REG : Null Pointer Exception for RFC values

Hi All, I am facing peculiar erro in code.I need to check the null entries in SAP server then it should be replaced by space and if not null then should be replaced by the value in backend.But it is throwing null pointer exception I am using equalsig

Returning vector and null pointer exception

Hi, I'm writing a mailing program which so far is working fine, but I have now run into a problem which is completely throwing me. My mailer needs to be able to load multiple attachments - and also to be able to deal with an HTML text which contains

Cause of the null pointer exception

I have a number of forms that use the following code ,however one of my forms gives me the null pointer exception. Below is the error i am getting: ERROR Error: Contact.doPost(): Exception detected, e=java.lang.NullPointerException java.lang.NullPoin

Null pointer exception using case clauses

SELECT CASE 'N' WHEN 'N' THEN 'N' ELSE 'Y' END AS TRAN_TYPE_CODE, CASE 'N' WHEN 'N' THEN 'N' ELSE 'Y' END AS Narration FROM DUAL Run the above query using ODP.NET 10.1 and you get consistently null pointer exception. I also found out that more than 1

Null Pointer Exception in SessionData removeAttribute

Hi, I am getting a null pointer exception while calling removeAttribute on the HttpSession. This happens pretty consistently (it does not give a null pointer some times). All we are doing is removing a Struts Action Form from the session as it is a l

Null Pointer Exception While calling function

Excuse my ignorance, as I just started programming in Java, but while trying to give control to a function other than main(), I get a null pointer exception. I don't think that I'm calling the function properly, because I feel that I may need to star

Null Pointer Exception in DesktopPresentation Context

Hi All, Here is what am looking for .. I have one portal with two pages and each page contains one portlet in it.. so i basically need to to show either Page 1 or page 2. But i dont have any actions performed so cant use events for this.. So i tried

Dump at if condition statement. Null pointer Exception

hi all, I have a recursive node as a child node for a value node. I have created an instance of the value node. I also have accessed current elem of this value node. Since every elem of this value node will have recursive node also in it, I want to a

Java Null Pointer Exception while Importing a Table to IS

Hello All, I am trying to import a table into IS and receiving a JAVA Null Pointer Exception. The table is in a Teradata database and I am able to import other tables belonging to the same schema.I get the Java error only while trying to import this

Getting java.lang.Null pointer Exception when i close the pdf file.

Hi, my application is java based thick client application. From my application, i am generating report file using crystal report tool. the report file is exported as pdf format and stored in my local macine. from this path, am displaying the report i

Request.isUserInRole caused null pointer exception when logged in

Hi, I have a jsp page in which I am trying to workout if a user is in a particular role, so I can prevent certain things from happening. The problem I am having is when I haven't logged onto the application the isUserInRole is working fine. As soon a

Null pointer exception without any reason

Can anybody tell me why the following portin of code is throwing null pointer exception Connection con=null;           ResultSet rs;           Statement stmt=null; try{                     //----------------- Driver -------------------               

SAP Portal Display Documents is hanging with Null Pointer Exception

Hi I am having problems with an iview from the products section of SAP standard iviews In my portal page I have the following three iviews, find documents, display master data and display documents both the find docs and display master data work grea

Null Pointer Exception after adding Transient attribute in View Object

Hello Experts I am using Jdev I have added a transient attribute in view object and set default value to another view object attribute via view accessor of view link between view objects. the value of expression is ItemMasterRO.Description,

Error 500 Java.Lang.Null.Pointer Exception

Please help me: I have problem with starting my portlet under portal. Provider is registred correctly ,portlet is added corectly on Portal Page ,but when I test my page I have : The Listener Returned the folowing message- Error 500 Java.Lang.Null.Poi

Exception in thread "main" Null Pointer exception.

Hi I am Having a problem creating objects and storing them in an arraylist. I have no problem doing this with regular arrays, but whenever I try to use an arraylist I get the error: Thiis is part of my code . any help is appreciated. import java.util

Popup window null pointer exception

Hi, I have created a web dynpro application like this: a first window with a button that calls a popup with user info and telephone number and a button OK. When I click on OK, the popup window close perfectly, but if I click again on the button of th

Null pointer exception with Lists

Hi, I have got a problem with java.util.List. It is giving Null pointer exception whenever I try to add after extracting from my XML file.I have written the code like this: List year; //Global variable List loaddatas; //Global variable Element e1; //

Xmlgen.getxml("select * from table") returns null pointer exception

I am running oracle 8i on solaris server and clinet on windows NT and i am this select statement select xmlgen.getxml("select * from table") from dual ,its returning null pointer exception,i have tried it through jdbc,even then its returning xml

XI Business scenario Null pointer exception

Hi SDN, I am on NW2004s, with PI_Basis sp10, I am getting a Java.lang null pointer exception. Please guide me Step by step process on which service pack I have to be and what all patches of java should I apply / upgrade to fix this problem. Thanks in