Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configuration...

pls tell me What is Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configurations for my device update. parsya82Because the absent of this data indicates bigger issues, did you consider the Nokia Software Recovery Tool on a Windows computer already? If you are

Nokia N73 software update fails and phone is not p...

i was updating my Nokia N73 phone and suddenly updation interrupts i don't know why and after that my phone is not powering on so please tell me what do i do to get my phone workingI don't have a clue how much it will cost. Go to THIS part of Nokia's

Nokia N73 ME update V 4.0839.42.2.1 ...

hi all profissional and practioners about NOKIA i wanna to ask about software update of my Nokia N73 ME i wanna to update to V 4.0839.42.2.1 is there any problem about that update ? also i wanna to ask if i can restore my ld original softwre found on

Nokia N73 - Software Update problem!

Hi all, I have an N73 from Orange Romania and i want to do software update, I have version V 3.0638.0.0.1 dated 10/30/2006. And when I connect to PC Suite or Ovi Suite, I say that there is no update available! What I can do ? Plz Help me !I don't kno

Nokia n73 software update

hi people I have a big problem. I read that some people try to update a new version of software in n73,and i saw that the problem with this software exist. Last night, i tryed to update a new version 4.0839.42.2.1, and the phone jast shutdown,automat

Nokia N8 - cannot update device software and Maps ...

A couple of days ago I tried to update my N8-00 software using Ovi Suite (installed version It reported that there were various updates available, including Ovi Maps and the device software itself and also some other apps (mostly games). I

Help Please :Update kill my Nokia N73

I was updatng the firmware and mobile got disconneted.Now my mobile doent boot up. Type:R-133 Moel:N73-1 code:0539101 Please help me and adviseThe software also killed my Nokia N73 and I am unable to get to a service centre. The suggested hard boot d

ISync can't go along with Nokia N73

Hi I bought MacBook Pro last December! I love it so much! Yesterday, I bought a wonderful new handset Nokia N73. I learned the new update had put N73 into the iSync profile. When I add new device in iSync, everything is good. iSync show the name of t

N73 firmware update failure!

Hello, I'm currently using firmware version 3.0704.1.0.1 and I'm like to update this firmware with the latest verison of firmware which is I constantly get an error when I'm trying to install the latest version of firmware. The message

N73 - Software update problem

Hi All, I'm trying to update my nokia N73 (normal edition & current V, is 2.0628.0.0.1) I'm using NSU & gives me the following msg. " Phone is not supported"  - see attach.  Please help, how to update my phone. -- another thing -- I alre

Mountain Lion Software Update Server?

Let me start by saying that I am no server administrator, but was convinced that setting up a Mac Server on a MacMini would be relatively straightforward due to Apple's history and claims... Server app. Your own mini IT department. The Mac is famousl

Nokia 5530 software update problem

Hi there.. When i begin updating my device's software(from the original server profile, and the original application) it checks for update, it understands that there is available update (i have v20.0.080 now) it downloads it and when it tries to inst

Unable to download update server

unable to connect to he update server to download updateIf there are problems with updating then best is to download the full version and uninstall the currently installed version and delete the Firefox program folder to remove any leftover files. Do

Problems on Nokia n73

Hi guys, i have watched the video about the rotateme 2.0 software on the nokia n95, and i was just wondering whether nokia n73 do have such plugins such as accelerometer or any other plug-ins that can be installed?Sorry, Zabitos. This is a piece of b

Problems iSync'ing my Ti PowerBook G4 with my Nokia N73?

Can anyone help me iSync my Ti PowerBook (OS 10.3.9) with my new Nokia N73 mobile phone? My mobile doesn't show up when I 'Add devices' in iSync.Welcome to the Apple Discussions! iSync phone plugins 3.3.3 is what you need: Your phone is supported! ht

Nokia n73 (accessaries)


Nokia N73 is not giving correct size of the folder.

Hi, I am using FileConnection API in my code and when i try to retrieve the size of the Folder then it gives me the wrong size. It gives me the size = 430KB but there are only 2 png images in that folder which are of size 10K and 19K. What i have don

4.0.1. automatic update for Mac: ¿Does it take to connect the update server more than a 20 minutes?

I have operate Firefox in my MiniMac system for the last year, no problems, but in the last 15 days I have received your update alert, I accept and then in more than 20 minutes times nothing hapend, I stopped because I do not now why this so long tim

Polycom CX600 Device Update Failure

Hello, We had an issue with our GlobalSign Root CAs expiring on Jan 28, 2014.  Ever since then, our Polycom CX600 devices will not connect stating an error "Cannot connect to the domain controller."  After resolving the issue on the servers with

'The iPod software update server could not be contacted.'

I have recently been having problems with my iPod touch 2g. I updated my iPod and everything worked fine, but I realised it had wiped my iPod clean, and I changed it back to recover my lost notes. I got most back, but when I tried to update it again,