What is Orange banded Nokia N70 internal/external ...

Can someone who has a Nokia N70 on Orange please tell me what the actual internal memory of the phone? I've browsed through mobile review sites and seems that each site is stating different memory sizes from 22, 30 and 32 and 35 mb so its getting all

No SMS Support for Nokia N70 in 10.4.9

I've just updated to Mac OS 10.4.9, hoping there would new support added for the Nokia N70 and Bluetooth SMS via Address Book. Has anyone had any success without the use of third party software? My guess is to wait for Leopard. In the meanwhile, I'll

Nokia N70 disconnect the calls and turn on the lou...

Hi Dudes, I have Nokia N70 now i am facing the problem in N70 that is my Nokia N70 disconnect the calls and turn on the loud speaker automatically. i had gave my phone to nokia care center to fix this Bug. When i gave the phone the IEMI Number was sa

D-link bluetooth adapter with Nokia N70 problem

I bought a D-link Bluetooth adapter to sync my Nokia N70 with my iMac G5 (1st gen). Adapter is perfectly accepted. Paring with N70 goes well. Sending files: no problem. But: iSync says cannot connect to this device. I have all updates for iSync and M

How to put opera mini in nokia n70 on orange?do yo...

how to put opera mini in nokia n70 on orange,and do you have a site for opera mini in nokia [email protected] Have you tried going to in N70 browser or downloading Opera Mini 6.5 (S60 2nd Edition) from here?

Firmware for Nokia N70

How do I go about updating the firmware for my Nokia N70 (Vodafone)? My current version is V5.0609.2.0.1 01-03-06 RM-84 This is the second N70 I have had and they have both randomly dropped calls. After reading several threads on this forum I think i

How to Use Flash Lite 2.1 on Nokia N70-1

I have downloade Flash Lite 2.1(S60-v2) from the Adobe web site to my new Nokia N70-1. But I can't see any use for it since it doesn't integrate with the default browser or the pre-installed Opera browser as the Flash Player on the PC does with Inter

Isync update for Nokia N70 etc

Does anybody know when there will be another update of Isync to include the Nokia N70? I've tried amending the list that isync uses with the various fixes but nothing works. Bluetooth on the laptop recognises the phone. I can transfer data etc. Howev

Problem lors de la m-a-j de nokia n70

lors de la m-a-j de mon téléphone nokia n70 il s'est éteint toute seul malgré que le batterie est chargé et que la connexion aussi , je doit sa voir la solution du problème et merci d'avance.Please use English on English language discussion boards. A

Software Updates in arabic for nokia N70

I used nojia software updater for mobail N70 but when the update finsh i did not found the Arabic language in the new software So I want software for nokia N70 that support The Arabic language. thank youIs Singtel your carrier that supplies you with

Nokia N70 connected in non compatible mode

First here are some facts: Im Using Pc Suite v6.83 on Windows XPsp2. Im using USB cable to connect to my N70. Now here's the problem: The first time I used PC Suite after Installation, it worked fine. When I used it again the second time, it acted st

Request, new firmware for nokia N70, pls

I'm requesting for a new firmware for Nokia N70, nokia n70 is a tough fighter. Competetive... But it needs new improvments. -fast loading when you access the menu -enhanced camera -faster internet browsing -listen to radio without headset -using the

Network Mode WCDMA/GSM (Nokia N8/Nokia N70)

Hello, I don't know if anyone faced this problem or not N8 having 3 option in network selection mode i. Dual Mode ii. 3G iii. GSM But when you select Duel mode in N8 and before selecting Dual if you are using GSM mode then mobile does not select 3G a

I Cant See Urdu Language In My Nokia N70.... Pleas...

Hello Every One!! My problem is that, I Cant see Urdu language or websites that in Urdu Language in my Nokia N70.... Please tell me that why is happen it to me.... i'll be waited for the +ve response....Plz send me th8 urdu fonts softwar via email. M

Nokia N70 (Loud) Speaker not working!!!

Hi all, Strange problem, the (loud) speaker of my N70 is no longer working. No sound is coming out of the phone other than the keypad beeps, no ringing, no loud-speaker sound in calls, nothing. It was working fine a few hours ago but all of a sudden

Need advice for Nokia N70

I've just updated my antivirus software(Symantec) on my phone. What happened next after the virus definition is updated, my phone restarted to the n70 white screen. After about 5 seconds the logo of nokia blinked once and stalled. Any suggestions??Hi

New Nokia N70 RM-84 Firmware

Please make it possible to update v5.0705.3.0.1 online. Ive tried with my pc but its slow (230.4 Kbps)Well I have installed the Euro Version on My N70... This is what I can say about the new firmware: - Battery Life improved - Faster Menu - Faster Ap

Nokia N70 Virus

When i turn my phone this screen i can see only this picture, and i cant do anything. I downloaded facebook aplication from internet and when i entered to application this screen is showing since them. When i want to turn off phone i must remove batt

Nokia N70

Hi, I bought my phone in Taiwan, a couple of years back. I haven't been able to use the phone since last year. Basically, during a software update my internet connection d/c and the phone software is messed up now. It will not turn on but instead wil

Nokia N70 and iSync 2.4 fails

I've for some time been iSyncing my Nokia N70between my G5 and my PC/Outlook. Everything worked fine untill the 10.4.9 update. After the update the bluetooth sync does no longer work. My Mac and phone connects for a short moment after which they are