Nokia c3 reset code

blueHi aplies, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions. Are you having issues with your Nokia C3-00? Can you tell us more of it so we can further assist you? I'll wait for your reply. Read other 4 answers

Security Code Nokia 1208

what is the security code of nokia 1208 , i have tried 12345 but code errorIf that code does not work then it has been changed by someone. You will have to take the phone to a nokia care point to get the code reset. Find your nearest here: http://eur

Nokia E63 lock code

I forgot my nokia E63 lock code, so whenever i switch on my device it is asking for the lock code. Can you help me how can i solve this problem (how can i reset my phone lock code?). I have updated my device using nokia software updater today i.e. on

Nokia n96 lock code problem

I forget my master reset code so can't reset my nokia n96 & also can't use any mamory card.Whn i put in any mamory card thn phone asking for  lock code but i 4get tht...I updte my firmware but still its not fixed...So plz some1 help me...ThnxIf you h

I m using nokia c3-00 n forgot my password how i ...

i m using nokia c3-00 n forgot my password how i know it againIts not possible to know it.. Only thing that can solve the problem is getting it reset to the default 12345 by visiting Nokia Care along with a proof of ownership (Bill / Invoice)Read oth

Nokia 5110 Security code

Hi, How do I reset the security code of a nokia 5110? I have to add that I don't know the code. Please help, ThanksThe Nokia default security code is 12345. If you have changed it at any point you will have to take your phone into a Nokia Authorized

Nokia E61i Lock code

Hey. Many years ago i bought nokia E61i and i left it to stay. Now i wanna use it but i can,t. I tried many things: 1. hard reset (1,*, Okey button and power button,) . I have allso tried mastercode. Maybe someone knows other options to get off the s

Itunes and Internet wont open because of a "netsh reset" code

My Itunes store was having troubles opening before, and i couldnt figure anything out to make it work. i updated it, redownloaded it, and finally used a "Netsh reset" code in the command prompter. this resulted in Itunes not even opening, and ne

Nokia 700 product code 059L1G3 is not receiving up...

Since March I hope the fp1 Nokia 700 update and I have not received and already put another update the fp2, not understand how nokia promotes products that can not meet their clients. Nokia 700, product code 059l1g3 Attachments: VoiceScreenShot_20121

Nokia 1208 - Any way to d/load ringtones?

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere.  I've searched the forums and FAQs and can't find an answer to this simple question: Is there any way to download ringtones onto a Nokia 1208?  I have the cable, I d/l'd some sort of freeware that doesn't w

Nokia C3 Error (Code 503)

Nokia C3 Error (Code 503) I have problems to enter the Chat and E-Mail, shows "Error (Code 503). " I can enter without problems to the "Communities " and browse the Internet, but I can not get to chat ... Please help me not to do ... T

Reset code for nokia e72

I have a problem I forgot my lock code for my nokia e72 so how can I reset the code? please help me [email protected] Although all user data would be deleted you could try a three key depressed power on hard reset but have horrid feeeling that lock code will

Nokia 3600 security code

I have a nokia 3600 slide and I forgot my security code so I can't use it now :/ I hope that some1 here can help me to solve my problem.the default code is 12345 if you changed this you will have to send it to a nokia care centre If  i have helped at

Nokia 5610 restore code 12345 error

help meHi rajesh2516, Thanks for your post and welcome to the Nokia forum. The default security code is 12345, unless you have changed this code. If you've changed the code and can't remember it, please visit a local Nokia Care Point where the phone

Settings reset code?

Does anyone know the code for a total settings reset on the N95 pleaseIt must only be in a few thousand posts on these forums so pretty obscure. Revert to factory defaults: *#7780# Soft reset: *#7370# Hard reset: power off. Hold down '3', '*' and 'ca

Nokia 500 security code

when i switch on my nokia 500, it always ask the security code. so, please give me steps to off this setting.i want that mobile should not ask the code while switching on.Please take following steps & you will get solution 1# go to menu> tools >

Nokia 6680 - unlock code

Hi Guys and Gals, The saga of getting my 6680 unlocked continues. After posting a message on this board about who is hiding the unlocking codes (THREE or NOKIA) I have now come to a conclusion. THREE have them but won't give them out. I have just had

Nokia N9 reset problem

Hi. I have a problem: I started hard-reset procedure on my Nokia N9, and it has been showing round-arrow by 30 minutes and does not do anything else. Help me, please. Solved! Go to Solution.After awful experiences with N97 I bought a HTC Desire HD (A

Nokia 6300 security code

hi, can any one help me in finding default "call barring password" i read the FAQ of nokila web site for model 6300 it says default security code for nokia 6300 is "12345" where as when i try to activate call barring service it asks fo

Nokia E70 product code

can some one tell me what is the product code for the nokia E70 selling in middleeast and particularly in saudi arabia. i cant check the product code as the co have put there warrenty sticker where the product code is written i dont want remove stick