Slideshow in Lightroom 5.5 Mac Yields Black Screen

I just discovered that the slideshow functionality in Lightroom 5.5 on my Mac yields only a black screen. This is the case for both impromptu slideshows (CMD-Return) and the Slideshow module. From a Google search and looking over topics in this forum

Mid 2010 Mac Pro, Black Screen on start up.  Video works after I turn machine off, let it cool

My Mac Pro is acting up. If I do a reset after its beenruning for a period of time I get a black screen at start up.  I have tried multiple different monitor cables and nothing seems to work.  It does seem to resart and I can here the start up chime

Mac won't resume from sleep - black screen

Hi, I've been having this issue for the last month or so and it seems to be getting worse. I close the lid on my MBP to put it to sleep fairly regularly, but when I open the lid to resume the disk drive spins up and makes the usual noises, but the sc

Wake from sleep black screen.

Since the last "Security update" install my iMac G5 has a problem when I try to wake up. The sleeping light goes off but the screen remains black. I tried holding the power button to reboot. But, it doesn't work. I have to unplug the iMac to reb

Mac book black screen

Can't turn on my Macbook. computer light is on but screen is black. Any fix?I have the same problem, too.  I have a MBP 15" and all at a sudden, the screen randomly turns black or off.  I need to type my login password to get screen working again.  T

Mac pro 2008 black screen issue

Hi there. Just updated 10.6.8, after that, my mac shows Black screen so many times. So i decied reinstall OSX. But it won't let me... because after insert OSX install CD and reboot it shows black screen again~! Is there any solution? Please helpe me~

Where can I get another one of the black screen cleaner cloths?

Hi everyone, I really like the little black cloth that came with my MacBook for cleaning the screen. It is perfect because it works equally well wet and dry, which is a rarity. I was wondering whether there was any way I could get me another one; it

The screen on my Mac Book Pro has gone black. It has a cursor that responds to touch pad, but black screen won't go away

The screen on my Mac Book Pro has gone black. It has a cursor that responds to touchpad, but is otherwise completely black.Blank (lighted, but black) screen with cursor at bootup [SOLVED] - Macbook Air Sleep/Wake problem Dark screen on start-up can o

Mac boots up to black screen with cursor

my Mac finished updating to the maverik shellshock bug. Now it boots up to a black screen with my cursor. What do I do?Blank (lighted, but black) screen with cursor at bootup [SOLVED] - Macbook Air Sleep/Wake problem Dark screen on start-up can only

MBP sleeps unexpectedly, black screen shows " z z Z" I've NEVER seen before

I found plenty of posts on Macs NOT sleeping. I have the opposite. About an hour ago, abruptly my screen went black except for three "Z"s in the middle, stacked lopsidedly. Seems pretty evident that it's put my MBP to sleep. I click the spacebar

Windows XP won't install. Black screen with cursor!

Ok, so I originally partitioned the HD using 'Boot Camp Assistant". I had no problems installing Windows. When I plugged in the Mac OS X install dvd to install the drivers it always crashed. so, I went back into 'Boot Camp Assistant', delete and repa

Black screen upon waking from sleep

Hello, I have an intermittent problem with waking my entry-level MBP from sleep; on some occasions, the screen remains black instead of the system waking up and displaying the Finder. Recently, upon waking from sleep, the authentication dialog displa

Black screen with blinking cursor when installing win 7/vista x64 osx 10.6

i am using bootcamp 3 to install windows 7/vista x64 on osx 10.6.6.when i select install mac reboots and then all i get is a black screen with white cursor. i have created a 20gb partition with disk utility in fat32 and i had installed windows succes

WORK AROUND: Black screen/flashing cursor trying to boot windows cd

This refers to the black screen with flashing underline cursor in the top left corner problem that happens after using bootcamp to setup your partition & then rebooting with the windows install CD in the driver. Install never starts, you just get thi

Freeze (black screen) after Sleep

MDD G4 Dual 1.25GHz 10.4.x and 10.5.x experiencing a freeze (black screen of death) after sleep. The 'freeze' occurs after an hour or two of sleep - otherwise 'ok'. I have no third party software installed - clean install twice and permissions, disk

Black screen during windows 7 install on mac mini

I have a mac mini 2013.  Trying to install windows 7 via usb iso file.  downloaded iso file to mac mini desktop from windows supported site.  This is a 30 trial that can be installed after 30 with a genuine key, which I plan on buying.  8 gb usb stic

Black Screen Mac OSX Yosemite (though not the common issue)

Hi all I've read a lot of posts already about the black screen that seems to be plaguing people lately, but my issue seems to be slightly different. When I open Spotify it loads for a while (about 2-3 minutes): Then, fo

Toshiba sattelite pro ( SPM30 ) problem with black screen and white cursor

I have a toshiba SPM30 from a friend and I couldn't succed to resolve the problem with black screen and white cursor.I can enter in bios using F2 and I can use F12 but is not booting, I have some CD and DVD with Win Xp but it seeams that is not booti

New screen standby bug (black screen with mouse cursor)

It seems there is a new issue with adobe messing up the monitor standby process. This time the monitor turns of at the setup time, but after a few minutes turns on again showing a black screen with the mouse cursor in the middle. Happens with me if i

B50-30 Black screen with cursor

Lenovo B50-30 When I boot my laptop everything seems to be working. As soon as I enter my password and login to my windows account I get a black screen with nothing but a cursor. I am able to Ctrl-alt-delete, but the task manager wont open. The lapto