Nokia E71 trying to install something when I switc...

I have just bought a Nokia E71 from a friend. For some reason I decided to delete apps I wouldn't use and deleted Top Hits Solitaire and Global Race.  When I turn the phone on now it starts installing something and then I get a message saying "Unable

Giant headache with Nokia e71 !

Nokia E71 with firm 410 Every time I tried to browsing using the in built web browser or try viewing email as html, the phone will restart itself ! Tried hard reset via 3 keys combination and reflashing  twice, it always the same, after several days,

Nokia E71 Difference between Switch mode and Profi...

I have Nokia E71, Phone having option to switch modes and also we have profile option. Can some body explain the difference between switch mode and having different profile ?. ThanksThe profile impacts things like default ringtone, vibration settings

Isync thunderbird on IMAC with Nokia E71

I switched from thunderbird for MAC to Mail to be able to isync with my Nokia e71. However I´m not happy at all with MAIL and want to go back to Thunderbird Anyone know how I can point isync to thunderbird files so that my nokia E71 synchro

Nokia E71, date keeps changing

My date on the Nokia E71 keeps changing. It tends to jump a few days. For example, today (5th March) it has jumped to 7th March. I have the network time on and off, so I don't think it is that. Soccer and basketball events in

Nokia E71 - support for multiple mail for exchange...

Does the Nokia E71 supports multiple mail for exchange accounts? Thanks, TimUnfortunately only one Mail for Exchange (ActiveSync) account is supported on Nokia E71.Read other 2 answers

Will Firefox Work on Nokia E71?

Nokia E71 Using Symbian S60 OS.If Firefox Mobile Did Not Work on Nokia E71 I Appeal For Make A Browser That Work on Nokia E71.Thank You!It will not work on the Nokia E71. Currently Firefox mobile is only being created for the Maemo OS used on the Nok

Nokia E71 WiFi Protected Setup ( WPS )

I'm trying to connect my E71 throug WPS but i cant figure out how it works? How do i connect through WPS?afaik it won't work with Nokia E71. Tried it for myself. Usually there would be a popup which says something like "go to your router and push the

Nokia E71 time and date problems.

I cant ever set the time and date of my nokia E71. Anytime i access the time and date settings, it just doesn't go through. Please help me out.Hi Faces1,  Welcome to Nokia discussions board!  In order to fix this issue, I advise you to perform a soft

Help nokia e71 unable to send message help me fix ...

Hi I brought a nokia e71 last 1 week (second hand unlock ) ,I got problem I can not send message   when i start send message  it view notice : unable to send message and detail : memory Full close some applications and try again. I checked my  phone

Nokia E71 plugin incompatible with iSync 3.1.0 / Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.1)

After upgrading to Snow Leopard the calendar sync has stopped working towards my Nokia E71. However, when disabling the calendar sync option , the contacts are syncing just fine. I wonder if there'll be a fix for this in the near future? When contact

NOKIA E71 "malbox' in use error message cannot sen...

Hi, I have a Nokia E71 and cannot send emails from the gmail or pop 3 accounts set up on the device. I can recieve emails and I know the settings are correct for the incoming and outgoing servers. A google search has shown a number of people had this

Do U need a wrist stap to your Nokia E71?

If you need a wrist strap to your Nokia E71 to be able to do sports and listen to music or use sportstracker I found the following product very good: To make the above a "perfect fi

Isync error when sinc with Nokia E71

Mac OS X 10.6.2 When I sinc my nokia E71 with iSync, Isync Crash with this message: Process: iSync [858] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: Version: 3.1.0 (585.0) Build Info: iSyncUI2-5850000~8 Code Type: X

How can I copy Nokia E71 to iPhone

How can I transfer my contacts from Nokia E71 to Iphone 4   I am not sure but I dont think you can. the nokia uses Symbian os and apple uses something elseRead other 2 answers

The Nokia E71 got freezed

Folks, I have configured the my Nokia E71 to corporate email today, i sent one test email, that was success. After while i got some error message saying calendar unable to sync please contact administrator if problem persist. after few minutes i hard

Nokia E71 starts up very slow !

I have Nokia E71 , I bought it 2nd hand , it boots very slowly , he Nokia Banner remains intact for atleast 1 whole minute . Rest is fine & there r no startup applications installed [email protected] Haven't got E71 to hand to compare but S60 3rd FP1 devices

Lost contac / phoe book recovery Nokia E71

yesterday i update my nokia E71 softwer , after updating i am lost my all contac phone book and other moust impotant document, i want recovery my all document. please help me as soon. Thanks [email protected] Before updating using Nokia Suite you would

Latest available software for Nokia E71 Version: ...

oh yes new software Version Nokia E71 110.07.127if your phone is locked to SFR then it would wont let you update the firmware unless they approve one.. you can get your phone debranded to the generic one which although would remove any network logo's

Nokia e71- ovi installation problem please help!

hello everyone, i've been using my nokia e71 for a month now and everyhing was great, ovi was running perfectly. a week ago ovi asked me to install a new version, and so i did. i later restarted my mobile and got a message (its in a foreign language,