Difference Between A Back Order & Open Order

I am using Query to produce custom reports and need some help. I have linked the tables ORDR & RDR1 and I cant tell how to code the report to tell me if it is a backorder or just an open order. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim DyerHi

Link between OINV / INV1 and ORCT / RCT2 or OJDT / JDT1

Dear All, I would like to create a report outside SAP for Invoice and its payments. We are receiving full payment or part payment against single invoice. I want to create the report showing against single invoice how much payment received and when. l

Link JDT1 and INV1

Hi, I try to link JDT1 and INV1 in Query through OINV. However, there was some duplication due to one more one more join. There seems no direct linkage between JDT1 and INV1. Is there anyway that can eliminate the duplication? I would like to create

Crystal report link between sales order and picklist

Hi, Good day! I am making a picklist document using crysal report. My requirement is to show the sales order number, cardcode, cardname, itemcode, released qty in the picklist. the tables i linked in crystal are the ff: RDR1.DocEntry linked to ORDR.D

Error in printing a Production Ordre

Hi all, I need to print a production order more than only one time, but the system block me advising with the following error: ""Réimprimer ordre" non autorisé (ORD 1000094 ) N° message BS002 Diagnostic L'opération « Réimprimer ordre » n'es

I can sign into iCloud but can't remember the answers to my security questions and the link for a password reset it my old work email and I don't work there any more and don't want to contact them!! Help.

Want to change me password for my Apple ID on I cloud. I am doing this on my Mac but going into I cloud on Safari.  I can sign in ok, but when I go to password change, it wants me to answer 2 security questions, I don't know the answers to these. The

I received an email from apple and they said they froze my account and want me to click on a link . Is it spam email?

What should I do with the email?Delete it. In the case of any similar emails, type in the address to the site yourself instead of following any links provided in them; if it's legitimate, you'll be able to accomplish what you want, and you won't risk

Cs4 problem with link text changing size when clicked

designing in cs4, the actual text of my text links become huge for a split second when clicked, and then they go back to normal size.  I don't know what is causing this.  I don't want them to change when clicked.  Any ideas?  thanks in advance.John,

E-mail Link in Flash MX for Mac Not Working

Hi I'm currently using Flash MX on a Mac running OS 10.4. When I publish a SWF file the e-mail link in it doesn't work. Within the Flash file itself I've added the action mailto:[email protected] to a button. It simply opens up the default internet b

TextArea link inside a move clip

The actionscript calls textArea to have a rollover action and then link to another site when released. However when placed inside a movie clip the rollOver works but not the link. I need someone to tell me what syntax I'm missing. It's gotta be possi

Distribution Link Dead

I received an adobe reader 11 distribution license, but the link is a 404 error for the .exe file.  Can someone help me? ThanksUse other 2 answers

Has anyone had the error "The file could not be read due to an error" when selecting ignore or replace image links. The linked images are in Dropbox if that helps.

I am working on a Mac 10.9.5 with Adobe CS6. My files are locally in Dropbox but once we moved files to network and tried opening the AI - the file would not recognize the original folder location. I tried ignoring the missing images but then I recei

Links to site & external pages not working

I've spent all day working around the limitations of Muse. I created a simple site for my photography biz  today with a slideshow home page, a contact page and two external pages all linked via a menu created from scratch using text and hyperlinks, n

Help to link buttons together

I got 9 buttons thats needs to work together. When pressing Bench PWR. The Bench PWR. and OFF goes ON. When pressing NO LOAD, OFF buttons goes off and Bench PWR. stays on. When pressing 200VA Unity, NO LOAD goes off and Bench PWR. stays on. And sow o

Re-linking files. Am I missing something?

I've set InDesign preferences for the Default Relink Folder to 'look in original folder'. But when I open a document with missing links and click the 'relink' icon on the bottom of the links panel it just defaults to the last folder I looked in. Also

Robohelp 9 and TFS 2012 issue - TFS linking is not working

Hi, I'm using Adobe Robohelp 9 with Team Foundation Server 2012 on Windows 7 -  64 bit. I've also installed Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 MSSCCI Provider. I've also mapped the project folders on my machine. But when I try to ope

Command Link attribute is returning null.

Hi all, I have a pojo iterator with me. I have to generate command link for a attribute from that iterator. I generated them using a ForEach loop as below and put address of employee as an attribute of that tag. Now in the Action Listener i am fetchi

On the top of any web page, the hot spots will not work. It seems like the links in the header part of a page is turned off.

On any web page (Facebook, Yahoo, this page) the links on the top of the page will not work. The hot spots seem dead. For this page the Desktop/Mobile/Firefox Home links will not work.The Yahoo Toolbar has been reported as causing that. Disable it or

Clicking on mouse wheel no longer opens links in a new tab after upgrading to 8.0.1, how can I fix that?

I've searched high and low for the answer to this, tried updating my mouse drivers, installed Tab Mix Plus, some greasemonkey scripts, and STILL can't get my mouse wheel to open new links with a click. Any help would be greatStart Firefox in <u>[[Sa

E-mail link in Flash CS4 problem...

First i'd like to greet all community. I have problem with creating e-mail link in my Flash CS4 program. The problem is that when i create button i cant attach any actions to him. It was not a problem for me in flash 4 i was working before. The movie