Nokia E51 struct in offline mode....

Hi, My Nokia E51 structs in offline mode...when I try to switch to general or other profiles.. E51 hangs & switches off.I have given it to Nokia customer care.. But they couldn't able to resolve it... As offline mode.. Music player & otherthing wo

N80 stuck in Offline mode

Hi, have already searched all over the net and on these boards to find a reason and solution but nothing concrete as of yet. First off I have had my N80 on Vodafone contract for about 5 weeks without any major problems apart from poor coverage changi

After an upgrade Firefox now throws my Mac into Work Offline mode repeatedly. What action needs to be taken so Firefox permanently disables Work Offline mode?

Immediately after an upgrade Firefox beginning throwing my Mac into Work Offline mode. Apparently, this is done anytime my connection blips out. I have tried a work-around, but to no avail. The computer is thrown into Work Offline when I daily turn o

Widgets in offline mode?

Hello.. Shouldn't the "widget in offline-mode"-setting overrule the settings for each widget? If I set my RSS/mail to sync every 2 hours, and set the "widget in offline-mode"-setting on, both RSS and mail sync during the online time -

In the past two weeks every time I select the Firefox icon I get a message: "Foreforx is in Offline mode". I click on "try again" and it always comes up. How do I avoid this message and go directly to online status?

Prior to a couple weeks ago when I clicked on the Fire Fox icon on my MacBook air it went directly to the Fire fox home page. Now when my computer has been off and I choose the Fire Fox icon, I get a message that Fire Fox is in "offline" mode. I

Generating of QR code in offline mode

Hello everyone. I want help to generate QR code in the offline mode. I did try to generate QR code using labview but when am online. i am able to generate the qr code. I will attach my VI below for the online. Can some1 help me please. Solved! Go to

Mobile POS - Offline Mode

I need to run Mobile POS for a POC with the client... Is there any way to demo the app, without actually installing Store Server and Mobile POS Server... I am looking a way to run the Mobile POS app in offline mode... Please suggest...Hi German, SAP

Nokia X3 Problem n need Solution

Nokia X3 Problem n need Solution : the problem is,my nokia X3 ringtone sound so slow/soft... n the keypad button sound more strong then ringtone sound,n two of them at the full volume... but,i already put the volume to higher posible ( full volume ).

Firefox become in Offline mode and unable to open any page and when shut down it remains in processes and freez up, blocking another to be run

When I on my Laptop, Acer Aspire 5735 with Windows 7 Ultimate run Firefox all runs perfectly smooth, all is working as expected, but when I go to Sleep mode or Hibernate (Firefox remains open) after turning on Firefox is not active any more, all open

Cannot get onto the web, says firefox is in offline mode

I cannot access my email, the yahoo page is stuck on yesterdays page, when I try to go to email, it says firefox is in the offline mode and to click the mode key?? How are you going to communicate with me if I am offline??? My # 847-338-0349Did you t

Offline Mode - command line

Hi, How can i launch my app in offline mode from a command line ? I have added <offline-allowed/> to my Jnlp and use the following java -Djnlpx.home="c:/program files/java web start" -cp "c:\program files\java web start\javaws.jar&quo

I have been using Firefox for years. I just downloaded your newest version. The new version shows to be downloaded successfully, but when I click Firefox Icon, I get a window that is called "Offline mode"

It states, "Firefox is curerntly in offline mode and cona't browse the web. It says to uncheck the "work offline" menu item.See: *File > [ ] Work Offline Press F10 or press and hold the Alt key down to bring up the "Menu Bar" t

Get error message "firefox is in offline mode, uncheck the work offline menu and try again " when trying to open firefox after downloading latest version of firefox

after downloading the latest version of firefox, when trying to open it I recieved the message, "Firefox is in offline mode. cannot browse web. Uncheck the work offline menu and try again". Have tried several times to open with same results. Hav

Navigate BI App in offline mode

Hi Everyone, I've upgraded OBIEE to version for having BI App Designer. There is the possibility to navigate BI Apps in offline mode after refreshing data? Thanks in advance.Could you give us some clear picture what do you mean by navigate

Every time I start firefox, it starts in "work offline mode"

Hello, So my problem is: Every time I start firefox, it starts in "work offline mode". How to fix this? P.S I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTSCheck out this thread: [ Firefox keeps switching to work offl

Reassign server to machine in offline mode

Hi xperts, I need some guidance/ help to write a wlst script in offline mode to reassign a server to a different machine. In online mode I cd have used the recording and get the template however not sure if those commands work in offline mode or not.

Maximum data volume in offline mode supported by Syclo Agentry applications

Hello Experts, We are running the SAP Work Manager application 5.3 with Agentry 6.0. We are using the iOS based client available on the App Store to run the same. I wanted to ask about how much data volume can be supported by the application when it

Mix Radio pauses after each Song in offline mode

Hey everyone, I am encountering some trouble when usign mix radio in offline mode. More precisely I have a Mix downloaded to the device. After each song, music pauses and I have to resume manually. I do not know if disabling the mobile internet conne

No Album Covers in Offline-Mode

Hello, since weeks i have a problem on my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4 and the latest Spotify App.Every Time i go to work i use Spotify and i only hear my offline Songs. i start wondering why it loads every cover again when i start the app First i thought i

Why does my firefox switch to offline mode by itself, while i was browsing the internet?? is my computer hacked?

This has happened many times, with no apparent reason, i.e. when i tried to refresh a web page, or open a website, i got message to say that firefox was in offline mode (note, the internet had been working normal up to this minute), then i went to th