BEA-160197: Simple ADF application fails to deploy on integrated weblogic

JDeveloper Simple JSF ADF application fails to test localy on integrated weblogic. I have never seen this and have no clue where to look for the problem. Anyone? [01:11:01 PM] Deploying Application... <23.05.2012. 13.11.01 CEST> <Error

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006)?

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006) That's the message I get when I try to start my Photoshop Production Premium CS4.  Nothing "happened", it was working yesterday and now it's not.Prefs: C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\App

How can i fix the Error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc00001d)...."

How can i fix the error "The application failed to initialize properly(0xc00001d). Click Ok to terminate the application"? I've tried to re-install twice the program and also restarted my PC several times and it still shows this error whenever i

Applications fail when "mpls mtu 1526" is configured

Hi, I'm facing an issue with an MPLS VPN backbone. A customer's IP host at one location can ping and traceroute to application servers at it's central site at another location. The IP path traverses four P/PE routers, as follows: IP Host (spoke site)

Deprecated API: MSS application fails after upgrade to ECC 6

Hi Friends, I am working on a custom Team Viewer application. This application used to work fine with R3 4.7 system and Portal 7.0. Recently the R3 system has been upgraded to ECC 6.0. After upgrade this custom application fails to run and throws err

CM 2012 R2 CU1 - Applications failing to install in TS after upgrade to R2 from SP1

Hi, We had a perfectly working TS in SP1.  We have upgraded to R2 CU1 and now we are seeing applications fail to download during a TS.  Not all applications are failing, and if we re-run the TS there is no consistency between which applications fail.

When trying to launch ITunes I get an error message saying that application fail to start because MSVCR80.dll file not found. Reinstalling app may fix problem.

When trying to launch ITunes I get an error message saying that application fail to start because MSVCR80.dll file not found. Reinstalling app may fix problem.I've just (finally) managed to fix this problem today. I checked the Apple Support forums,

Opmn.exe the application failed to initialize properly

hi, i have installed SOA for OBIEE on windows 2008 server. i am able to start the SOA without any issues but when i am logging off my windows machine i am getting this error and the SOA suite is getting shutdown opmn.exe the application failed to ini

HELP - Application failed codesign verification - iPhone

When I use APplication Loader, or through ITunes COnnect, I get these two errors 1- Noob icon dimensions (60 x 60) don't meet the size requirements 2- Application failed codesign verification. Please see the console log for a

Logon.scr Application Error - application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000022

HP G60-414CA Notebook PC, operating system vista home premium error message logon.scr Application Error  - application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000022 I need the windows disk to reset my laptop helpYou mentioned that you want to reset your n

Me~ear application fails to start

NW 7.3 ME 6.0 I have recently installed ME 6.0, its databases and I have deployed ME in Netweaver.  The issue is the me~ear application fails to start.  Can anyone give a suggestion to what I need to check or repair in order to start this application

What does Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, contains disallowed?

I was wondering someone could help me. I'm already to upload my App, I thought I followed all the instructions and now in Application Loader it's throwing this error "Application failed codesign vertification. The signature was invalid, contains disa

Endpoint Protection Managed Workstations: Antimalware policy application failed

Hello, When looking at the Endpoint statistics I have the line for systems failing to apply policy. An easy fix to this is to delete the registry.pol file. I would like to make a collection that automates this task for me. Basically if it reports bac

Initialize application failed to start

Hello All:    I am very new to the B1i thing, so getting this problem, need some help.    So I imported the SIM folder, and as well as content folder    When I try to deploy the application. It first says that bizStore has th

MDT install application fails

Hi, I'm trying to copy cmtrace to c:\windows\system32 on a Windows 2012 server as part of a task sequence. This is the applicaton quiet install line in MDT: xcopy cmtrace.exe "c:\windows\system32" /E /C /I /Q /H /R /Y /S It looks like it's succe

MDT Application Package Install - Weird issue.

Hi Guys, I've configured Windows 8.1 into MDT 2013 and everything seems to be going smoothly up until I try to stream Office 2013 365 into the image.  I looked into the bdd.log on the machine as it attempts to run it but fails and I'm seeing this - U

Simple J2EE application fails under activation

Hi, I have a simple J2EE application which contains one Servlet. I have two DCs: SSORedirector (Enterprise application project) and SSORedirectWebModuleWebModule (Web Module) (there is a third DC which is a child DC to SSORedirector, but I don't thin

MDT Application - Running a batch file and copy file locally without absolute path??

I have an application defined in MDT along with its respective files. One of these files is an install and needs to be run locally. How do I copy this file locally then have it run? I've used a fair amount of batch scripts so I opted for that, but ev

Preview Works Fine - Packaged Application Fails

Greetings - Working on a html/javascript AIR app that basically inspects a directory structure and writes out an xml file.  When I preview the application from within Dreamweaver using the Preview in Adobe AIR button, all works as expected.  It write

OSD Task Sequence Applications Fail to Install

Hello, In my task sequence, any application that i add fails to install with Error Code 0x87d00215. Outside of the task sequence the applications install with no problems.  A couple things that i have verified already DP is set to allow clients to co