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Pro Cam Or scan the QR code. If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks. Now using the Lumia 1520after a little search, you could find these posts about the same topic:

Uninstalling Applications from Nokia Lumia 520

I want to uninstall some applications from my Windows phone (NOKIA LUMIA 520) 8 so as to make my phone a little bit free from unused applications. I could find a place where I could do so. Please help me. Thanks. Solved! Go to Solution.Left Swipe on

Nokia Lumia 920 CANNOT be repaired?

Hi, I purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 not very long ago, and even though it hung on me within the first hour of me having the phone.. I was pretty happy with it. Sadly, I happened to spill some water on it and promptly took it to a Nokia Care Center here

Nokia Lumia 925 updating

I just purchased my Nokia Lumia 925 today, and it doesn't come with GDR3. So i tried to update the phone and it constantly gives me the 801881do error stating it cannot update. What does this error mean and what could i do to fix it?? Thanks to any h

Where can I buy a new shell for my nokia lumia 520

Please advise where the closest place isvthat I can buy a new shell for my nokia lumia 520. I am in new plymouth, taranaki, new zealand.I always find ebay a good place to start, followed by all the other online retailers. Not sure which ones you have

1600.3031.8779.12180 update for nokia lumia 710

Hi , I am using Nokia lumia 710 .. My phone's firmware version is - 1600.3031.8773.12121 and one of my friend's phone is running on 1600.3031.8779.12180 ... Why i didn't got that update ..... My phone is 059M161 same as my friends RM code please tell

Nokia Lumia 620 Not Turning On

For some strange reason I cannot turn on my nokia lumia 620, when I connect to charger it gets the battery blinking but not charges. What should I do?Hello, kmahendra. Glad to know you managed to find a workaround for the issue you have. BTW, this is

Constant Nokia start logo on Nokia Lumia 925

Hello there.. I got my Nokia Lumia 925 about a month ago.. Now there is already a problem i cant find an answer to? may its my bad research.. -My problem is that The Nokia start logo is there, and it wont go away.. i have had my phone laying for abou

No batteries for Nokia Lumia 710?

I am in Perth, Western Australia and I am one unhappy customer Last Friday I went to Battery World to get a spare battery for my new Nokia Lumia 710 as I'm travelling overseas. They don't have them. I phoned JB HIFI as I bought the phone from them. T

Viber for Nokia Lumia 820

How can I download viber for my nokia Lumia 820 Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have created a new thread for the said's in the store, just open your Store app and search viber or visit the following url http://www.windowspho

Camera Software Bug on Nokia Lumia 810

In mid-December 2013, following a recent Nokia software update, the camera on my Nokia Lumia 810 now no longer supports the ability to tap the screen in order to take photos or video. Instead, I am forced to use the physical camera button which tends

Nokia lumia DARK KNIGHT only 40 made Before being taken to the The Dark Knight Rises prologue screening in the UK, Nokia gave away limited edition Nokia Lumia 800 devices to 40 lucky viewers. The Nokia batphone has a batman logo laser-etched on

Nokia Lumia 900 Camera White Balance "Fix"

I'm not sure if other people have posted about this but I figured out a pain in the @$$ way of coping with the atrocious white balance on the Nokia Lumia 900.  I found that each time you change the white balance setting it will take the first picture

Does nokia lumia 920 support adobe flash?

Does nokia lumia 920 support adobe flash? Solved! Go to Solution.paulheu wrote: Guess what, all these apps are created for iPhone, a device which does not support flash. So it should be obvious to anyone that supporting flash is not a prerequisite to

Nokia lumia 521 not support 3g even 2100 band

hy, Dear sir my mobile is nokia lumia 521 and only show 2g even here 3g coverage tell me strong answer i am wait please sir > my mobile only show data connection on and off not show 3g option in cellular so please tell me is this mobile fake compny o

Car Charger for Nokia Lumia 900

I am looking for a car charger for my Nokia Lumia 900.  I checked the Nokia website and there is nothing in the Accessories page for this model.  Any suggestions?If you are looking for a Nokia branded car charger I think there is none.Read other 2 an

Please tell me ,, will NOKIA LUMIA 920 be availabl...

Please tell me ,, will NOKIA LUMIA 920 be available in Egypt ? please release it in Egypt. thanksFor availability of Nokia devices in your region please check the local website and/or contact local Nokia Care by voice, mail or (where available) chat

Problem with the Update Nokia Lumia 620

The update was initialized on my Nokia Lumia 620 that I bought yesterday. When it started the phone was connected to WiFi. However, after 10 minutes I thought it stuck so I put the battery out and in again. But the update started again. The WiFi was

Nokia Lumia 630 - Dual SIM / One SIM network diffe...

I was just about to buy a Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM here in Thailand , my mobile SIM card only works of the 3G band - 850Hhz , I was told by the sales person that the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM only has the 3g frequencys of   HSDPA 900 / 2100  but the O

Nokia Lumia 520 1GB REBOOT

Hi lumia people I recently bought the Nokia lumia 520 and am disappointed that it doesn't have 1gb ram so i cant play games like fifa (my fav) but i heard that there was going to be a Nokia lumia 520 reboot where it will change from 512mb ram to 1gb,