Display Taxes screen not opening in Purchase Order

Respected forum gurus!!! Please help me.  I am having a peculiar issue in the case of calculating excise only. However before I go on, here are some of the details you might find relevant: 1. Tax Procedure: INJ 2.  R/3 system: 4.7 The issue is that I

MIRO issue (urgent!), amount and quantity fields are not captured from PO

Hi, When we try to post thought MIRO using PO as reference, quantity and amount fields are not captured. We do MIGO first and then MIRO. GR based invoice verification in the vendor master is selected and the check mark GR-based in the PO is selected

When creating a return by copying an order tax and charges are not defaulting?

Hi, I have created a Return by copying sales order. But tax and charges are not defaulted from original sales order. Please note unit selling price is 0 for this item. I am using version. Sales Order: 143674 Item: UT1 Quantity: 2 unit selli

We are Not able to Add, approved A/P invoice - Error - Tax code Missing

Dear Experts, In A/P -> A/P service Invoice When We are going to Add Approved Invoice ,system can not allow . This invoice is go through a approval process ,system can not allow to change any of document row during approval process or after approval

Tax classification fields are not appeared in master data

Dear Experts, I searched the forum about my issue but i did not get any solution. I am not able to see the tax classification fields in customer master and material master.Even i assigned Country IN to JLST and JCST condition types by T-code OVK1. FY

Thru MEB4 the Tax amount and Tax percenatage not trigger in Background Job

Hi,           When I am executing the T.Code- MEB4 (Rebate Settlement) thru Foreground the Vendor Rebate Amount and Tax are showing.                                   When I am executing in Background job the Tax amount and Tax Percentage are not tri

Excise Duties are not getting inventorised fully

Dear Friends, User maintaining inventorise excise conditions like JMIP,JEC3, JSEI in PO . But they are changing it mannually during GR if there is any chage in invoice. But while excise posting the input values are not coming correctly. Sometimes it

Directory Links across partitions are not allowed.

See a lot of this in the crawl log - what is this error? it's the http://<portal><documents>/Forms/Allitems.aspx  No external is crawled in that content source  how do I fix it ? Hi, Based on your description, my understanding is that you got

FI-AP Tax Code not considering the excise duty while calcuating the VAT

Sub: A/P Tax Code not considering the excise duty while calcuating the VAT Hi Frnds. I have a typical problem. Till now we are using a "W6" as a tax code, where Excise-10%, Ed Cess-2%, SEd Cess-1% and VAT-4%. But as the Govt. rules changed I hav

Inc tax prices not showing??

I have a strange problem, for some reason the tax inc prices are not showing where they should. see site eg product: In the large product page the inc tax price is

In 27q form Amount deducted and amount payable are not matching

Dear All Here we made a z programm for form 24 qa as zf24q.But what is happening means in the excell the Amount Tax deducted and Tax deposited is showing correctly but in display these two amounts are not kindly give any suggestion for me

MP000200, screen 2044 fields are not filled

Hi all We have used screen 2044 for many years, but recently som fields are not filled. When creating infotype 0002 and typing the ID number (PERID), the birthdate (GBDAT) is automatically filled. Normally these 3 fields are filled .... GBTAG Date of

Taxes button not appearing in PO

D/ Friends, In the T.Code ME21N, at itm lvl-> Invoice tab, we're not getting Taxes button for some users. Due to which they are not able to go inside the Taxes window. BASIS is saying that some T.Code authorization is missing but could not find which

Excise Details are not maintanied for Vendor 0000000957.

Hi,   As per our regular process  we are capturing inovie with J1IEX  and doing GR in MB01   now i have captured  invoice in J1IEX  and while making GR with MIGO i am getting error Excise Details are not maintanied for Vendor 0000000957. ,  but when

'Create' Push button is not working in BDC and LSMW while uploading G/L master data

Hello Experts: I am facing the following problem: While uploading G/L master data with the BDC program, 'create' push button is not working  even after executing following lines. PERFORM BDC_DYNPRO      USING 'SAPLGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_MAINTAIN' '2001'.

Excise Values are not flowing from J1IJ to VF01

Hi All, I am facing the problem in Invoice to Customer(from Depot). Excise Values are not flowing from J1IJ. I maintained Alt Cal type as 356 in Pricing procedure for Excise condition types. Even though its not flowing. I am using Tax Procedure TAXIN

List of materials from the excel which are not posted

I have written bdc, that ware house storage locations should not be allowed. All the storage locations in the table T320 are ware house storage locations. so i have written if not  it_data1 is initial. SELECT *  into table iT_320 FROM  T320   for all

Deffered tax node not available in General Ledger Accounting

Hello, I want to custumize deffered tax programme but the node :General Ledger Accounting  Business Transactions  Report  Sales/Purchases Tax Returns  Deferred Taxes is not availabe. Please suggest what steps are needed to make it available. ours

How to populate tax area for IT 207? what is the common practice?

Gurus, How to populate tax area for IT 207? what is the common practice? The residential address IT 0006 is a new your address with ZIP code 10001 PA30 for IT 207 displays 4 tax areas for the new york address. FED     Federal     0000-0001       9999

Tax amount in MIRO Tax tab

Hi All, What is the significance of the field Tax document currency in MIRO Tax tab. Here whatever tax amount is displayed is not matching with the actual tax amount. Please exlain me the significance of this field. Thanks in Advance PavanHi Malyadri