Lumia 830 capacitive button issues.

Hi there. Big fan! I've purchased the at&t L830 recently, and so far its great. The one issue I have is the search button will sporadically not work, even when pressing it the exact same way as when it did work. Since the phone is still in its infanc

Lumia 720 lock button issue

my lumia 720 lock button doesn't respond all time .. it responds in sometimes and sometimes not !!!  i dont know wheres the problem is .. Welcome to the Nokia's support community, @Shan88 !  Are you still experiencing the issue? Have you tried visiti

Lumia 720 touchscreen intermittent issue

Hi frnd, i bought new nokia lumia 720 i have one problem now. That touch screen working but that screens bottom is not working. I mean start bottons little bit of up, end of the screen side only not working but sometimes its working. What can i do? H

Lumia Software : Lumia 830 ( UK : country variant ...

Lumia Software Recovery tool   : Lumia 830 ( UK : country variant ) still showing Old software it's 2 months to go ,  since we get over the air why your software team is still sleeping or may be they don't have knowledge YET please a request - please

Delaying to get repair Nokia lumia 830 from servic...

I buy Nokia Lumia 830 in Octomber 2015. I got problem in display so submit it to service centre. its near 3 weeks will complete but they are saying it will take time. its just matter of changing display. my job sheet no. 505504867/150131/018 Centre n

Lumia 830 Specs: Which model? RM-984 or RM-985

Hi, Can we get a clear indication of the model described on the specs page?  Ideally, for all phones where its relevant, but in particular for the lumia 830? The specs for 830 (shown here:

Lumia 830 + Mini SD Card

Hi guys I have my new company phone, Nokia Lumia 830, Big Shiny and Beautiful... Set it all up, and made the mistake of inserting my 4GB mini SD Card... Works perfectly no glitch at all... Now you will ask what's the problem???? Have any body tried t

Error ULP2003 con imei lumia 830

Hola @Jessica_Castor Para poder ayudarte con el desbloqueo, por favor mándame un mensaje privado con tu número de IMEI y dirección de correo electrónico. Gracias, ChariseBuenas tardes, compré un Nokia lumia 830 en eBay. Ya revise que el imei no estuv

Lumia 830 Firmware update

I bought my phone when it was released back in November of 2014 when it was advertised as receiving the full 'Denim' firmware update.  I'm still waiting for this update!  It looks like every other carrier in the world that carries this phone has push

IPhone 5 Power button issues after recent update.

After this most recent update, my power button is not working as it normally does.  It takes two or three attempts to turn the phone off and more than once to turn it.  Sometimes it turns on and immediately turns off.  This is happening only after th

Lumia 830 - New Lumia Denim not showing in Lumia R...

My product code :  059W4W4   ( Nokia Lumia 830 ) rm-984 please update your servers for complete Rm-984 New OS : 8.10.14234.375 NEW Firmware :  02040.00021.15063.02002 but Lumia Software recovery still showing old firmware since many weeks old Firmwar

Ipad 3rd generation, iOS 8, home button issue, with fix

I have seen a lot of iOS 8 home button issues on phones but not much on the iPad.  But I started having problems right away.  Clicking would not get be back to the home screen.  Clicking did not get me out of program.  It was all intermittent too. I

Lumia 830 moment capture

Hi, I just have received my new Lumia 830 phone, and i'm really happy with it. One thing however i have noticed that it does miss the moment capture feature which i'm really excited about. On the nokia website

Lumia 720 lock button and volume up button not wor...

HI , MY lumia 720 has gone useless. The volume up button stopped working some 4 months before, and God's grace the new 8.1 update helped, even though the button doesnt work now. From 2 weeks the lock button has also stopped working and now its comple

Lumia 830 camera issus

i am currently on my 3rd 830 in 60 days. i keep having the same issue with the camera working for a few days then for some reason the lens starts a constant vibration(for lack of a better word) and will not stop. it is like i have the phone setting o

Lumia 520 Lock Button

Today I updated the OS on my phone and now the lock button on my Lumia 520 isn't working. I'm on OS version 8.0.10328.78. I've performed soft and hard resets and my Display+Touch settings are up to date. Is there anything else I can do before mailing

Lumia 730 heating up issue

I have purchased lumia 730 dual recently from online and i have been using it for past 3 days. My phone gets heated up quickly on both sides (on screen and rear cover) even on minimal usage (like, browsing through wifi for 15-20 mins continuously wit

Save and Close button issue in CRM 2013 for Activity Type Appointment

Hi All, Have come across a strange behavior in CRM 2013 and would like  to be sure that it really is an issue which others have encountered too. Open a Case record, and click on Activity navigation link to see the Open Activity Associated View. Then

Lumia 920 Flash Glare Issue

Hi, I just bought a Lumia 920 but I've noticed a problem while taking pictures in total darkness. I can clearly see a coloured reflection moving on the screen while the camera tries to focus (with the assist led) and then, that glare, is visible in t

Power button issue :(

So, after about 9 months, my power button has finally broken. Is there a way for me to turn on my blackberry without using it...the power button was no match for my long fingernailsgive support a call, they were very good to me and resolved my issue