Nokia Asha 202 - not opening a website

My nokia Asha 202 is not working well. it's not opening this website Happy New Year 2015 Wishes (Quotes | Sms Messages) I tried again and again. also i have reseted my mobile but its not working Moderator's Note: The subject was changed as we have cr

Is it possible to Sync Asha 202 with pc suite?

I am willing to buy a Nokia Asha 202 but it is strictly necessary for me to sync it with Outlook 2010. I (have to) use PC Suite 7.1 (2009). Will that work? In general, does PC Suite 7.1 work with all newer S30 or S40 Nokias?The current version of the

Asha 202 -- problem to create secure connection in...

Hi, After doing an SW update of the device (Asha 202  RM-834) to V 20.52, when trying to connect to internet with Nokia Express Browser  (v I receive this Error : Error Unable to establish secure connection. Check phone's date and securit

Social app refuses to launch

The social app in my nokia asha 202 refuses to launch. Each time I try it responds " invalid application - delete? ". Pls how do I restore it ?Hi, Have you checked if there is an update for the social app on your phone or available software upda

Nokia E5 now available in uk If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks. Now using the Lumia 1520Like the announcement said, it should be available for "touch & type" form factor phones, meaning these ones:

Nokia Asha 200 SMS problem

hello, 1 week ago i bought nokia asha 200 and problem is that when i get SMS its shows *some text missing* sms is not full and after several time its comes in complete view. is it operator problem or mobile softwere problem?? i had nokia c6 before th

NNA (notification enabler) update for nokia x2-02

sir please provide NNA (Notification enabler) update for nokia x2-02 so i can use apps like wechat, whatsapp, line etc. Thanks in advanceSorry to say folks, but X2-02 is a slightly older model already and it's highly unlike that it would receive an u

Video in nokia asha 300

Is it possible that u make a video in nokia asha 300 but its neither in my videos nor in gallery? Could it be that it never got made? I think i pressed the message shortcut key rather than the recording button and then i pressed the back button. When

Nokia Asha 501 - resizing photos

Is it possible to send photos taken with camera via mail without resizing them. When I attach photo, Asha automatically offers 2 options: 1 resize bellow 300kb and 2 resize bellow 100kb. If I don't chose one of the mentioned options, attaching photo

Nokia Asha 200 Video Playback Specifications neede...

Hi ! Which video parameters have to be fulfilled by a video, to be played on nokia asha 200 / asha 201 / asha 205 ? I have tried many video formats - there is always the message "Video format not supported" (sound is playing)... - 3GP 320x240 AA

Nokia Asha 303 not work Browser , click the icon t...

Conflicting applications . Show items?? ok - and - Nokia Browser, and nothing works. please helpNOKIA ASHA 303.......same to me, my browser doesn't work after update (v 2.20). And the ovi store don't let me download the nokia browser.... please helpp

Flash Player, IE9 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, HP laptop - objects do not display-seevideo

Flash Player, Internet Explorer 9 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, HP laptop - Flash objects do not display properly in browser; right-click Settings window does not display properly either; i have to scroll down and back up to see parts of the

Why Lights On during Charge in Nokia Asha 305 ???

Hey, I am Raihan from Bangladesh can tell me why are the lights ON in Nokia Asha when it is chargingHi! You can switch them off. Go to menu - settings - accessories - charger - lights - off OR Menu - settings - lights - off. Please mark the post as s

Req for new features in nest asha 311 update

Nokia must add several features of asha 311 next upcoming update . They should include max. features of their nokia 501 asha platformPlease contact Nokia if you want to make suggestions. These forums are populated by other users of Nokia products jus

Asha 302 wifi disconnect

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Asha 302 wifi connection. Whenever I connect to my home wireless network, wifi stays connected for a few seconds and disconnects, when I trying to browse the internet, it connects again but after a few seconds

Will the Asha 300 receive large MMS texts?

I recently purchased a C2-01 and was disappointed that it was unable to receive an MMS  that were over 900Kb in size.  I was wondering if anyone knows if the Asha 300 has enogh phone memory or ram to get a picture message from a new iphone or other s

Itunes shows ordered tracks, ipod is mixed 101,201,301,102,202 etc.

I have a 120 GB classic. I like downloading audiobooks, but since I can't use the audiobook section of the ipod without having downloaded them from itunes, I use the music section... I have gone through all the trouble to name all my tracks by cd# al

ASHA 210 SIGNAL DROP problem

I purchased a nokia asha 210 but am experiencing signal drop problems. I lose signal bars very very frequent;y. I would be glad if some one can direct me in resolving this issue. ShivamTo rule out the phone,how old is your sim card,if its older than

Re: NO viber app for asha 311 !

Please i really want to use viber for asha 311.I request u guys to do something Solved! Go to Solution.Hi ali44, best to check with Viber (publisher of the application) as they determine which phone model their app will be compatible with and where w

Opera mini not working on nokia asha 303....:(

after downloading opera mini on asha 303 its says " invalid application" can i download opera mini for asha 303?Hi vishwajeetkmr7, Welcome to the Nokia discussion boards! Did you download Opera Mini here from the Nokia applications stor