How to get OpenGL 4 on an intel/nvidia laptop

Hi, I have the following setup: A lenovo T430 with intel/nvidia graphics. I managed to get the nvidia driver and bumblebee installed. So far I am able to run games such as L4D on my machine. However, Metro 2033, requires OpenGL4. Right now I have the

Systemd multiseat with NVidia card and Intel integrated graphics

I'm trying to set up multiseat Gnome 3 on a system running the nvidia proprietary drivers. The first seat on the nvidia GPU is working fine. For the second seat I'm trying to use an integrated Intel GPU, but all I get is the GDM "Oh no, something has


Hi, I recently bought a Thinkpad T520 with both integrated intel gfx and nvidia discrete gfx.  While I mostly use the gfx for normal usage, to hook up to an external display, I have to use the nvidia card.  How can I get both the intel and nvidia dri

G780 Nvidia GT 635M (Code 43 Error)

Hello, I recently discovered earlier this week that in the Lenovo Solution Center, my NVIDIA card had been disabled due to code 43 error in Device Manager. I attempted to uninstall the video driver, clean my device of old drivers in safe mode, and in

Black screen with proprietary NVIDIA driver

I'm having a tremendous amount of troubles getting Xorg to work on my Thinkpad W530 with the proprietary NVIDIA driver. The W530 has the Optimus technology but I've disabled it in the BIOS so only the NVIDIA card is active. I've been using nouveau up

Yet another high cpu using flash issue

Salutations. What I'm about to tell you won't come to you as a surprise as there have been many similar topics discussed here. In fact, on the first page, there were two. So let's get on with it! hp pavillion entertainment notebook dv6 e2170ee window

Lighting problem on ASUS

Hello, i have an ASUS k56CM. every thing is ok i have nvidia with optimus so i use bumblebee with intel/nvidia. the problem is sometimes after booting i have a good lighting and other times i have a very bad lighint (dark). i don't have any idea why

Nightblade Z97 and 980 GTX card and other questions

Hello there, I'm planning on building a Nightblade Z97 rig. I'm not an expert, so a barebones system will be a good starting point. I'm also not planning to OC much so I'll go intel + nvidia with it. My questions is if the motherboard can take the ne

Has Live Update EVER worked? Trying to download "AMD Chipset Drivers" 970A-G46

I just installed W8 clean, added 8.1, all the updates, and installed Live Update fresh to see if i actually works this time around. I see that apparently it still is a piece of crap software. Never have I found this program to take less than several

Safari only(?) screen tearing issues

Has anybody else seen issues similar to this: I installed to check which GPU might be causing the problem. It seems to be the Nvidia GPU. Certain websites trigger the graphics card switching between Intel/Nvidia fairly frequently; one

Missing VGA driver

Before I upgrade my macbook harddisk I running Snow Leopard normally. But after I upgrade I reinstall the OS, but after i finish the installing there is no VGA driver installed on my macbook. Can anybody help me to find the driver for my macbook. Spe

MSI 990FXA-GD80 B6 Max CPU voltage 1.27Volts????

So I have updated to the new B6 bios but unfortunately cannot set CPU voltage higher than 1.27 volts in bios to overclock -.-. PC specs: AMD FX 8120 Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600Mhz (not working at 1600 have to go down to 1066) Corsair AX850W 2 ATI Radeon 5

W540 + Windows 8.1 unstable + boot errors

Hi, I've a W540 and have upgraded my HD with a Samsung 850Pro 512GB hard drive. The memory is also extended to have 32GB of memory. That's the difference between the new ordered computer and my computer today. I've installed Windows 8.1 Pro X64 and d

MSI GT70 2OC Questions (Unlocked Bios, upgrade VGA drivers)

Hi Iam looking for some answers, from what I saw, there are few really awesome helping people here. So Hi to everyone! AS I noticed there is no GT70 2OC topic here, so there is now.  I will update infos How-to´s and other stuff for everyone that have

Archlinux + udev + XOrg 1.5 = Godsend live USB || live CD

Wow. I have finally seen the power of udev autodection and X Input Hotplugging. I have been booting my xorg.conf-less USB hard disk on various PCs with various graphic cards such as Intel, Nvidia , SIS without the need to do any configuration. And si

System Update Error on Windows XP 64 bit

When I try to run System Update on my T410 which I have just installed Windows XP 64 bit on, I get the following error message. Searching for Updates An error occurred while gathering user information. System Update does nothing after that.Hello, I d

How To Create A Windows Installation Disk From Your Old PC

If you have bought a mac and want to get windows onto it from your old computer, have no fear. I found some great instructions on how to make a bootable windows XP cd from a PC. Not sure if it will work with Vista, but it definitely worked for XP. ht

GS70 2PE Stealth Pro Direct 3D Problem

Hi guys, I just got my GS70 less than 24 hrs ago. I updated windows, installed Elder Scrolls Online and i couldnt launch it. Screen got stucked at during intro and has huge pixels all over the screen. Sometimes, the message Kernel Driver Display Erro

Brightness animation problem

Following on from, and possibly related to my previous post "Re-rendering Canon XF footage" a few days ago, something strange happened today. I was attempting to animate a brightness increase across a short clip, when it decided to not work (the

Computer specs for Photoshop - help!

My wife needs to upgrade her computer. We plan to go to a 64 bit machine running Windows 7. She currently uses Photoshop CS2  and Illustrator and plans to continue with them for the moment but will upgrade the software eventually to either CS4 or 5.