Nokia 5110 Security code

Hi, How do I reset the security code of a nokia 5110? I have to add that I don't know the code. Please help, ThanksThe Nokia default security code is 12345. If you have changed it at any point you will have to take your phone into a Nokia Authorized

Nokia 500 security code

when i switch on my nokia 500, it always ask the security code. so, please give me steps to off this setting.i want that mobile should not ask the code while switching on.Please take following steps & you will get solution 1# go to menu> tools >

Nokia 3600 security code

I have a nokia 3600 slide and I forgot my security code so I can't use it now :/ I hope that some1 here can help me to solve my problem.the default code is 12345 if you changed this you will have to send it to a nokia care centre If  i have helped at

Nokia 6300 security code

hi, can any one help me in finding default "call barring password" i read the FAQ of nokila web site for model 6300 it says default security code for nokia 6300 is "12345" where as when i try to activate call barring service it asks fo

Nokia 3210 Security code HELP

Hi guys, I just found my first cellphone - Nokia 3210, But I can't use it because it ask for a security code. I have tried all kind of standard codes 1234, 12345 and 0000 etc. I have also tried the Mastercode but it doesn't work. Alex Solved! Go to S

Forgot my Nokia c3-00 security code

Hy i have forgotten my nokia c3 security code i have tried everything like 12345 1234 5555 0000 they all dnt work i have also try the master security code that i got online it doesnt work....pliz help me. Moderator's Note: We have removed personal in

Device locked on 'Enter Security Code'

I have a nokia n9. After a "backup" then "restore" setting procedure, the phone is locked with an "Enter security code" interface. But I have never ever set such a security code. Then the phone stucked at this state no mather

Security Code Nokia 1208

what is the security code of nokia 1208 , i have tried 12345 but code errorIf that code does not work then it has been changed by someone. You will have to take the phone to a nokia care point to get the code reset. Find your nearest here: http://eur

Forgotten security code - Nokia C7

how to unlock nokia c7 if I forgot my lock code? phone code 059B899 Moderator's note: The subject was amended as we provide a more topic-related one so others can easily search for the same concern. robertinio, Welcome to Nokia Discussions If you are

I Forgot Nokia 2320c's Security Code

I decided to lend this phone to a friend and they changed the security code without my knowledge. Now when I boot the phone I am prompted to enter in a security code. I don't know this code, and my friend who I lent it to has forgotten the code. I wa

Set security code in nokia c5 05

How can i set an security code in my nokia c5 05? I want my mobile to ask for an password when i press the lock button.Have pasted the link to the User Guide in the post above ..

Security Code for Nokia 6500 Classic

Hi, I try to use the code - 12345 - as the security code as listed in my manual, but it just comes up with "code error". can anyone help?A small number of new models, and I know that the 6500 is one, come with no preset security code - you have

X2-01 Security codes unlock

How do I type hard-reset codes when I can't use keypad because device requests Security codes when switches on?Hi, Voguish. Welcome to Nokia Support Discussions Forum! Have you personalized the code on your phone? If yes, the code that will be used i

Need security code for my ASHA 305

Hi, i dint change my phone's security code and when i am trying to reset it its not accepting the default one 12345.Can you please help me in this issue asap. Solved! Go to Solution.Though not sure if this works but a few users on this Forum have pos

NOKIA 2730c - Security Level

I've just bought this phone. I've never used a Nokia, and so I am not familiar with the interface. I've had a play around though and have figured out most of it. Regarding security, I have done the following: - Reset PIN and phone now asks for it at

Information about security code

i have nokia 3110c,i want to activate my security code bt i have forgotten my previous security code so i am unable to activate my security code.tell me the solution plz... Solved! Go to Solution.You will need to go to your local Nokia care point. Pl

Nokia 5610 restore code 12345 error

help meHi rajesh2516, Thanks for your post and welcome to the Nokia forum. The default security code is 12345, unless you have changed this code. If you've changed the code and can't remember it, please visit a local Nokia Care Point where the phone

I forgot my security code

hey anyone can help me ...i forgot my security password in my nokia x2-02 i need to restore factory setting because the facebook app is still loading and not open in my mobile...please help me Moderator's note: We amended the title of this post as we

Security code check on ATV

Have to give security code to rent movie on ATV? Since the latest update the ATV asks for the credit card securuity code when renting a movie. This is anoying, to say the least! aparantly growth comes with distrust. that's a pity, for us, for Apple.W

I foggot my security code

can you help me get my security code back please phone model nokia 5130c-2Hi ogjudaarjr, Welcome to the forum. What exactly happened to your phone? Does that mean you're unable to access it as it's asking you for a security code? The default code is