can anyone help me I'm Having a problem with my MSI ECLIPSE i bought it last 3 months ago but suddenly last night my computer hangs and after i restart it it always restart without showing the bios or any msg in the Monitor i tried to insert the D-Le

MSI Eclipse Plus cannot startup and always on "suspend"

Good day everyone, I'm at wits end. Currently using the MSI Eclipse Plus with i7 920 (not overclocked yet) with a Gigabyte 800W Odin Pro Power Supply. The problem I'm encountering is at the startup. When I press power button the board blinks blue lik

MSI Eclipse Plus problems

Hi Guys, Spec as follows; MSI Eclipse Plus Inwin 650W Commander 80+ PSU i7 920 CPU 6x 2GB Apacer DDR3 10600 1333MHz MSI N275GTZ (Twin Frozr) GPU Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7200 HDD LG GGC-H20L BluRay/DVD LG W2343S LCD monitor Logitech MX5500 Revolution Co

MSI Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt display

Hi , I have 2 thunderbolt displays and want to connect them to PC which i dont buy yet. I decided to buy motherboard MSI 7z77a-g45 thunderbolt and processor with integrated video. So i planned to connect 1 monitor to other and from other to MSI mothe

GTX 470 AND MSI Eclipse SLI

hi, I got a msi eclipse sli  mobo and i going to upgrade my sapphire hd 4870 512mb to a gtx 470. but why should i buy an msi gtx 470, does the card make a special connection with the mobo so it performs better than when i would put in an EVGA card ??


This topic has been moved to BETA & MOD BIOS Section. am uploading the latest BETA BIOS Release for the MSI Eclipse SLI [MS-7520 v1.x] here.  Changelog(s): A7520IMS.144 -> A7520IMS.145 -Add µCode (

MSI 915GM Motherboard + 'Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB'

Hello. Quick one. I have an  MSI 915GM Motherboard . Will a  'Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB (7200rpm) SATA 6Gb/s 16MB 3.5 inch Hard Drive'  work on my m/b. should but my may have to jumper the drive at the rear to work at sata 1.5gbps s

MSI nForce2 Motherboard

Here is the MSI nForce Motherboard. Take Care, RichardI'd like to make a few comments.  The first thing I noticed was the placement of the AGP slot.  MSI has shifted it closer to the first PCI slot, and as a result, eliminates the space between them.

MSI K8M Neo-V Motherboard - No Display on Boot

I have K8M Neo-V motherboard, when i power on my pc there is no display on monitor. No error beeps comes on POST. Processor Fan is running properly. I checked my Monitor and RAM, it working fine on other pc's. what could be the problem? Plz any one c

MSi P6N Motherboard Issue - Flickering Display in BIOS and WinXP

Hi, I have recently got a P6N (nvidia 680i) motherboard and the display flickers a lot in both the bios and windows xp. Changing the refresh rate in windows doesn't do anything.  I have tried 3 different graphics cards (all nvidia) which all show the

Does PCI Express Video Card compatible on a MSI KM4M Motherboard

Does a PCI Express NVDIA Video Card (8500GT 512MB/128Bit/DDR2) compatible on a MSI KM4M Series Motherboard (System Model: KM400-8235)? Is it possible to setup the PCI Express NVDIA Video Card on the MSI Motherboard PCI Bus Slot? Thanks for any respon

Msi 970a-g46 possible display issue?

So this happens when I am surfing the web, (youtube, Facebook, etc...) if I close the window fast enough I can get back to normal sometimes but most of the time it causes me to reboot I have upgraded my GPU since this started but it still happens, I

MSI Eclipse SLI and OCZ Reaper 1866MHz memory OC

Hi there! I have a problem with my board (I think) and memory. Everytime I try to overclock my CPU to 4GHz and my memory to 1600MHz my PC restarts after few minutes in windows :/ Also if I want to overclock my CPU should I change something on that sw

Clearing cmos and memory issues msi 7093 motherboard

Hello all,  well here's my problem I have a msi 7093 mb with a nvidia 6600gt and 1 gb of ram(4 sticks of 3200 256mb). the pc has been running great even with the nvidia card. I decide to add more memory today and here is where my problem started. I a


Hi   i want to know is my mobo MSI ELCIPSE SLI support intel new processer Corei7 2600K or not?Quote i want to know is my mobo MSI ELCIPSE SLI support intel new processer Corei7 2600K or not? No. The i7 2xxx series are 1155 socket & the X58's are 136

List of Compatible CPU Cooling Fans with my MSI X48C Motherboard

Just wondering if there is a list of compatible CPU Cooling Fans/Heatsinks that go with the MSI X48C MOBO. I am using a Q9550. Ones that I am considering: Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooler  Zalman 9700[NT] Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler Also, if you

MSI 7301 motherboard

Can anyone point me to the drivers page on the msi site for this board i can't find it. thanks.OC !! , I have no idea, but my guess is no, because of the bios limitation,  you have to look in the BIOS if you have some option, but even do , don't expe

[Intel] Mixing different size and brands of memory. MSI 6507 Motherboard.

Hello, Does anyone know if it is ok to mix, firstly different size ram and secondly - different brands. I am currently using a 1x PC2100 512mb stick and 1x PC2100 256mb stick (Different Brands) and have never had any problems. However I am looking to

MSI 560 Ti Hawk display problems

Hello! So, I've bought this videocard like half a year ago, and ever since, it's DVI ports havent worked. I've tried it with VGA-cable and this MSI DVI adapter I got with the package. The problem isnt in my screen NOR the cable, as it seems to work p

MSI Eclipse SLI BIOS not flashable

Hi! My PC sometimes just reboots without any notification/bluescreen or whatever, so I checked if there is any new BIOS update. I noticed that my version is still 1.10 while there is already 1.A0 available. I have updated the BIOS once before, but di