BDC for MM02 - MRP area

Hello everyone! I have developed a BDC program to batch input data into MM02 / MRP area. It's working perfectly fine when I use mode 'A' in CALL TRANSACTION statement, but when I change it to 'N', so I can give this for the customer to test, it stops

Ff67 not generating batch input session

Hi Experts, I am trying to do the Bank Reconciliation by T.Code FF67. The statement is getting saved but I could not see the Batch Insput Session (T.Code SM35) to post the entries. I am using the specificatin type 2 and iam  also checked with SU53 fo

No Batch Input for Screen 0300

Hello   I am doing an inter-company asset transfer using ABT1(Call Transaction).   However for few assets its giving me the error as 'No Batch input found for screen' '0300' even though   the message type in MESSTAB table is 'S'.And one I run the pro

Stopping a batch Input  session

Hi, I need to stop a job which is being processed. Please tel me how do i acheive this. I've tried SM37 & went for release but it says 'cannot be done because of the stattus it has' I've also tried to stop the batch using the push button in Appl tool

How to handile errors in batch input(session)method

Hi Friends.. How to <b>Re upload the error records</b> in batch input(session)method in BDC Programming? Regards D BabuHi U can do it manually by SM35: the wrong trxs can be run again. If you want to do automatically I don't think you can do i

Leave to transaction "SAPMF05L" not allowed in batch input

Hello, When we run FF.5 with the file sent from Itaú, it is generated a batch input for transaction FB02 which updates the reference key 1, 2 and 3 (XREF1, XREF2 and XREF3) in the documents. There are some cases where the batch input does not update

Running Batch Input sessions in One program

Hi Guys. I am sure this question might have come up before. Reall y  need quick help in this hence posted the same. I need to develop a program which creates several batch input sessions. At the end of the program all these sessions should ve trigger

MRP: Purge Batch Size Profile option

The Longest running planning ODS Load worker was performing delete operation on MSC_Operation_Components and inserting data in to the same table. I find the MRP: Purge batch size profile option was used by ODS Load Worker. My question is: Currently t

Lsmw (batch input recording)

explain step by step procedure for uplodig master data through lsmw (batch input recording) method. please explain settings for auto field mapping in 5th stepHi Neela, These are the steps to be followed while doing a Batch Input Recording. LSMW STEPS

Batch input - FB05 - How to fill LIFNR if I post on GL account.

Hi, our company normaly use IDOCs (FIDCCP02) for posting FI documents (accrual intercompany FI documents) and there we can fill LIFNR and it is saved in BSEG-LIFNR. But now I  created batch input for transactin FB05 and I cannot fill LIFNR anywhere o

Regarding user and role batch input

hi freinds:     Our Portl project are the final stage, we are going to batch input roles and Users,could you please tell me the professional way to do it? I searched on google and SDN, it seems UME is the solution, I am not sure about this, to be cau

Update MRP group for a material and MRP area

Hi, My requirement is to mass update the MRP group for certain number of materials depending upon the MRP area. Is there any standard BAPI or the LSMW program which would help me in this. Regards, ShahuHi, Hope this program can give you some lead. RE

SM35 - manual processing of the batch input session

Hello, In SM35 I see that some batch input sessions were processed by user XXX-XXXX (user type:System) (in our case INT-3528) in N mode. The question is: how to determine the exact user who has really processed that session? We need to stop that - I

LSMW Create Batch Input Session question

Hi all when I use LSMW to upload data. every step is OK, but at the NO. 13 step ' 13 Create Batch Input Session', it always set the 'Display Trnacts per BI Folder' field a default value '1' .I must clear the defautl value and let the field to black s

Batch input with objects

Hi, Exists a standard class to develop a batch input???? Any ideas??? Is it possible to create a batch input with objects??Hi there Why not just define your class in the normal way decide what variables you need to pass in the methods of your class c

GR Processing time using MRP areas

Hi Experts, I have setup where the same materials is purhcased but planned indemendent using MRP areas. There is a requirement to maintain a different GR Processing time to the material depending on the MRP area. I am only able to maintain the GR pro

Error message 00 344 : No batch input data for the screen SAPMF02D 0324

Hi Experts, We are working with SAP CRM 4.0 and SAP R/3 6.20 We have an important number of BDocs (type 'BUPA_MAIN' ) in status  E02 with the error message 00 344 : 'No batch input data for the screen SAPMF02D 0324'. Can any one help us to explain th

General question: How to execute a batch input using different user name?

Hi everyone, I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how to execute a batch input from source code using a differente username so the batch input is executed with different permissions. For example, I log on with: Username: A , but I'd like

Can we run batch input session in foreground as well as in background

Hi SAP Gurus, I have 23000 records to transfer from one gl account to other gl. I want to run the session in foreground for 5 transactions and the rest will be processed in background. Is there any setting through which I can do it. I mean to say the

I am getting an error while running Batch input session.

While running BDC getting error that "Enter Discount Base, Automatic calculation not possible". I checked all the settings at company code level, tax code settings, document type settings. I am not getting it. While doing mannual posting the err