HELP!! iMac display vertical colored lines at startup!!

Hi, my iMac Intel CoreDuo 20", display vertical lines at startup and isn't possible to log-in in the system. If I turn off and turn on the iMac many and many times, sometimes I can resolve this problem. Does anybody knows this problem? Is the Ati x16

Line chart and vertical line repeats according period

Hej, I have line chart and horizontal axis displays many months, thus is possible to vertical line from horizontal axis be displayed after years period and be color diferent?? My example, start displays January 2007,......finish December2007->DISPLAY

Display malfunction- vertical lines on screen - blue, green, and white lines

My 3 week old passort shut down after running out of battery.  After recharging, lines appeared on the display and won't go away. I tried serveral restarts. There are  blue and green vertical lines on the left edge of the display and four our so whit

Magenta dotted vertical line 7.2cm from right-edge of Macbook Pro Retina display

There is a magenta-colored dotted vertical line 7.2cm from right-edge of Macbook Pro Retina display. It is most prominent on a solid dark gray or blue background. Just wanting to see if anyone else has experienced this. Have requested a replacement.

Vertical lines on Pismo display

I am trying to fix a Pismo that was given to me knowing that it didn't work. When I boot it up I do not hear the start up chime. The display will show at startup a screen that is full of thin parallel vertical colored lines. That will last about a se

Unibody Macbook Pro 17inch Display problems, vertical lines and artifacting

Hey everybody I bought my 17inch MBP at B&H in June (week before WWDC, D'oh) and it was working fine until I came over to Ireland to work on a editing job for the summer, as soon as I attached it via mini display to a second monitor I started getting

Display Problem:  4 vertical lines (blue, pink, lime, lime)

I was wondering if there's anything that can be done to eliminate the 4 vertical lines in the display... I can still use it as is, but it's aggravating...If you are under Apple Care, return it for repair. This is likely a compression fit connector fa

Green vertical lines on macbook pro 15-inch display

A single green vertical line has appeared on the display after opening lid from sleep. Is there a firmware update for 15-in MacBook Pros?  I see one out there for 17-inch models.Well not much of a mystery,  your GPU/cable/connection is failing. take

Display in Vertical Lines

HI FRIENDS BY USING SY-VLINE HOW THE OUTPUT WILL DISPLAYI N VERTICAL LINES Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Feb 26, 2008 11:09 AMHi, Find the below report so that u will get clear cut idea on SY-VLINE. REPORT ZCUSTDUN         MESSAGE-ID ZZ        

Another Victim of the Pink Vertical Line

This is my first macbook pro and it turned out to be a flop show. I just bought my 13" macbook pro retina display 5 hours back and I have been seeing this pink vertical line for the past few hours. I restarted, shut down the computer a couple of time

Green vertical line on Monitor on Satellite A80

I have an SA 80 127. It is been 1.5 years. Recently, a bright green vertical line is showing up on my monitor; seems like some LCD problem. Anyone has any clues what I should do? Thanks.. Best karthikA single vertical line can't be the FL inverter. T


Hello all, I have to draw vertical lines to make a grid in a SAPscript. But the grid size is not fixed, there a number of records and long texts that are displayed based on certain conditions. Is there a way to draw a perfect/complete veritcal in SAP

I have a green vertical line in my bb 9300 what ca I do!!! I don know where it come from..

I have a green vertical line I don't know where it come from Solved! Go to Solution.Ummm...what? You "do that last time"? Does that mean you already had tried this before posting? If so, I fear you may have tried other things as which

Vertical lines - there for sure

I want to share my success of getting iMac, that was demoed for a while, before I became user and warranty time started ticking for me. Initially unhappy to discover, that unit was on display at some computer shop (via traces of activities), I am now

Vertical lines when printing a PDF

Software: Adobe Acrobat Standard (German) OS: Win XP Prof SP3 Printer: Lexmark C935 Hello Community I have a strange problem: When user A tries to print out his building plans in PDF format on a Lexmark C935, there are vertical lines on the p

Monitor image reduced to bright vertical line

I have a 10 month old Sun PN21MS monitor. It was in power save mode all weekend, and when I "woke up" the computer this morning, I only got a single bright vertical line on the display, instead of the normal image. Power cycling restored a norma

Vertical lines on LCD - Black screen, goes white, fades to black again.

My 1Ghz G4 15" Imac is having LCD issues. It is in perfect working order, boots, runs fine on an external monitor via the adapter in back. I've read tons of issues with the black screen, but this sure looks a lot like a damaged cable issue, similar t

How to add vertical line at a specified location in waveform?

Hi,all!I made an array by generating 50 random numbers, they can be shown in a waveform.then i calculated the average of them.There must be a number in the array which value is the nearest to the average.I want to add a vertical line at the location

My macbook pro keeps freezing with vertical lines on the screen

I have a 2010 macbook pro that has worked wonderfully until now.  As of late it keeps freezing with vertical lines across the screen.  To me this indicates a hardware problem, but I ran a diagnostic (restarted while holding D) and it didn't find any

Hi, I have a macbook pro 15' and when I turn on my mac, a green vertical line appears in the lcd. I take a print screen and the line appears.. somebody help me?

Hi, I have a macbook pro 15' and in the lcd, when I turn on the mac, appears a green vertical line in the screen. I take a printscreen and the line is there in the same form. Somebody help me ?It shows that your display is damaged. Take the computer