Notification is not working after upgrading to Mountain Lion ??

I have upgraded my Mackbook Pro to mountain Lion and the Notification is not working however I utilized my Apple ID, any idea how to solve this issue?I have a similar problem with my Apple LED Cinema Display 24" (from july 2009). Worked like a sunshi

Push notifications does not work

hey everyone i have been having this problem for 2 weaks and im going crazy i cant use y phone without push notifications. it happened when my iphone broke down and i took it to get it fixed and it was on v 3.1.2 and after they did it was 3.1.3 and e

Push notifications are not working (Facebook

push notifications are not working (Facebook & WhatsApp) Iphone 4 iso 5.0.1, Not jailbreak IphoneTry deleting and reinstalling the app. Facebook app is notorious for being badRead other 3 answers

LED for accessibility notifications does not work when the flash is turned off for the camera, LED for accessibility notifications does not work when the flash is turned off for the camera

I use the LED notifications and the notifications weren't working. I found out when I had the flash off in the camera app, my LED notifications did not work.OK... so turn it on?Read other 2 answers

Push notifications are not working on 4.3.5

Updated the iPod Touch to 4.3.5 but the push notifications aren't working. Was working fine before the update. Tried changing the DNS to and and to the router settings. tried restoring both the ipod settings and the network settings.

IOS 6.1.4 - Apple Native Email Client - Push Notification is not working

Hi, I just upgraded to IOS 6.1.4 this morning no issues Upgrade went well. Now My Email Push Notfication is not working. 1. Bussiness Gmail Account - Configured as Exchange 2. Hotmail Account - Configured as Exchange Both Account - Push is ON if some

Lock screen notification is not working in my

Lock screen notifications not working  for me ...helpYou do have to select the setting for each app. View in Lock Screen>On. Have you done that?Read other 2 answers

Calendar reminders (notifications) still NOT working, even after 602 update.....

So, Verizon Wireless released the 602 update to the Gingerbread OS for the Droid X, and the calendar reminder popups (notifications) are still NOT working properly.  This is VERY frustrating, as I use these notifications (reminder pop ups) for everyt

Notification will not work for Mail

Downloaded Mountain Lion; everything appeared to go well with install. When I first launched Mail, there didn't seem to be any issues (had to convert messages into new format, etc.) However, Notifications for Mail is not working. When a new message i

Push notifications are not working on cellular data

Hello Everyone, I am using iPhone 4S with iOS 7.0.4. I am receiving push notificaitons only when connected to Wifi and not when connected to 3G cellular data. I have enabled push notificaitons to all apps but I dont receive them when phone is not con

Push notifications *still* not working right on iOS 8

iOS 8 has been out for about a month. When would be a reasonable time for me to expect my push notifications to function properly? Specifically, apps like CNN, CBC, BBC, AP, MSNBC, Twitter, local news providers, generate a ton of push notifications w

ASHA 501 edge Swipe not working

Phone works perfectly, except i cant pull down notification bar or pull up the bottom context menuHi. Have you tried restarting the phone? Are you not able to see the notifications or any menu (accessible by swiping up or down) regardless of what you

Email notification center not working on iPhone5

My email notification center on the new iPhone5 does not appear to be responding to changes that I make. For example.  Whenever I'm at the office, I don't need my phone to notify me of every email that comes in.  So I go into NOTIFICATIONS, EMAIL, an

Workflow notification mailer not working properly

Hi, I got the following error and I have restart the services but still facing the same problem, Please advice Definition ID 10006 Name Workflow Notification Mailer Startup Mode Automatic Container Type Oracle Applications GSM Inbound Agent Workflow

My push and notifications are not working

As of a couple of days ago my push and notifications quit working.  They were working fine up until then.  I have tried deleting the yahoo account and re-adding it.  I got it to work for a few minutes by removing all apps from the the notification ce

Notifications sync not working

One of the listed features of iOS 7 is "notification sync" which states that removing a notification off one device removes it from all.  I can't get this working,  any notification I clear on my iPad doesn't clear off my iPhone or vice-versa. 

Iphone4 mail push notification does not work for any email

Suddenly, I stopped receiving any push notifications from mail. I tried reset, deleting and adding account, toggle through all notifiction options, restarting the phone. I also have problem receiving notifications from facebook. rest of all app notif

Push notifications not working on iOS 8.1

Notifications are not working on my iPhone 6 Plus, I don't know that someone's messaged me until I the Skype appAs far as I am concerned, Skype is compeltely broken for iphones. I have 4 iphones at home, two of them are the latest iphone6s. On all my

Push notification not working properly

Hi, I have bought a factory unlocked iphone3gs 8GB on IOS 4.3.5 and found that push notifications are not working properly. Its working for KIK messanger but not for Google+, Facebook and other news app like CNN. I tried the reset all setting option

Water Resist Alert (Notification) Not Work

Hello , I have a problem with notifications when cover is open , water warning Not work! Also when the plug charger notifications also not work ... I tought error with Smart Connect and I deleted data's in smart connect , booth still not working ...