Nokia Asha 306 - Radio Recordings

Hi!  I'm using NOKIA ASHA 306 smartphone.  When I use Radio recorder, the files are saved in .AAC format which can play on my mobile but not on my PC.  I tried to convert them to another format (like wave, mp3, etc...) so I could edit my recordings w

Why Lights On during Charge in Nokia Asha 305 ???

Hey, I am Raihan from Bangladesh can tell me why are the lights ON in Nokia Asha when it is chargingHi! You can switch them off. Go to menu - settings - accessories - charger - lights - off OR Menu - settings - lights - off. Please mark the post as s

My nokia asha 306 nokia store will be vanish

How to recover my nokia store to my phone i creat backup file but l cann't get nokia store and nokia browser Solved! Go to Solution.I dont think a BACKUP will return your missing features.. dear bro, backuping means saving your important files somewh

Is it ok to connect my nokia asha 501 to portable ...

is it ok to connect my nokia asha 501 to portable micro usb charger? Moderator's Note: the title of this is post has been changed as it is moved from an existing thread.Hi enjesbp, It's perfectly fine to connect your Asha 501 to a portable micro-USB

Nokia Asha 200 echo problem

Hi! I bought the brand new Asha 200 Nokia (Graphite) and so far im happy with the phone. Nontheless, during calls there is a really anoying echo. I have gone back to the store and replaced the first phone only to find that the problem remains the sam

Video in nokia asha 300

Is it possible that u make a video in nokia asha 300 but its neither in my videos nor in gallery? Could it be that it never got made? I think i pressed the message shortcut key rather than the recording button and then i pressed the back button. When

Nokia Asha 200 Video Playback Specifications neede...

Hi ! Which video parameters have to be fulfilled by a video, to be played on nokia asha 200 / asha 201 / asha 205 ? I have tried many video formats - there is always the message "Video format not supported" (sound is playing)... - 3GP 320x240 AA

Star map apps Nokia Asha 308 - "response unknown"

I'm trying to download a star map app for the Nokia Asha 308 and have a couple of questions... 1. I've tried downloading Norbsoft, but when I click the 'buy' link on the page on my phone, it brings up an error "Response unknown" with no other in

NOKIA ASHA 200 dose not work social application

Hi.. Since yesterday "social" application on my nokia asha 200 dose not work.. when i tring to open it phome display that " Applicion error" phone proved me only "exit" option.. so now i cant login to my facebook account on s

Nokia Asha 200 Error 12052 on software update

Am getting an error message 12052 i have trie to update my software 4 times now. Am so frustratedAre you trying to update the software of the phone using Nokia Suite? Nokia Suite is not compatible with Nokia Asha 200:

Nokia asha 210 problems

Hii!! I have nokia 210.. It is 4 or 5 months since I bought it. It was ok until I update mail app and I think from the time of it things were starting getting bad I must worse for everyday. First if I try to open mail app it says conflicting app its

Error code: 12017 (nokia asha 200)

i cant update my phone's software. nokia asha 200.hey even when i try to update my nokia asha 200, the nokia suite suddenly stops working... and also i since i've purchased the mobile,i m unable to access the web....i have tried several sim cards...

Switching off Nokia Asha 302 tips from Nokia

I bought a Nokia Asha 302 and immediately started receiving tips from Nokia through the tips application. I tried sending the unsubscribe message many times but I still keep getting the tips at least twice a day. It's annonying. What can I do? Solved


when i update my nokia asha 305 it says that no new software update available plz help meThe software of my nokia asha 305 is not updating it shows updating cancelled by the server what should i do? Can You Help Me to FIX it ? Pleaseee ? Thanks ! Rea

Josh yudell oxford facing problems with Nokia Asha...

Hi, This is josh yudell oxford recently I have purchased one Nokia Asha 508. It was going well but the phone is getting restarted repeteadly. josh yudell oxford thought it might be the problem that the phone memory has got filled up.So josh yudell ox

Nokia asha 200 downloading problem from you tube

hi how to download videos for nokia asha 200 from you tube wheneever i tried it shows the problem in dosent show the option of download.I'm facing the same problem while downloading videos via fast tube or youtube downloade in my Nokia

How to install certificate in nokia asha 501

Nokia asha 501 certificateHi Iidjjdhuhdfh, Welcome to the forum!  App certificates are automatically downloaded when you install apps from the Store. Supported and trusted app certificates can also be downloaded once you updated the phone's software

Update problem for nokia asha 200

My problem is i cannot update my my mobile Nokia asha 200 even the update is available is it says not enough phone memory even from that i format the phone memory then also says not enough phone memory try again free some space what to do now update

How to change font size in nokia asha 309

guys wanna ask how do we change the font size in nokia asha 309?*Default FullZoom Level: other 2 answers

Nokia Asha 503 front Screen Broken.

Dear Sir, My nokia asha 503 front screen glass has broken due to set dropped but my set working fine. please confirm is it possible to replace this glass or screen & also confirm me it is touch screen or only simple glass? will i replace only set cas