G460 bios update at service center only????​555620 Recommend to visit a service center as the bios update can only be done "in-house".... As i am out of warrenty what does it mean? do i have to pay or can i do it myslef?That is exactly wh

Hp envy-m6 1201tx (Bios Update with switch-able graphics option)

Hi I have bought Hp envy-m6 1201tx, it is very smooth in working & all, but the problem comes with switchable graphics. i've studied every possible option for switchable graphics to work so i can use my AMD (Radeon HD 7670M), but i can't because my p

Bios update failed on my pavilion dv6917cl

I was updating the bios on my dv6917cl  pavilion notebook, when it shutdown it just gave me a black screen after rebooting. I'm trying to get the bios recovery, I already have the recovery disk created but the Bios updates have 2 .wph files so I don'

BIOS update for Toshiba satelite C660 failed and the laptop is not coming up again

My laptop had a problem charging the battery,even as i tried three different new batteries,it was still the same.So i decided to do BIOS update perhaps it would fix it but it didn't,guess my mistake was coz i did the update via windows. can anyone he

Howto recover bios after bad bios update DV6137eu notebook

I have a DV6137eu laptop which give a black screen and restarts after 20 seconds (after a failed bios update) How can i recover the bios ?Are you and to enter BIOS after powering on?

Elitebook 8560w keyboard failure after BIOS update

Hi, I have recently updated to F.22, however, I suffer from major problems: the keyboard and touchpad not longer works as expected. I suffer huge delays between input and reaction of the computer. I have to hold keys for several seconds for actions t

BIOS update fails

I keep getting messages from the HP Support Assistant telling me there's an important update available.  So I follow the instructions and eventually it tells me it's going to flash the BIOS.  However, it doesn't get very far before it crashes and I g

G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

Hey, I just installed Win7 Pro 64-bit a couple of hours ago and lost the ability to adjust my screen brightness.  After installing chipset and power management drivers I still had no luck.  So I updated the BIOS with this file.  Now it all works well

Bios update? overclock help?

hey guys! i need some help with and if its posible to overclock my intel CPU and card.First some system info: Windows 8.1 64Bitsintel Core i7- 3632QM 2,2 Ghz(gets to 3,2Ghz in turbo boost)8GB DDR3 memory 789Ghz3GB SDHC Readyboost CardHP 1842 U3E1 Mot

T61 upgraded to Windows 7, now can't install Rescue and Recovery or Bios update.

I have a T61 6459 CTO that had XP SP3 on it. I upgraded to WIndows 7. I tried to install TVTVRNR450_025en, but I get an error msg "Rescue and Recovery does not support installing from the Operating System which upgrade from a legacy pre-load system.&

Are there any bios updates for my R7950?

the model is: R7950-2PMD3GD5/OC The serial number is: 602-V276-01SB1203114737 Here is a link to my current bios version: and for good measure also a screenshot of what gpu-Z gives me:Hmm just posting my specs in the thread itself

Hp Pvillion G6 2005ax with AMD Quad Core is showing blank Screen after latest BIOS Update

Hi I have strange issue after the Hp Software Update. Recently i have connected to High Speed internet and Hp Asistant shown a Bios update for my System and i chose download. after that my Hp Pvillion G6 2005ax with AMD Quad Core is showing blank Scr

(P67A-GD65) BIOS update worked but now ACPI dead?

Hi guys, anyone seen this before? P67A-GD65(b3) + i5 2500K + G Skill Ripjaws 1600 + MSI GTX560  (all about 1 week old) Did a successful BIOS update to 1.B (which is what the AU msi site listed as latest BIOS, I now realise that 1.C is out). Everythin

No Bios Update for Satellite: L755D-S5204 / Inability to change Memory Settings in Bios

Ok so I bought two new 8GB of BLUE Kingston Hyperx 1600 MHZ Memory Modules with heat spreaders recently from newegg. I installed them, and my system recognizes the full 8 GB, but when running CPU-Z the memory MHZ is registering in at 665.5 MHZ. I wan

Pavilion g6-2235us bios update failed - error msg on boot

I've had trouble updating to Windows 8.1, so I did a bios update, as recommended by the HP Web Site, but it failed, and now the laptop won't boot.  It displays error message "Your computer needs to be repaired:\bcd, error code 0xc0000034..."  Ad

Bios update hung up, now system does not boot

Hi, I just got my new system 2 says ago and installed a win 8.1 on it. My pc froze at random so I checked the website and saw that there was a bios update saying windows 8 users should update.  I downloaded the file, ran it and it hung up in the midd

Laptop dead after BIOS update. How do I restore original BIOS?

Model: HP Pavillion m7-1015dx Original OS: Windows 7 Current OS: Windows 8 64 bit Problem:  I tried to update the BIOS using this file: Rel

Satellite M40: Is failed BIOS update covered by warranty?

Hello, I own a satellite M40. I had some problem with it, and tried to update the bios to see if it could solved it. I flash the bios with the windows based utility, but the computer shutted down without any warning. Now the notebook power up only 1s

Finding Bios updates

I have tried to find a bios update on the HP support site but have not been able to find anything yet.  can anyone help?  Product #BQ471aa-aba  Model #CQ5500FHi, Did you look here?  I don't see any BIOS updates posted by HP for your particular produc

After BIOS update numpad on my Satellite C850 is not working properly

My numpad started going crazy. All I can use are these "0.369*-+ home button end button PGUP and PGDN " The numpad light is on and I cant turn it off. whenever I do this its like Im pressing the FN button and whenever I press numpad 1 it always