Lenovo A850+ Stuck on BOOT

Hello, I accidently removed something of the Lenovo's Launcher and then the phone UI was removed, Nothing worked. I did a restart (getting battery out and then in). but then the phone started and stuck on the Lenovo's logo. I tried getting into the b

Iphone stuck on boot screen wont connect to itunes

My iphone 3G is stuck on the boot screen. I tried holding the home button as well as the power button but nothing happens. It will randomly shut off then turn back on by itself but when i try to connect it to my computer nothing happens and it goes b

E7 stuck at boot screen (white nokia)

Hi, Yesterday was my first day trying to use my new E7 as my primary phone.  I am having a major problem where the phone is stuck at the white nokia log boot screen and it keeps restarting. In the days before, I updated from the original 13.x firmwar

(problem, emergency) Lenovo S650 Stuck at boot animation/image after system reset.

Hello as the title says I made a full system erase/reset from the recovery mode (power + volume up + volume down) and now the phone stuck at the boot animation/image. Please somebody help me I am in hurry and this is an emergency! model: Lenovo S650f

Stuck at boot screen after installing updates.

I was prompted to install updates. Got a message stating that the updates couldn't be installed and that the system will be restarted. When booting it gets stuck at the apple screen with a spinning wheel. A progressbar appears for a while and ticks t

Lenovo B570 Stuck at bios screen

I have a B570 that I recieved with a cracked LCD.  Upon replacing it everything powers on just fine however I cannot get into the bios.  When I press F2 it just says please wait in the bottom corner but never enters the BIOS.  Furthermore it will not

My iPod 2g won't start up it is stuck with boot screen and a loading spinner

My iPod 2g won't boot up it is stuck with a loading spinner and the apple logo, when I try to restore it iTunes refuses to restore.You said: when I try to restore it iTunes refuses to restore. Why can't your restore? Error message? Try: - iOS: Not re

Boot stuck at gray screen

I have a 24" silver iMac. Boot gets stuck at gray screen with gray apple showing and wheel continuously spinning. Never gets to blue screen. I have tried booting from system CD and running disk repair and repair permissions. They are fine. I have tri

Imac 8,1 does not boot stuck on blue screen

imac8,1 mid (2008) 20" stuck on blue screen after boot ,It starts in safemode, below is a list of thing i have check so far 1 Apple hardware test (says every thing is ok) 2 Disk utility repair (was successfull) 3 reset PRAM ,SMC 3 Boot for OSX dvd an

10.6 won't boot; stuck on grey screen

I know this is covered here to some degree, at least, but I haven't been able to find a complete solution/answer, so here goes: (Please, redirect me to the right source of information, if you know where to look, but not before reading through my post

MBP stuck at gray boot screen with apple logo, loading wheel, and loading bar

Today i was using my mac book pro and it was working just fine, and i shut it off and when i tried to use it later I get stuck at this screen. I have never seen this loading bar and it doesnt seem to do any thing because it only goes as far as it is

U410 stuck in boot loop

Salutations everyone, Recently I purchased a u410 and it has been running great for a few weeks but this morning instead of waking up from hibernation like normal it seems to be stuck in a loop of displaying the lenovo logo then a blank screen with a

Powermac G5 stuck on grey screen start up and fans running wild

Hi All I also have the recurring problem all of a sudden - yesterday all seems well, today am stuck on grey screen and fans getting stronger by the minute. NOTHING works - have been through all sorts of forums and the most I got was to try disk utili

Lenovo B50-30 AIO touch screen stop working

I bought my Lenovo B50-30 AIO touch screen last year and approximately after 3- 4 months of use the touch screen capability has stopped working.. Contacted customer service but they are unable to help and they told us thay they will send someone to f

Start up problem - stuck on grey screen

I can't get past the grey screen - I have an apple and a rotating gear but it never advances. I tried disconnecting peripherals, restarting, restarting in safe mode but nothing seems to work. Help!Last night the electricity went out and my power surg

Hi, Hi, Hi  I have the old MacBook Pro. Upgraded to Mountain Lion which completely wrecked the system. So downgraded to Snow Leopard. The updated the combo update. Now stuck on blue screen at start-up. Need help. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, I have the old MacBook Pro. Upgraded to Mountain Lion which completely wrecked the system. So downgraded to Snow Leopard. Then updated the combo update. Now stuck on blue screen at start-up. Need help. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.Downgrade Lio

Satellite L640 hangs at boot screen

Hi all, I have an L640/01H which I bought at the beginning of this year. Besides the original Windows 7 OS, I installed a Linux system on a separate partition. Earlier today I was using the Linux (which is what I normally use) and everything was real

Mac Mini Stuck at Gray Screen

Hi, I have an Intel based mac mini running 10.4.6 I believe what ever is the latest tiger version. Upon restarting after installed updates computer can not go past the apple logo with the spinning wheel underneath it. I have restarted and tried all o

Blackberry playbook won't go past boot screen

Playbook keeps freezing we rebooted by holding the power button for 10seconds now we can't get pAst boot screen. Just gets stuck there and doesn't get to icons screen. Any suggestions?Call support at this number:

WindowServer stuck during booting - only safe mode works

Since today during working it seems the WindowServer stopped functioning. I can only start the Mac with Shift-Down = Safe Boot. Then it works with all connected screens, but is obviosley unusable, because nothing is working without the extensions. So