I have received text messages from mailer-daemon. Do not use my 4S for email. Is it a virus?

I have received 2 text message from 'mailer-daemon'  I do not use my 4S for email. Is it a virus?NoRead other 2 answers

Mail saving text attachments with DOS line endings

dear all, i just noticed that Mail saves text attachments with DOS line endings (CR+LF), even if the original contains UNIX line endings (LF). how can i disable this behaviour?Using Automator, one can make a Desktop application that simulates dos2uni

Keeping my current e-mail address with Verizon.

Greetings, My e-mail account was moved to a Frontier server. I do not have an account with Frontier. I want to keep my current e-mail account with Verizon. It is a e-mail that I had with my former DSL account. I discontinued my DSL and we

I frequently get a MAILER-DAEMON when sending from my AOL to a Monzila user. This doesn't happen when sendin to anyone else

Sometimes when sending mail from my AOL e-mail, it will go thru to Monzila users but many times they don't. I frequently get a MAILER-DAEMON. Why?Thunderbird is email client software. Mailer-Daemon messages come from email provider's server. Email cl

Odd MAILER-DAEMON messages

Getting strange messages from [email protected] Not a new issue really, but just over the last couple of weeks I have been getting intermittent messages, both to a couple of my accounts, my primary account as well as one secondary account.

Texting Verizon's Roadside Service

Why is it I can text the whole world but I can't text Verizon's road side service I lost my voice in 2008 due to cancer of the larynx so I am mute last time I had a break down I had to have a stranger call for me Why can't Verizon offer texting for t

Mail delivery from Verizon is SLOW - are there issues?

Sent an email yesterday morning at 8.07am Eastern which was delivered yesterday at 10.07pm Eastern.  According to the header info it appears the mail reached the verizon server at 7.07.16 Central and was delivered from Verizon to the recipient mail s

Iwork:Pages:Mail Merge:text boxes?

In iwork: I have in  a Pages document, 20 (1 7/8" square) text boxes that I am trying to mail merge info from a Numbers document. I have tried linking the text boxes and when I click to mail merge the info so that each text box has info from a line i

Mail As Text Pad

Is there a way now to write personally important notes and save them without giving much though to the work flow of the Save process? Without numerous clicks to re-familiarize the 'new' user-interface styles and gimmicks? Without required looks and s

C6 e-mail plain text issue

Hi. It seems as if the current version of Mail for Exchange is unable to show e-mails in plain text format. They show up as empty e-mails while those in html format display correctly. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? //Eccohonkshooter --

Apple mail strips text when displaying an incoming email

I receive emails associated with a club I belong to from an email reflector. Club members send emails to the reflector and the reflector resends the email to each club member including me of course This works fine so long as the email to (and from) t

When I forward pictures from within an e-mail (Yahoo or Verizon), pictures are deleted.

For the past month or two, when I forward e-mails that have pictures incorporated, the pictures are not received. Recipients report getting CID followed by numerous letters and and numbers in place of pictures. I have run a full scan on the PC with N

How is the e-mail body text determined when e-mail sent from PO in edit mod

We have an e-mail that is sent to the supplier when the buyer edits the po then goes to header-output - create and send immediately.   We want to remove the SAP default Salutation Best Regards, Your Purchasing Company The problem is we cannot find wh

E-Mail as text attachment Exception

Hi, When iam sending E-Mail as a text attachment iam not able to send email. <i><b>exception occured ( document_not_sent )</b></i> This is the error what iam getting. Below is my code.Please help me. DATA : DOC_CHNG LIKE SODOCCHGI1

E-mail and text help

I have a new I-mac.  when I see e-mails on my I-phone they will not ashow up on my i-mac until I click on the mail icon in the doc and click inbox and then I must wait a few minutes for them to load.  also when I delete a text on the i-mac it is not

Junk Mail with text as images

I'm having a few problems with the Junk Mail Filter that I have set up in Mail. The Junk Mail that always seems to get through is that that contains images. Obviously the scumbags that send these emails probably know this is a floor in Junk Mail filt

Text correction in mail moves text

How do you stop the annoying feature when mail detects a spelling error and you click on the word and the word shoots to the bottom of the email ( I can't think why anyone invented this feature ) Thanks MattHope that the SNOW leopard solves this, and

I cannot retrieve my mail from the verizon website

I have a question. When I am at a different computer how do I retrieve my mail. I logged in and put my username and password in. Everything shows up but all my messages arent' in the inbox. It is blank...Only my home computer has messages in it.maddi

Is it possible to create a calendar entry from an e-mail which includes the e-Mail as text in the notes section?

I used to be able to do this in Outlook but not sure if this is a possibility now that I'm with Apple. It is a handy connectivity tool, particularly for organizing conference calls where you want the other participants to have some history on the sub

I can not delete any mail iPhone 4 Verizon

I can not delete any mail!! I remove it from my computer, I delete it all from my email provider. I delete it on my iPhone and it is gone till I quit mail and then poof it is all back again. How do I completely delete the email?Go to Settings, Mail,