Firefox wont display search results on certain engines (Google, yahoo). IE works fine and Bing also displays

For the past 2 days, Firefox wont display search results on Google or Yahoo. Tried Bing it worked fine, tried Internet Explorer and it worked fine. All that gets displayed is a blank page, no errors or anything like that.Clear the cache and the cooki

JSP Images wont display in firefox?

Hi, I need some help. Firefox doesn't seem to display an image coming from a servlet going to a jsp page. I have this login page. Once the user enters his/her username and password. The servlet will then validate if the credentials are ok. Once its o

Enable https on Apex application and now the page wont display

Hi, I enabled https under security, instance on Apex application and now the page wont display. Please help because I wanted to start using https on my urlHi, I enabled https under security, instance on Apex application and now the page wont display.

My blackberry scroller wont click or scroller!

My blackberry scroller wont click or scroll! I have phoned blackberry and they want to restart it so I wanna see if there is anything I can to fix it to prevent them doing that! I tried taking out the battery and clicking five times, it works but it

Zen vision :M wont display anything when on & computer cannot recogn

my?zen vision :M wont display anything when?i turn it on & my computer cannot recognise it... no my lcd isnt imploded or damaged... p.s. the buttons wont even glow when on plz helpAre you sure it's turning on? If the display isn't turning on and the

Blackberry 8520 wont turn on

My batter deid yesterday and i was unable to charge my phone for the whole night. I got a usb port and started to charge it on my laptop this morning. But only the LED red light comes on and it has been charging for over 2 hours now. I keep doing a b

My phone wont display the homescreen after rebooting. Gets stuck on the logo

after i updated my phone like 3 or 4 days ago, my q5 phone was telling me to restart it after i open some applications, i restarted it but it doesnt go past the blackberry sign to the homescreen page. even when i try to turn it off, it just restarts

Blackberry 8520 wont charge

I have an 8520 and I just came home from the hospital.  I have upgraded to the op sys the phone battery died before I was able to get home.  When I go to plug it in after getting home it will not charge or even lite up when plugged in.  I h

Blackberry 8520 wont sync previous dates in calander

Hi there, It is the 23rd June as I post this. I dont know why an appointment I entered on the Blackberry last week  wont sync in the usual way to outlook. The appointment was on 21st June. Also an appointment I entered on Outlook calander last week,

Blackberry Media Manager NOT working for Blackberry storm (wont install on computer)

Hello 2months ago I got a Blackberry storm. Its a good phone but I have one problem that would make it much better. When I try installing the desktop manager, everything installs besides the Roxio Media manager. It gives me an error and cancels the i

Macbook pro wont display seconds in the clock

i am using the digital clock for my comp and when i click "show day of week" it shows up and when i click "flash time separators" they start flashing....but when i click "display time with seconds" nothing happens...any ideas

PSE 11 Organiser wont display thumbnails only egg timer icons ?

I have been using PSE 11 for about 6 months with no problems, however, yesterday the prog froze and I had to switch off and re-boot. Now all new uploads are displayed in the organiser as egg timer icons. These will open, but only one at a time when d

Blackberry 8120 wont open a lot of webpages yet opens others

Hi Firstly i am a newbie to this site as i have owned a Blackberry for the past 24 hours or so, its a second hand one bought from ebay and im after some help. The blackberry came unlocked so i am using my Virgin Mobile simcard with the phone. When i

I have windows 7 and i recently downloaded firefox 4 last month and today it just wont display as firefox 4

i have windows 7 and ive had firefox 4 for a while and it has been working properly until today . it won't display as the firefox 4 but as a regular firefox. my persona will not work with firefox4 anymore like it did until this day. i tried uninstall

Updated iTunes freezes when synching, wont display Recent

Using Windows XP Service Pack2. Like everyone else, iTunes locks up when I connect ipod. Also have deleted Recent Additions to display.Do you have any Disk Scanning software on your computer? if so, what program (is it McAffee?) Also, have you tried

External table wont display

db=xe Hello, I am attempting to create an external table to reference a csv file that contains exif data from images. The exif data presents the date in the following form 2011:12:03 16:47:27 I have constructed the external table like this; CREATE TA

JSP wont display Graph

I am following the tutorial for creating a BI JSP Application, and I have run into a problem. I have created a simple JSP to display my Crosstab, but when I try to display the Graph, I get that red 'X' which denotes file not found. I have copied the

Emails wont display properly

I like the Mail app: its easy to configure and most emails display properly. Some emails, though, will not display at a readable resolution : the font is too small to read. When I try to click / touch to zoom (as in maps or safari) in it doesn't work

Changed .M2V file changes wont display on my video track

I have updated a .M2V file for a existing DVDSP4 file and when I open the file the thumbnails and drop zones on the menu are not displaying even with deleting .m2v from track and replacing it. I have also deleted a few time the parsing files so it wo

"inc" extension wont display in css page layout

i am new to building pages with css. all i know is table based layouts. im trying to make a new template for my sites. also they are ASP pages. my problem is when im trying to use the "inc" code for my headers, footers, navigation, and a right m