Re Nokia Asha 300 sim card

Hi I am just wandering if the SIM card from a Nokia Asha 300 will fit in newer models ie Lumia, N series etc? i am stuck on a contract until November next year with Virgin but they will not upgrade and i find the Asha unsuitable for my needs. need a

Nano-simcard stuck in the sim-card tray :(

I've gotten a nano-sim stuck in the sim-card tray. Is there any way to get it out?Hi Klingenberg, The best thing that we can suggest you to do is to bring the phone to the nearest Nokia Care Center. They will be able to help you physically in removin

Nano Sim Card Tray Slot Holder Black (For iPhone 5)

Where can I buy apple oem Nano SIM card tray slot holder black for Iphone 5?Try eBay. Apple does not sell parts.Read other 2 answers

About my Nokia asha 311

When are they gonna lunch the new software for Nokia asha 311 in India? What are the new things that i get in it? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi please see the following link:

Replacement sim card tray holder

Hi there, I have mislaid the sim card tray holder for an iPad Mini Retina. Anyone know where I can get a replacement one? Cheers.Try Apples Service Center. other 2 answers

Ipad 2 has no sim card tray!

i don't see sim card tray in ipad 2 model A1397. can apple replace it?  i bought it on apple online store! may i ask for replace online? there isn't any retail stores aroundVerizon iPads don't have SIM card trays because they are CDMA devices, not GS

How can i install bangla font in my nokia asha 311...

How can i install any font in my nokia asha 311 manually. Help me....please (signhnsk). It's my last chance. I cannot distrub you any time. Help me.....Ah? As already said, it isn't possible for you to manually install languages. You need to flash a

Question about sim card tray

My iphone 3g won't restore, show me error 1604 and 23. I have my appointment tomorrow just that the sim card tray is missing and i can't found it Should be a problem if take the iphone without the sim card tray ? I know the serial number of my iphone

How much cost for gsm iphone 5 black replacement sim card tray?

How much cost for gsm iphone 5 black replacement  sim card tray?Ask Apple. We are but simple users here, and have no control over prices charged in whatever country you are in.Read other 2 answers

Vibe X2 SIM card tray lost

Hi, My vibe x2 sim card tray got lost while i am travelling. How can i get this part alone. Is there any optton to buy online or can i get it replaced from the service center. Also please provide the lenovo smartphone service center in trivandrum,ker

Sim Card tray slot

Recently I wanted to figure out where the sim card was on the iPhone.... i searched online and they were like stick a toothpick or paperclip inside the slot and u pull out the sim tray. so i followed the instructions which is really simple in the sim

Will Apple replace my iPhone 3GS out of warranty due to accidental liquid exposure and a broken sim card tray?

Like many people, my iPhone 3GS was recently exposed to liquid and the phone immediately died. The sim card was not exposed to direct liquid and I was able to get it out; however, the sim card tray was siezed up and would not eject, so when removing

Successor of the Nokia Asha 311

I have an Asha 311 and though it's a nice phone (besides the problems like missing mutlitasking, copy/paste etc) I think the biggest problem is the tiny screen. Even for a feature phone, a Fulltouch-phone should have a display, which is at least 3.5

Whatsapp and nokia asha double sim phones

sincerely no should make whatsapp work with their asha double sim phones with push notifications enabled. though i use whatsapp on my asha200 but push notification ain't working so it is only when i launch the app that i get messages. nokia please do

Software update for Nokia asha 311???

when will Nokia release a software update for asha 311 plz? Solved! Go to Solution.5.92 is currently the latest SW version for Asha 311 (and it should be available to most customers). There will be eventually further SW releases for the device, and w

Broken Sim card Tray #HELP!!!!!

I was just given an Iphone 3gs by my stepmother and its no longer under warranty bc she has a 4 but I just reset my phone and as I was placing my sim card inside of my phone  the tray that the card goes on  turned side ways and the bottom half is cra

Nokia Asha 311 Malfunctioning

My asha 311 which is 7 months old, has now started malfunctioning. Charge barely stays for 8 hours. Screen keeps switching on and off automatically. Home screen shortcuts automatically deletes and handset switches off often.MP4 videos of 720p and ove

Calendar Issue on Nokia Asha 311

Anyone who's also experiencing a problem about the calender when you are about to add an event and the icons are not transparent. Moderator's Note: The subject was edited as we have created a new thread for the topic being discussed.I've attached a s

Apple iPhone 2G Sim Card Tray

I recently bought an iPhone from a friend and when I did he told me the sim tray is missing which didn't bother me much except for the fact that I had to get one online. So I'm asking you guys do you know any retail stores sell this piece separate in

Which is Better Nokia Asha 303 or Nokia Asha 311

Can you tell me which is better 303 or 311?hmm.. as owner of both phones, I would like to say my bet. Actually, there are lots of difference on both phones. I'll dice it up. 1. Homescreen On 303 the homecscreen is the same as other s40 devices , you