Nokia Lumia 520 problem with internet

Hey My girlfriend bought today a nokia lumia 520 from an internet shop. Now she is installing it and it seems to have a problem.  So our netwerk is 'telenet' where we have an abo wich include 1gb internet. She installed everything like it has to, APN

Problem with internet in Lumia 520

I bought my Lumia 520 few days back. I use wifi connection of BSNL BB. It was working fine these days. But now what ever the address i type in IE it opens the webpage "Georgia Pacific" and none other apps installed could use the internet. please

Lumia 520 Bluetooth Stutter

I am an IT Pro with numerous users with mobile devices. I recently started purchasing Lumia 520s as a replacement phone when users break their existing phones. I handed out three last week and all three users describe the same problem when using thei

Music Player Clarification Lumia 520

I recently got Lumia 520 for my wife, but i'm surprised not to find a "Search" button within the "Music Videos" & "Nokia Music" apps. I'm wondering how how i seach for a specific song within any of above apps? Sorry if th

Lumia 520 Cannot send or receive pictures

I am able to access the internet but cannot send or receive pictures on my Lumia 520. My phone provider has done a lot of work on this and is sure the phone settings are correct and it is not a network probem. The phone has the current update. Any id

How to connect Lumia 520 to Zune

i've recently bought a new nokia lumia 520. the phone is amazing! On my pc i have windows xp service pack 3 i installed zune and connected the mobile to pc but zune is not detecting it. how do i connect the 520 to zune? Solved! Go to don

Lumia 520 only shooting 2MP instead of 5MP resolut...

Anyone knows how come my Lumia 520 camera shoots 1632x1218 pixels or 1632x916 depending on the aspect ratio, instead of the 5 megapixels it's supposed to shoot? I've used the standard camera app, did a (soft) reset, tried to use the Nokia Camera app,

Uninstalling Applications from Nokia Lumia 520

I want to uninstall some applications from my Windows phone (NOKIA LUMIA 520) 8 so as to make my phone a little bit free from unused applications. I could find a place where I could do so. Please help me. Thanks. Solved! Go to Solution.Left Swipe on

Lumia 520 Lock Button

Today I updated the OS on my phone and now the lock button on my Lumia 520 isn't working. I'm on OS version 8.0.10328.78. I've performed soft and hard resets and my Display+Touch settings are up to date. Is there anything else I can do before mailing

Where can I buy a new shell for my nokia lumia 520

Please advise where the closest place isvthat I can buy a new shell for my nokia lumia 520. I am in new plymouth, taranaki, new zealand.I always find ebay a good place to start, followed by all the other online retailers. Not sure which ones you have

Lumia 520 Social Media problem

Each time I try to download WatsApp or BBM on my Lumia 520 I get d msg dat the Microsoft account services is not available at d moment. What should I do? I tried to log in but yet could not.Hi kohol914, Welcome to the Microsoft Mobile Community.  Doe

3G Network Connectivity problem on lumia 520

I have been using lumia 520 since the last 10 days but since the last few days once I switch the data connection to off,then switch it back again later I am only able to recieve 2G connectivity eventhough I switched the high connection speed to 3G.Af

Not working GPS in lumia 520

In nokia Lumia 520, when I start hear drive, it always show "looking for GPS" not working all the time, please solve the problem...Have you downloaded local maps,and checked the drive settings, and make sure "connection" is set to offl

Repeated free call alert on my Lumia 520.

I want to free call alert by repeted beep in my nokia Lumia 520 Moderator's Note: Post was moved and changed the title into a subject-related title. rajriyansh08 wrote: I want to free call alert by repeted beep in my nokia Lumia 520 Vote HERE Moderat

Unable to send presaved media on lumia 520

lumia 520 not send any presaved audio or video file at my WHATSAPP MASSANGER ... is it not support this app. ...Are you kidding me ! Every handset allows that ! Even the cheapest ones available in market ! How else would I share audio and video files

Nokia Lumia 520 1GB REBOOT

Hi lumia people I recently bought the Nokia lumia 520 and am disappointed that it doesn't have 1gb ram so i cant play games like fifa (my fav) but i heard that there was going to be a Nokia lumia 520 reboot where it will change from 512mb ram to 1gb,

Can not copy from PC (win7) to Lumia 520

last night i was about to copy a file from my netbook (win7) to my memory card that in my lumia 520, but everytime i tried to copy it, the explorer on my netbook became not responding and need to be restrart. can someone tell me what's wrong and how

Nokia music not working in lumia 520

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with NOKIA INDIA support.. I purchased Lumia 520 on 19-Aug-13. From the starting my Nokia Music was not working. Registered complaint regarding this in Nokia support on next day itself and later contacted them 4-5 times for the


 hi i'm wondering if what is the total actual pixel of nokia lumia 520, because in all phone specs of lumia 520 it said that it has a 5 megapixel, so i'm wondering why my lumia 520 is only getting a 3.7 actual megapixel and my all pictures resolution

Disable "Search" key on Lumia 520

Pretty simple.  I want to disable the "Search" key on my Lumia 520.  I find the base of my thumb activates it when reaching across the screen.  Even if it didn't, I'd still rather de-activate it to limit accidental connections to the web - my da