G31m3-f v2 hidden bios menu? and o/c ??

hey guys.... i am new at this forum and sorry for my english, it is bad....  i have few questions... 1-) about this mainboard bios, i am sure we can't change Vcore or that any moded bios for?? and i read something u can adjust Vcore on cor

MSI GX740 Unlocked BIOS | split

Hello. I would like too unlocked BIOS for my MSI GX740. BIOS: E1727 IMS.10F  05/27/2011 EC: 1727EMS1.406  05/28/2010 Can Enybody help me?Normal, unlocking bios are not related to official stuffs. I can start work over it once donation is received: ht

MSI GX60 Hitman BIOS on GX60 1AC

I saw that MSI GX60 Hitman BIOS had an update for Windows 8.1 but on the GX60 1AC (Windows 8.1) doesn't, is it Okay to flash the BIOS of GX60 hitman Edition to a 1AC? Oww, Thank you   Read other 3 answers


As was done with the A5000 recently(, i was wondering if the same could be done with the A4000. basically some of the requests included: Reverse/swap the notebook keys functions of the "Fn" key w

Hidden BIOS

How I can reveal the hidden BIOS settings for Neo2 Platinum ?Hi, In the bios press Shift+F2 then ALT+F3 rapidly and go in the cell menu and the options will be there. McklainRead other 3 answers

Msi laptop not charging warranty urgent help!

Hey guys so recently my msi laptop stoppe charging the local repairman told m that the charging circuit has issues or the motherboard so I was wondering would my warranty cover that? I had a problem long before 3 months after I purchased my laptop wh

MSI Barebone: Unlocked BIOS for graphics upgrade

Hello Svet, I'm currently using a Medion Erazer x6823 which is basically a MSI MS-16F33 Whitebook that is equipped with a 670MX. Now I'm planning on upgrading to a 780m and after some research I found out that I will need to flash the E16F3IMS.51X BI

MSI X79MA-GD45, Bios 3.2, ddr Voltage + multiplier

Hi, I just updated to the 3.2 bios on my brand new MSI X79MA-GD45 board, so not sure if it's the bios or something weird with the board overclocking.  In the main overclock menu I can change ddr to the xmp or run linked and specify 1600, 1866, or 213

MSI Z87-G45 bios code

Hello. I would like to know what the following codes mean: 99, 9C and A2. I get these on my down right corner when my computer boots up (where it displays the RAM and such). Basically it's code 99, then immediately changes to 9C, then A2, then my mem

Does my laptop support BIOS UEFI...??

Hi I have hp dm4 3002tx winows 7 64bit .Now i want to upgrade it to windows 8 but i m confuse whether my laptop support UEFI bios for windows 8 ( support secure boot etc. )  so that i can install clean windows 8 other wise i can install it over windo

MSI GT72 2QE BIOS Unlock and vBios GTX980m unlock

Hey guys, searching for an MSI GT72 2QE unlocked BIOS with all possible voltages, like in XTU (see: ) Offset voltage, processor cache voltage, digital IO voltage Oh and Graphics voltage for the integrated HD 4600 is very important for me (also integr

Will MSI update your bios?

Hi, I have no way of updating my bios because of an incompatible chip.  I bought my board from newegg but I don't think they will do this for me.  Does MSI take RMAs to do something like this?  I looked on the MSI website and it pretty much says go t

MSI H61MA-E35 bios flashing troubles

Hi! I buy this MOBO and i want to flash it to v2.0 or v2.1 bios. But all the versions downloaded from msi support site are corrupted or something. Both v2 and v2.1 are nonflashable via M-flash and when I tried to flash from DOS via afude238 it says t

Msi Ge70 custom bios possible?

Hello Svet, a few questions for a bios for MSI GE70-0nc: 1) is it possible to obtain a custom bios with this spec: BiosVers.:E1756IMS.106 EcBuild   :1756EMS1 Ver 4.03 Cpu       :i5-3210m Os         :win7 2) are the following features possible -bios o

MSI Z68agd80 (b3) Bios Problem Need Expert

Hello first of let me tell you my config : Intel 2500k processor Board : MSI Z68agd80 (b3) 2TB Hitachi 6gb/s Gskill 8GB (4x2) 1600MHZ Corsair 750W PSU Now my problem is Today I started my new PC and ready to install Windows 7 OS unfortunately .. It H

MOVED: MSI 785GT-E63 BIOS S5 is out. But my board is dead after flashing :(

This topic has been moved to BIOS. CPU fan is only one, its goes to CPU FAN header. 2. See here: The keyboard key for boot menu is F11 3. What "dead

Hidden BIOS stuff

I remember seeing a post somewhere that there are fetures in the BIOS that are hidden. Where can I find out how to view these features?press SHIFT+F2 you will find several hidden items if they dont come out, just press one more timeRead other 2 answe

Free Laptop but BIOS TC-4400 is locked no hard drive.

Compaq TC-4400  Hard drive removed.  Laptop was free, but BIOS is locked.  Want to see if I can unlock before spending money on new laptop and OS.   Any suggestions?Hi: It's a long shot but you can try to clear the password by reading Section 1.2 of

MSI 5900 Ultra bios mod help!!!

Has anyone else with the 5900U  tried flashing to 5950u?  I have tried using MSI 5950U bios but found it "flickered" too much for my liking and now am back to original bios.   I would like to hear fellow MSI users opinions on this particular car

MSI P965 Neo - Bios?

Anyone got a bios for MS-7235 that has fixed the bugs?Quote from: wconstantine on 22-January-07, 03:36:12 I'm running bios version 1.6.62 with the motherboard MS-7235 aka. MSI P965 Neo. E6600 @ 2,7 GHz (300x9) FSB:DRAM 1:1. Corsair Value S. PC5300 DD