Single User to Family Pack

I have purchased and installed a single user version of Leopard... can I convert that copy to a Family Pack, and if so, how?No, you can't convert a single user license to a family pack. You would need to purchase a separate family pack.Read other 3 a

Can I Sell OSX Leopard Install DVD That I'm No Longer Using?

From what I understand (and from what I see on eBay/Craigslist) I can resell my OS X Leopard Install DVD as long as it's not currently installed on any computer. Does anyone know where this is in writing? I just had my listing removed from eBay due t

Leopard login blue screen fixed by deleting CUPS Cache single user mode

No question here, just a troubleshooting tip to share. About a week ago our 10.5.8 (Leopard) G5 iMac was misbehaving. It was SPODng (Spinning PIzza of Death) when woken from sleep to login. On reboot it blue screened before the multiuser login screen

Backlight shuts off when booted on Leopard Install DVD

Booting my macbook pro on the optical drive (by holding the "C" key at power up),with the Leopard install DVD causes the backlight on the display to shut off. Reboot with the OS on the hard disk (OS 10.4) and the display works fine. Playing with

Want to install Creative Suite 6 Premium on third home Mac CPU, single user, for college classroom use. No other users at home. Have CS6 on Mac desktop and laptop

I want to install Creative Suite 6 Premium on a third home Mac CPU, single user in the home.  Will use the third CPU in college classA single user license only provides for having two activated installations.  If you want a third activated installati

Difference between two user & single user Apps 11i install

What is the difference between TWO user and single user Oracle Apps 11i install. What are the advantages/disadvantages of these two. Thanks RKYou'll need to switch between oracle homes, if you plan to use single username.And need to source the proper

PowerBook G4 spits out Mac OS 10.5 Leopard Install DVD

I bought Mac OS X Leopard and wanted to install it on my PowerBook G4 however it spits it straight back out of the disc drive. I tried to restart the computer and hold down C - this did not work either. When I test it out on my PowerPC the installati

Snow Leopard Single User Box Set

Currently I have three accounts on my iMac: 1 for me and my wife, and 1 each for my two boys. Would I be able to do the same if I upgrade with Snow Leopard Single User Box Set or do I need to buy the family pack? Thank you.Hi hawsink: The box set is

Hello, I have a 2009 iMac, and my harddrive has failed several times now, and now I need to re-install snow leopard but my install DVD is damaged and I have bought a new snow leopard disc. However my iMac will not read the disc at all ?

Hello, I have a 2009 iMac, and my harddrive has failed several times now. I tired to reinstall snow leopard with the install DVD that came with my iMac. However the disc is damaged so I bought a new Snow Leopard but my iMac wont read the new disc, it

Hi, i have tryed to install os x leopard, (its a old imac) , disk utility is greyed out , my install dvd cant find any hdd to install on , my only way to format and configure is through terminal but dont know what commands to execute

hi, i have tryed to install os x leopard, (its a old imac) , disk utility is greyed out , my install dvd cant find any hdd to install on , my only way to format and configure is through terminal but dont know what commands to execute... i tryed diffr

Time to install Leopard on MB Pro, using install DVD to migrate

hey folks, wondering how long it takes to migrate from 10.4.11 to Leopard using the install DVD. I have a brand new MB Pro. I installed Leapord, using the Leopard DVD, and started the install process. It has been 'stuck' at the Apple and 'activity fl

Can't find Boot Camp on my leopard install DVD

I upgraded to leopard when it came out. I have the leopard DVD install disc. I can not find Boot Camp to install it. I also can not find the boot camp install assistant on my computer or on the disk. Please help, I need to install xp badly and ASAP!

Grey screen won't allow me to install Leopard from install DVD

I'm trying to do a fresh installation of Leopard on my Mac Pro. I have used the Leopard install DVD previously to install to this machine when Leopard was first released and I had no problem then. Now, the machine boots and I can hear it reading from

How can I secure single user mode

I have a macbook pro, I would like to disable single user mode. thanks, Lal.To boot from the DVD, insert it, then restart and hold down the C key until the Apple logo appears on screen. If your MBP came with Snow Leopard installed, you must use the g

Can you buy the Install DVD of OS X v10.5.1?

Does anyone know if you buy Leopard now or use the up-to-date form do you get the Install DVD with the most recent release (10.5.1) or do you still get 10.5 and have to update online? Does anyone know if Apple usually updates the Install DVDs only fo

Stuck keys in single user mode

I am running Solaris 2.6. on an Ultra10. When in single user mode, I am getting "stuck keys". If I type a y to answer a question, I get yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. If I try to delete some of the repeated letters, the delete key removes them all. Wha

Single user mode doesn't accept commands

Due to some kernel panics with an old G5 iMac, I wanted to run the memtest utility. After an initial test in a Terminal, I wanted to try again in single user mode, just to be sure. Had no problem at all starting up (Cmd+S), didn't get any error messa

Single User Mode Question

I use single user mode to do fsck because doing it on a live disk takes way too long. I was wondering if there is a way to repair permissions from single user mode. Thanks1. what does AFAIK mean? As Far As I Know 2. What I have gathered is that it is

My macbook Pro wont accept commands in Single User Mode.

Hi guys i have been having problems with my Macbook Pro recently not booting up and stuck on the Apple logo screen. Now my MBP DOES mount the HD, It DOES enter Single User Mode, It DOES enter Hardware diagnostics mode and has no problem. What my MBP

Had BSoD, entered single user, when rebooting get airport error..over and o

I had blue screen after installing leopard. I entered single user, removed some files suggested in another thread and then exited to reboot. I see: Nov 17 Macintosh[1] ([]: posix_spawnp("/System/Library/P