Problem in whatsapp and opera mini

after upgrading to that version of whatsapp in which new smiley's were added i am facing this problem. I cant send and recieve images or ne media through cell network but it works through wifi , but before that update i was able to send or recieve me

Whatsapp running without BB Plan

Hello, I am using BB 9360 with a Vodafone connection. Recently I changed my number and since then I have noticed two changes that I have no explanations for. 1. I have not activated any new BB Plan in my new number yet ( hence it is showing as 'edge'

Facebook and whatsapp problem lumia 630

I can't get notifications from Facebook and WhatsApp when my 3g data on. In 2g connection its working what's the problem in my 3g connectionsLumia 630 is borring handset.. Because fb messenger to logout. Moderator's note: We removed the non-English p

How can I add a person to a WhatsApp Group

How do I add a person to a WhatsApp group?You can give PowerShell Studio a try and see if that helps: I haven't tried it myself (I don't really have $400 to throw away if I find out that I really like

WhatsApp in the Cloud?!

after syncing my iPhone 4S with my new MacBookPro, all my Whatsapp conversations were gone, but when i go into my settings (on the iPhone) there is a total of 40mb stored in the Cloud, i assume, that those are my conversations... So is it possible, t

WhatsApp lags in my new nokia 720

I feel my nokia phones doesnt work so swiftly.. There is a slight delay whie switching the apps.. Esp WhatsApp app lags a lot.. I get the messages only wen I open the app.. It also shows an error message at times saying it has detected error with the

Wifi is connected ,,messengers like whatsapp ,viber,skype working ,,when i browse something on safari ,,it says that its not connected to internet

wifi is connected ,,messengers like whatsapp ,viber,skype working ,,when i browse something on safari ,,it says that its not connected to internetHello Suleman_pk2009, The following article provides steps that can help resolve most issues with WiFi c

Unread counter for whatsapp in xperia home?

Why xperia home dont count whatsapp/viber/kakao and the other.. Samsung home count themThis is a function provided by the application, not the home screen sorry. For this to appear the application in question would need to be programmed to do so in w

Displays Lumira Storyboard as HANA UIS widget

Hi there, I am trying to display a Lumira Storyboard in HANA Appsite as widget. I created a xml file with url pointing to the Lumira storyboard, a corresponding .xswidget file for the xml and added the widget to my appsite. When I load the appsite, I

How can i install whatsapp on my iPod touch?

How can I install Whatsapp on my iPod touch? it's not available in the app store... TnxYou can't. Over a year ago the developer updated the app so it is only compatible with an iPhone. Also, the version that was compatible with the iPod does not work

Como eu recupero uma conversa de whatsapp?

Olá, gostaria de recuperar uma conversa que apaguei hoje no whatsapp! obrigadaNext time, please post your question in English. For more details, see the SCN Rules of Engagement. - Ludek Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Cent

Error while displaying view with Lumira Server

Hi guys, I´m not able to display any of my calculation views and prepare my dataset with Lumira Server 1.18. Any thoughts? Regards, Christoph.Please make sure that the following configurations are complete: 1) Fiori Configuration described in the hel

Whatsapp not working properly in windows

Developers please try to fix the problem for whatsapp first because it the the most important application we find. The messages are delayed and does not show immediately, we cant sent videos and music on whatsapp. Many people refrain to buy Nokia win

How to create dynamic source file path for lumira?

i have source file for lumira  visualization on  D:\lumira\SourceFiles\sample.xlsx; also .lums file in D:\lumira\demo.lums But when i use the same Lumira folder in different system i have to again create connection for the datasource for fetching the

Whatsapp creating the memory problem

as whatsapp is an inbuilt app foi nokia 206 dual sim phone, it takes the entire phone memory, i want to transfer the app to memory card which i am unable to do so, i have already went to service centre at vashi, but the service provided was unsatisfa

Chat bubbles like WhatsApp in Mobile List

I am creating an app where I need Chat Bubbles like WhatsApp. As far as I know, I would have to create a custom item renderer with a skin which which looks like a bubble. Is there any tutorial or example similar to this which I can use and build upon

I use iphone 4 ios 6.1. i want to buy whatsapp app buy i cant buy it cos it says the email Id is for U.S why am in Nigeria. if i created another apple id using Nigeria country, will the app work with ma iphone that already have another id to purchase app

i use iphone 4 with ios 6.1. i want to buy whatsapp app but my previous apple id is for U.S using to get free app while i live in Nigeria. if i create another id for Nigeria region to buy Whatsapp app, will it work with my iphone that already have id

I can't dowenload whatsapp from app store

i have problim un app stor i cant dowenload whatsapp app comening contact itunes what can i do ?What problem are you having? Are you not able to find WhatsApp in your country's App Store? Or can you find it but are not successful in getting it to dow

Kann WhatsApp auf dem Tablet genutzt werden?

Kann Whatsapp mit dem Yoga Tablet2-1051L (Win 8.1 und LTE) installiert und genutzt werden? sollte Dir weiterhelfen. Funktioniert aber offenbar bisher noch nicht, wenn Du ein iPhone fuer WhatsApp nu

How to get whatsapp messenger for ipad2?

Hey plz help me to get whatsapp messenger in my pad.... I tried to get in app store but couldnt find it...Whatsapp is only available on the iPhone. The developer hasn't made a iPad version.Read other 2 answers