Nokia 208 problems with Opera Mini

I have a Nokia 208 (Single SIM) and I can not install Opera Mini on him. The application is downloaded but not installed. When I want to install the application, it shows me: "Installing ..." and remains locked so. And after some time it says: &

Update for Nokia 208

I need an update for nokia 208 dual sim to run flash files in it. Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have moved the post to the more appropriate board.There, you go - I recommend to subscribe to that thread (top, left-hand side) because

Nokia 208 Internet Problem

Hi I just got my new Nokia 208. And  there is always a [H] Or [E] icon on my phone, which seems to indicate it's online.   Is my phone online the whole time ? And the FACEBOOK APPLICATION is tooooo SLOOOOW And why the internet connection is always ON

Update nokia 2730 opera mini 4 built in to opera m...

guys! , how can i update my old opera mini , is it possible?Download from​assic/ ..and install..Read other 4 answers

Nokia C3-Opera mini 5

Nokia c3 can't use opera mini 5? I think  there is a little apps and theme for C3I Sent the.jar file from my pc from the link you provided , but now the problem is when i try to install it it ask me for the type of connection (WLAN, My sim package ,D

Nokia 6111- "operation failed, try again"

please help me...when i try to get into my Nokia 6111 inbox i get the message "operation failed, try again". i have tried resetting, and putting the battery and sim card back in but nothing changes..please help as i dont know what to do to fix i

Persian language for Nokia 220

Hi. I updated my Nokia 220 dual sim but I lost my Persian language. What shall I do? Please help me ASAPBecause I am an end-user like you, I cannot look into the firmware files and judge whether this is a bug or intended. Hopefully, a Nokia employee

Nokia, come up and give us an answer about PR1.3

Hey Nokia, despite several semi-official announcements and tweets from your employess, the N9 community has not received, nor has been properly informed about the actual date and availability of alleged PR1.3 FW for Nokia N9.... please stop teasing a

The Nokia 6210 Navigator is not going 2 Update it'...

I am very **bleep** Off Customer atm because I was told by Nokia Care Operator and a Manager at Nokia that the Nokia Ovi Maps 3.03 will not be available at all for my phone and I am extremely **bleep** Off with NOKIA atm. I would have thought that wh

Nokia 701symbian Belle FM Transmitter Problem

My 3 day Old Nokia 701 operating symbian Belle was a dissapointment.  I tried to use the GPS and activate FM transmitter thinking that it would broadcast to my car  FM radio but it didn't - is it not design to work that why? I noticed frequent hangin

Moving Texts from 6500 to 6700

I have recently upgradedgrom a 6500 to a 6700, however want to move my SMS messages across keeping the original time/date stamp on them.  Any ideas? i have tried the phone to phone bluetooth facility but that changes the time/date to the current time

E90 and Bluetooth V470 mouse Logitech

Hello Phone model click this *#0000# 400.34.93 21.04-2009 RA-6 Nokia E90 (02) you must put password exampe zero=0 or two zero=00 in E90. but you have BT mouse hoy you click 0 or 00 example. how can take off bluetooth password. is it posible. Nokia's

Online Shop Problems Pre-Ordering N97 in UK

I cannot find any other forum, and I seek to make this as public as possible because the way loyal customers are being treated by Nokia are think are wrong. If Nokia see fit to remove this post without sorting these problems, then fair enough. I am d

Stack that implements try and catch problem

Hi guys, i'm pretty new to java (and programming all together) , have a difficulties with this calculator i'm working on. I've got a stack which holds for instance 5 + 6 * 2 which equals 17. What i have is: Stack<String> expression = new Stack<St

Phone memory

hi i have a nokia 5233 and i want to format the phone memory as i dont want to go to nokia care. can i format it? is there any option? my phone memory is left with very few memory space but there isnt any thhing in it.i dont know why phone memory lef

Help me choose a phone with Whatsapp (it ain't eas...

So... After being a smartphone lLumia dood for a loong time i am now ditching smartphones all together. I dont use facebook anymore and i want a nice slim candybar phone with long battery life, no touch, dual sim and whatsapp. Thats all i want. Simpl

Max. audio bitrate

Hi! Can you tell me the maximum MP3 bit rate supported by the following models: 208 Dual SIM [1]; 107 Dual SIM [2]; 108 Dual SIM [3]; 220 Dual SIM [4]; 301 Dual SIM [5]; and 110 [6]. Can't find this information, even on the User Guide. Thanks! [1] ht

I have a samsung craft, will it work with my phone? should it? i have metro pcs as provider

I have a Samsung Craft phone and it appears not to be compatible with firefox mobile, will it ever be? I have MetroPCS as my service provider does this have anything to do with it?Sorry, Firefox is available only for phones running the Google Android

Help.... with a code

  This program that reads a mathematical expression composed of   an integer, an operator and another integer; your program should perform   the operation and output the result.  Operations expected are +, -, *, /,   ** ( power) and  %.  The program

DKU-2 Usb cable connection

Hi all, Just purchased a DKU-2 usb cable for my Nokia 6230, i installed the pc suite software which came with it and then tried connecting my phone to the pc as the wizard stated, it then froze while attempting to connect the phone to the pc. I then