ODI Session task reverse fails with return code 7000

WARNING ODI-1134 Agent Test encountered an error: ODI-12: Step Hyperion Planning ODI fails after 1 attempt(s). 2013-10-28 16:14:38.471 ERROR ODI-1217 Session Hyperion Planning ODI (23121) fai ls with return code the Command prompt Target Code

Error in AXIS2 when i try publish ODI web services

Hi people, I´m configured AXIS2 into OC4J (SOA Suite and when i try to publish ODI web services using a odi-public-ws.aar file on AXIS2, show me a "Faulty Services" message and when i click on details link show me a Java message (below

Does ODI has ability to extract data from multiple tables

We have requirement using ODI to extract data from multiple tables depending on certain logic and spool 100+ files. How efficient ODI is in data extraction from several multiple tables especially when the extraction is dependent on certain business l

Use of View in ODI

Hi All, we know that we can apply reverse engineering on tables only. But suppose instead of table i have view in the target data daatstore ( oracle). It is possible to reverse the view from the target oracle to model ( folder) in ODI?. If yes then H

ODI agent may not running

dear all, odi agent test successfully, update the scheduling successfully but when pressing the scheduling information it give error "ODI agent may not running" kindly solve the issue regards NaseerHi Ratish, Following are the things i did and t

ODI Agent Start Up Failure

Hi All, I have installed and configured ODI 11g I have performed following tasks 1) Created Master Repository 2) Connected User for the ODI 3) Created Work Rep 4) Created Physical as well as logical agent Before I have started the agent I have perfor

Cannot connect to HSQL for ODI demo

Hello, i have a linux virtual box with ODI and try to install the demo environment. I am getting a error when i try to create a connection to the demo repository I Hard-coded the ODI_JAVA_HOME in the environment file that it poi

ODI Console Login for Separate Work Repository?

I have... 1) Master Repo 2) The default Work Repo called WORKREP 3) Another separate Work Repo connected to the Master Repo above, called DEV_WORKREPO When I login to ODI Console on "Work Repository" as "SUPERVISOR"... I see projects f

Loading Data from multiple tables into essbase using ODI

Hi, We have a scenario where data comes from multiple tables. I would like to know how will ODI load this data for the right combination of the membersHi, I take it each data table has a field which maps to the other table. You can just drag the data

How to use Filemaker database as datasource of ODI for migration

Hi Everyone, I am very new to ODI... and i have been assigned a work to migrate data from filemaker(10) database to Oracle 11g database by using ODI tool. Is their any way to add Filemaker(10) as datasource in ODI..IF their is any possibilit

ODI logs deleted after scenario refresh

Hi, I'm using a load plan which starts half a dozen scenarios. All scenarios are packages scenarios version 001. When I modify any package I regenerate any related scenario. (Basically I'm not using the versioning system supplied by ODI, but I need t

Partition of table in ODI

Hi..friends. can we use partition of table in ODI 11g? please give an example with video or picture representation. Regards Soumya.Its still not clear if we can load data in parallel in different partition if yes then how. Do we need to create sepera

ODI Console issue

Hai, while installing ODI Console its showing please specify the JDK Location , we already have jdk in the C:\programfiles(x86)\Java\Jdk1.6.0_24 can any one help on these? i am dng onwindows 2003 R2, X64 EDITION SERVICE PACK2,2.67 GHZ, 24 GB RAM Adva

Not able to execute interface in ODI

Hi Experts, I have configured J2ee agent and it got succeeded. When I try to execute interface from designer it is throwing following error. com.sunopsis.core.SnpsInexistantSchemaException: SnpLSchema.getLSchemaByName(): SnpLschema does not exist    

Does ODI fit for this scenario...?

hi all, i have 200 equipments(systems) per site . The no. of files / messages can be 2 per minute per implies 400 files / messages per minute. Now size of the file/message can be 3 MB to 20 MB per minute. I want to take all this data and

Odi-data sets

hi, can we use different target tables in data sets. i.e In a single interface and different datasets,can their be different target tables.No. In ODI 11g there is a multi - table insert KM for Oracle (and one for Teradata) that will let you do MTI fo

Logical data Model Using ODI

Can I create Logical data Model Using ODI ? If yes how can I do it ?User, ODI is not a tool to design. It's a comprehensive integration platform. However if you would like to model your data, you can use for example Oracle Designer 9i, which is avail

ODI 11g, Issue with Load plan variable in CASE WHEN STEP

Hi, I am trying to retrieve value of the current context using the following code in refreshing variable: Variable name: Context Refreshing Code: select  '<%=odiRef.getContext( "CTX_Name" )%>'  from dual The variable is returning correct r

URGENT:how to get the error table populated in ODI

Hello all, I am working on an interface of ODI where mapping is from a XML file to the database tables. I want, when there is any bad data (having length size greater than the target table's column length or data type mismatch) the bad data should ge

John Ur ODI

John my issues are divied in 3 parts As explained in ur blog about ODI ..........can extract same as out line extractor does ...the boldsame format and i have 1 more q is that possible this whole extraction can be done automatically like id essbase s