Whatsapp not working in Lumia 720

I am trying to install Whatsapp on Lumia 720. Its getting stuck in "creating favourites", I tried re-installing after performing a soft reset, however no luck. The model name is RM-885_im_mea3_280Hi, i also bought a lumia 720. And, iam also faci

Whatsapp not working anymore after upgrade

Hello! Please I need help after upgrading my OS to leak whatsapp not working it says unsupported OS version. 'it looks like you are using and unreleased version of the BlackBerry 10 OS. These versions are not feature complete, and are not

Whatsapp not working properly in windows

Developers please try to fix the problem for whatsapp first because it the the most important application we find. The messages are delayed and does not show immediately, we cant sent videos and music on whatsapp. Many people refrain to buy Nokia win

X2-02 Whatsapp not working

whatsapp nt working in my x2-02 why Moderator's note: We provided a topic-related subject to the post as it was moved to the appropriate board.  Hi, Welcome to the forum! The reason why it's not working is because your phone doesn't support Whatsapp.

Screenshot not working in Lumia 720

I just got my ph's software updated n since then the screenshot is not working. Everytime I press lock key wid window key it shows couldn't save screenshots... Can anyone tell me how can i get the screenshot nw??Did you update to WP8.1 ? If so, the K

My "Whatsapp" not working after updating to IOS 4.3

My "Whatsapp" & "GMAIL app" have not been  working after updating to IOS 4.3. Any help?      This link may help you. Ipad unresponsive or not sycning!Read other 2 answers

In Some part Touch is not Working in Lumia 720

I got my lumia 720 three months back. It was working fine. Suddenly day before yesterday my 3 touch keys(back,search,windows) didnt work. So i reset my phone. And after that i found that, From bottom to about 2.5 cm touch is not at all working throug

Whatsapp not working properly after OS upgrade

Hello After upgrade to OS, I have issues with Whatsapp: when I receive pictures, they don't download anymore to the picture folder and even I cannot open them from Whatsapp. They just stay in blurry mode withing the whatsapp conversation.

T61: RAS Async adapter not working/Er​ror 720

I am trying to connect using a wireless modem (connects to my T61 via USB, I'm running XP SP3) and I get Error 720.  In device manager the RAS Async Adapter has a yellow circle with an exclamation point.  I cannot uninstall it.  When I select view hi

New whatsapp not working on my 8520

Hi, whatsapp sent several messages to upgrade my version. Now that I've upgraded to v2.7.64, it refuses to work. It downloads and installs fine but when I open it it gets stuck on the updating page. I've tried deleting it downloading it again several

Sending email with attachments not working on Lumi...

It is not possible to attach a file to an email, either via WiFi or my 4G connection.  I have two different Office365 email accounts (work and private) that work perfectly when sending/receiving emails with/without attachments.  However when I try an

Windows 8 VPN not working - error 720

I am running the RTM version of windows 8 on my laptop and get an error code 720 when I try and connect to my VPN service. The VPN worked fine for a few weeks and then stopped working giving me the "Error 720 - A connection to the remote computer cou

Nokia Lumia 720's Camera Is Not Working Properly

I have a nokia lumia 720 phone. Os- WindowsPhone 8.1 cyan My phone's camera is not working properly. Sometime the camera closes automatically. And some pink lines appear in the screen. Sometime camera don't open when press the camera key or click cam

Whatsapp is not working in iphone 4s without wifi in cellular data

Hi I am using whatsapp but it is not working in cellular data.When I connect wifi its perfectly work. Can you give me any solution? any help will be appreciated, JaiSince your using a 3rd party app - ask the app developer or look at their support sit

Fm radio not working in my lumia 720

My phone in nokia Lumia 720. In the music and video there is fm radio app but when I trying to open which after connecting headphone , it can not tune any station and hence only noise in hear.. Is how I fix it? Is it software problem or hardware????H

IMessage is not working, whatsApp won't notify unless app is open

iMessage won't work, trying to send, but in the end says Failed whatsApp won't notify you about incoming messages, and won't receive them, unless application itself is open. CAN'T UPDATE TO iOS6. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS NOT WORKING Message was edited by:

Lumia 720 volume down button not working

Hey buddies, I'm using lumia 720 and often i get this volume down button not working. I changed the button by giving it in nokia care for 3times and still im facing the same problem. And also noticed that this is happening to most of the lumia 720's.

6509 upgrade sup 720 to 2t - wism1 not working

Hi, after upgrading to 2t supervisor our wism controller is not working properly. I can connect to it via service ip address but via management I can't. status is ok, on line diagnostic is ok... but all AP are not working. on 6509 we are runing bootd

Apple apps on Apple TV not working after upgrade

Apple TV after upgrade  the apple specific apps like movie TV music and others do not work. Netflix, vimeo, Flickr seems  to be working - I even restarted the Apple TV (720). Any work arounds ?Turn your camera on, now put your finger on the screen an

Inbuilt app not working post handset got hang

Since many days my phoen creating problems. currently my whats app stoped working and phone go hanged so reinstalled whatsapp but still not working. Apart from that now m trying to check settings of my phone through option tab but unable to open that