWhich version of the toolkit are you trying to

Can't get TypeKit fonts to work in Adobe Muse!

HI there! Just wondering if anybody new how to get purchased fonts from TypeKit to work as HTML in Adobe Muse? I have tried following the link below but when I go to publish my site the text is still all images. Problem is I know nothing about code b

JUCtrlListBinding -- get current value of list

Hi. (Jdev 11,1,2 win7.) I saw a staff code in "Oracle Fusion Developer Guide" book for get current value of listItem as below : import oracle.adf.model.BindingContext; import oracle.binding.BindingContainer; import oracle.jbo.uicli.binding.JUCon

Urgent : How to get current user id

Hello, fnd_global.user_id returns -1 fnd_profile.get('user_id',x_user_id) return null can anyone help how to get current logged in user to apps. Regards, Dinesh.Hi Dinesh, You must also make sure you have initialised the app. If you run this from sql

To get Current Business Partner number In BADi

Hi All, In Tcode BP (for creating Business Partner) i am using BADi  'BUPA_GENERAL_UPDATE'. In this i want get Current Business partner No Assigned for the current Creation process.Suggest me how to get Current Businees Partner no assigned or current

Get current swf path

I'm developing an extension use Extension Builder for Photoshop CS5. I have to use an executable file in my extension. In general, if you use the Adobe Extension Manager to install the extension, the extension's swf file will put to USERPATH\AppData\

How to get current date for posting date

hi, how to get current date for posting date ? any sample code ? ThanksHi...... Use Select getdate() for current date....... Regards, RahulRead other 4 answers

How to get current user in Exchange 2007 OWA customization page?

Hi,all I customize an ASPX page(smsconfig.aspx) in Exchange 2007 OWA( this file in ..\Exchange\ClientAccess\OWA\smsconfig.aspx, I don't modify registry.xml & web.config). My Exchange 2007 OWA has been configurated with Forms-Based Auth. https://mail.

Get editing font info acrobat

I'm using pdwordfinder to extract font info ,i am getting original font info,but i want to get also the editing font information,how to achieve this with pdwordfinder or something else?Ok, I understand, thank you. The "editing font" is not a par

How do I get "Helvetica" fonts for free when I use indesign by the creative cloud?

How do I get "Helvetica" fonts for free when I use indesign by the creative cloud?Yes, it is Pro, I did a look: The fonts are here (Acrobat XI Pro Mac as example): /Applications/[Adobe Acrobat\ XI Pro]/Adobe Acrobat

RichSelectOneChoice get current RowSetIterator

Hi. I have scenario where I'm using Static List View Object (SLVO) as LOV on my primary view object. My SLVO have 5 attributes. First is key attribute (ID), next two are here for user friendly output (UserAttr1, UserAttr2) and the last two are used f

Regarding getting specific font data from file

I am developing one application in java(swing) font converter. In which I have to upload .doc file .Then if that file contains marathi,english text then I want to change marathi font to unicode.My converter program is completed.Now problem is that ho

How to get current quater as  variable in Report title

Hi Experts, I am trying to get current quater to be displayed as variable in the reports title. @{Quater[Q]} Can someone provide me exact syntax to get this one in Report title page... Thanks VHi, Please refer to the link below: http://debaatobiee.wo

Getting current user's  member of group

Hi expert(s), I have developed web application using jsp, now i need to know whether the current user logged in at client PC, is member of certain group available in the database, i can get current user using System.getProperty(), but i have to get t

[SOLVED] Cannot get japanese fonts working in console

First time with Arch. Did a clean install yesturday with Plasma as my choice of GUI. I have everything work, except for getting Japanese font support in consoles. First, fonts worked inside Dolphin, but looked terrible. So I added the infinality repo

How to get different fonts in basic list

how to get different fonts letters like bold italic etc  in basic listHi, 1. ... COLOR n     [ON] or   ... COLOR       OFF 2. ... INTENSIFIED [ON] or   ... INTENSIFIED OFF 3. ... INVERSE     [ON] or   ... INVERSE     OFF 4. ... HOTSPOT     [ON] or  

When i move my macbook from home to office, i cannot get new emails. how to solve?

hi, i set up the mail at home, now move the mac to office, i cannot get any new emails now. anyone know why and how to do?Connection Doctor <>Read other 2 answers

Get current SQL instance name with PowerShell

Hi all, I'm preparing SQL agent job that will backup all jobs on SQL server. Main step is PoswerShell script. I want that job to be universal for all servers. The first parameter that I need to send to script is instancename. I want to use variable a

Get current method through reflection. Is it possible?

Is it possible to get current method name (I mean method, which currently executes) through would seem i am not the one that has a problemas I said, get over it. I have no problem with you whatsoever, I merely pointed out that your solu

How does BR get current date, user, and associate member with Attribute Dim

I need use Business rules or Calc script to implement following functions: 1. Get current date and the name of user who is running the BR and save the information to cube. I don't find any functions to get current date and users. Also, since text and