WLAN doesnt exist on my nokia e63???

I've searched everywhere but theres no WLAN connection option on my nokia e63. Is it possible that it's missing the drivers to use it? Please help me and thanks in advance! Solved! Go to Solution.Most likely you've a Chinese fake E63. http://www.noki

What are the details of the latest Nokia e63 firmw...

I own a nokia e63 and updated to the latest firmware last month (June 2010) but I only saw 1 or 2 changes and improvements. Does any1 know all the details of what was updated and improved, thanx? Solved! Go to Solution.Check the Nokia Device Software

AT commands not working for nokia E63 (Must Reply)

Hi I am trying to read SMS from my Nokia E63 via hypertermianal program and my phone is connected through Bluetooth. When I send sms , it works perfect but on receiving sms I am getting error on  at+cpms="sm" ERROR at+cpms=? +CPMS: (),(),() at+c


I just bought the Nokia E63, and have tried everything in my power to solve the issue that, when i recieve a text message it doesn't show who it's from - it just shows their mobile number. This is so annoying and has been bugging me for hours on end.

How to install new Nokia E63 firmware update via O...

Please nokia. Is there any system or downloadable application that can download and install new Nokia E63 software(software updater over OTA)?. If there is any out there please i will like to get the link and download it. If there is not. I thing thi

Nokia E63, Phone crashing after specific function ...

Using the smart home dialing of names to search through contacts, I locate a contact (which has both home and telephone numbers). Then I proceed to press the call button on this contact which brings me to a small menu asking whether or not I want to

Nokia e63 Changing Keyboard Layout.

I bought Nokia e63 but it came with a "azerty" keyboard. Is there anyway to change its firmware to QWERTY?my nokia e63 not like other e63's keyboard's (q-! w-" e-+ and number key is like other i-? o- blank p-blank a-% s-' d-blank

Nokia E63 lock code

I forgot my nokia E63 lock code, so whenever i switch on my device it is asking for the lock code. Can you help me how can i solve this problem (how can i reset my phone lock code?). I have updated my device using nokia software updater today i.e. on

NOkia E63 All Software Problems listed, Ignored by...

here are NOkia E63 All Software Problems listed. -- Picture Editor: You can Zoom, Rotate a Picture but E63 never allows to Save the edited Picture, Worst SOftware Engeering. -- No Calendar Sync with Address Book Events Add a Birday/Annivesary event a

Hi i need help with my nokia e63 can someone pleas...

i need help with my nokia e63 all the images on the web have really small when they used to be regular size and it has nothing to do with the zooming settings. someone please help.Cannot send or received email

Nokia E63 text recovery without SIM?

Hi, Can texts be recovered from a Nokia E63 if the texts are deleted and the SIM card has been removed? Not sure if the original texts were saved to the SIM card or the phone itself, what is the default setting? Many thanksIn theory, with the right s

Nokia e63 wont turn back on

Hey guys Yesterday I turned off my Nokia e63 device. When I tried to turn it back on I held down the power button until it vibrated as normal, the centre light came on as normal however the screen stays black and it won't turn on. I've tried rechargi

Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configuration...

pls tell me What is Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configurations for my device update. parsya82Because the absent of this data indicates bigger issues, did you consider the Nokia Software Recovery Tool on a Windows computer already? If you are

Switching off wif on Nokia E63?

I have been trying to switch of the wifi for a while now but won't work I have went on MENU>TOOLS>SETTINGS>CONNECTION>WIRELESS LAN>SHOW WLAN AVAILABIITY to never. I have tried many other ways to switch it off like disconnecting it, switichi

Camera flash on e63 also wlan connectivity

Can anyone help - I just got a re-conditioned E63 and when flash is needed in dark conditions all I get is a blue image on screen! Tried night mode on/off and white balance - doesn't make any difference. Just a general query - am totally new to Wlan

Nokia E63 Reboot Issue With TATA DOCOMO

Hello Guys I face Handset Rebooting Issue with My E63. When I use GPRS on my Mobile/Laptop/Pc  after some time My handset reboot automatically. I contact with Tatat Docomo Customer care and he check all things but he not found any problem in Network.

Nokia E63 bit rate issue

Hi, I have a mp4 file with high bitrate (561kbits) during playing, It pauses/stills for a while.  E63 supports up to how many bitrate per seconds? Thanks in advance. Nimesh T. Solved! Go to Solution.There are two converters available; ImToo (Commerci

Contact not shown in Nokia E63

Hi, I am using E63 mobile phone. I am not been able to view the contacts in the mobile, so not been able to use the same. But when an incoming call comes in I do get the name resolution of the person calling and his mobile no which is stored in the c

Nokia e63 unable to bluetooth perform

Hey budy. First u have to see ur phone is in warranty or out of warranty. If it in warranty u have to go in nokia serviCe center coz possiblity softwere issue or hardwere issue.. If ur phone is out of warranty then u can do ur salf if u have knowladg

Share Online function not working in Nokia E63.

It prints ''Network Error -5120'' Even i have selected the correct APN. How to fix it?Hi Dharan54, The Ovi Share online service was discontinued, and you should have received this email about its closure: