MIGO - Internal error in LMLCCS_UPDATEF02 LCL_DB method get_normvector

Hi, When registering MIGO I am getting the following error: Internal error in LMLCCS_UPDATEF02 LCL_DB method get_normvector with RC 1 Functional area: MLCCS nº MSG: 009 Version: ECC 6.0 I already looked at sap notes below but no one of them could hel

MIGO Error : Message no. MLCCS009

Dear Friends, I am facing a problem with MIGO, getting the error while saving the MIGO for GR, The error is "MLCCS009 'Internal error in LMLCCS_UPDATEF02 LCL_TOOL method fill_key position A with RC 1" The steps I was excuted : Tcode MIGO > gi

MB1C - Sloc 0001, Mov type 561 (not able to post the goods)

When I post inventory for ROH material using movement type 561 (Tcode:MB1C) with SLOC 0001, the system errors outs with the following message "Material XXXX doesnot exist in warehouse 001" Iam not maintaining warehouse management for ROH materia

WAP 561 Web Browsing only

I am looking for some help configuring a Cisco WAP 561 to only allow web browsing.  Currently, I am able to configure an ACL deny specific ports.  I set the rules to deny the ports and the last rule allows everything.  This works ok, but I can only c

Movement type 561 and GL Account 24301000

Hello guys, I am trying to upload inventory through MB1C but receiving following error: "field selection for mvmnt type 561 / GL AC 24301000 differs for settlement period (003)" Can anybody help me how to fix this. ThanksHi, The field selection

Adding a field in movement 561 with transaction MB1C

Hi! I would like to add a field (FISTL - found center) for movement type 561. I went in OMJJ and made field FISTL mandatory. The thing is that if I use MIGO and movement 561, the field is available and it's working corectly. What I would like is to u

561 movement posting error

Hi Gurus, I am getting an error while entering other goods receipt using 561 movemene. The error is " Field selection movement type 561/ account 113000 differs for value date (006) . Please help me solve this error. Thanks & Regards, RamHai, go t

Error in 561 GR..?

hi all Can anybody solve the error i m getting , while doing the initial goods receipt using Moement type 561 ,"Period 005/2008 is not open for account type S and G/L 234560" Thanks sap-mmHello, First you need to check the posting period variant

Fld selectn for mvmt type 561 / acct 700132 differs for Ext. GA amount in L

HI, while posting GR  from MM  fallowing error is occuring Fld selectn for mvmt type 561 / acct 700132 differs for Ext. GA amount in LC (023) sn.noorie double-postingHi, There is inconsistency in the field status of movement type and GL account given

Wagetypes /561 /560

Hello, I was running payroll for a month with retroactivity for the last month. The problem that ocurred is that the amount from Total Perceptions ( total salary earned) includes the net pay from the last month. Why does that happen? Also I think the

Is it possible auto TO for movement type 561? if so, how ?

Hello, Could  any one suggest whether auto TO possible or not for movement type 561? regards rkHello, when a transfer requirement or a posting change notice is created from the movement type,the transfer orders are created by batch input using the re

Natures of classes of accounts for posted document are not balanced

Hi Can anyone help me with this error: "Natures of classes of accounts for posted document are not balanced" I am getting this error while doing GR(posting goods) using 561 movement type for a material. While I am able to post Goods with another

What does this mean my computer gets that sign that your computer overheated or something

Interval Since Last Panic Report:  181355 sec Panics Since Last Report:          4 Anonymous UUID:                    D199D031-E41F-4705-A539-027072458E55 Tue Aug 13 10:25:06 2013 panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80002c4794): Kernel trap at 0xffffff800055a

Local Purchase amount in final Bill

Hi, I have got a scenario. My technician goes to site for services.He buys a material (item category-stock or non stock) from a local shop and consumes the same attend the service. How can I pass the cost of material that bough from local shop to fin

Safari crashed and won't reopen

Safari crashed this morning and will not reopen.  Here's is the message I get Process:               Safari [832] Path:                  /Applications/ Identifier:   Version:               8.0

Stock upload conversion program

Hello Experts, I have few questions below. What is the case that we require to do a BDC program for stock upload? What is the difference of using LSMW Vs BDC? I have about 500 materials and need to upload the stock into SAP from external excel file a

Online form printing error in Mavericks

Since upgrading to Mavericks, the problems continue. I can't seem to easily click in different fields of menu boxes when trying to print (whether it's a Wrod doc or pdf).  Here is a bizare output from Console from the most recent attempt. If anyone c

Kernel panic on 10.7.5. Kext problem?

Dear all, I keep getting kernel panics every couple of hours. I'm got a Macbook Pro Late 2011 on OS 10.7.5 Which program seems to be causing the problem? Is Sophos Antivirus a good guess? Thanks in advance. Wed Dec  5 11:46:49 2012 panic(cpu 3 caller

Base qty UOM for BOMs

Hi I am creating  a BOM for  material M1 with a component C1. For M1 I cannot change the base qty unit of measure. It defaults to the base unit of measure as defined in the Material Master of M1. Is there a way I can use a alternate UOM for M1 in the

I am using illustrator CS5. How can I create a svg file with rollover to show one more layer?

Actually i used illustrator to draw a map, I want to rollover a selected area to show one more layer within the same SVG which include information about that area.I don't need to change "name" to "europe", etc in js? and just use the 2