Snow leopard not supported any more? security updates for safari

Apparently the latest security updates for safari have been released for lion & mountain lion but not for 10.6. I have had some problems updating to lion so I'm still on snow leopard. Does this mean snow leopard is not officially supported any more?

Adobe Flash for Safari on iPad Mini? What are the alternatives?

Whhy doesn't Safari on my Mini use Adobe Flashplayer? Thanks!No Flash for iPads, iPhones, or iPods Here's why there's is no Flash available for iDevices or other mobile devices. Adobe was unable to provide a product that was suitable to the needs of

Safari Beta for Mac

Are there improvements in Safari Beta that would make it a good reason to update Safari 2.04 on my Macbook Pro w/OS X? I will not be using windows. ThanksHi Welcome to Apple Discussions I have enjoyed using Safari 3, especially In-line Find, expanded

The latest Adobe Flash Update for Mac OS stalls on installation at 30% download

The latest Adobe Flash Update for Mac OS stalls on installation at 30% download. How do I delete my old flash from my mac to attempt clean install? Any other ideas on how to solve this problem?Please use the offline installer: http://fpdownload.macro

Updating Flash for Safari Browser

I am new to the iPod world and just bought an iPod touch. Love the thing just had one question, I am an avid Fantasy Football Geek and use yahoo, when I go into yahoo and try to use their stat-tracker that updates scores and stuff in real time, it sa

Flash player only works in administrator account. In the user account safari can't play flash videos (youtube or others) while firefox can. OSX 10.5.8 safari 5.0.5 / latest flash player. I have tried almost everything! Any help?

Flash player only works in administrator account. In other accounts safari can't play flash videos (youtube or others) while firefox can. OSX 10.5.8 safari 5.0.5 / latest flash player. I have tried almost everything. Reinstall safari and flash player

Flash Content on Safari Stutters Badly...

I am trying to troubleshoot for my sister who has an iMac G4 800mhz; 768mb RAM; 64mb VRAM; running 10.4.10 Quicktime trailers play fine for her in Safari, (or on her desktop), but with Flash content, like at Youtube, or Comedy Central, the video play

KeyboardEvent Bug in Flash Player Debugger (Safari/WebKit OSX 10.6.8)

Hi! There is a bug with the debugger :-) I ran into the following bug. After doing a fair amount of testing I am able reproduce the problem at will, so here it is: The Debug version of the Flash Player used for development does not detect keyboard in

My fix for Safari 5 beach ball, hang, not responding

Hello, So many people experienced problems with safari after upgraded to S5 and me too! Beach balls, not responding, crash, quitting, hang.. Etc. I tried clearing cache, reset safari, delete .plst, uninstall/reinstall safari all yield to similar prob

HT5271 How can I use flash 10x in Safari 5.1.8?

Hi I need to use the older Flash plug-in (Flash 10x) in Safari 5.1.8.  Is there a way I can "force" Safari to use it? ThanxTwo bugs, one affecting Apple's Mac platform and another attacking Microsoft's Windows, exploit certain Flash player vulne

Mac - Unable to install Adobe Flash Player after Safari update

After the latest Safari update (version 8.0.2) for Mac, I received a message that Flash Player was out of date.  I downloaded the latest Flash DMG file and when updating it stalls at 32%. Running the latest update for Yosemite. I've uninstalled all o

Flash Player for Power PC

Will no longer stream media from the internet, anywhere, as of today.  G5 power pc 2GHz.  This thing is still strong for recording music, can handle plenty of tracks.  I do not physically need to upgrade my computer.  It seems as though I virtually n

How Update Flash Player for Firefox Without Running Firefox?

I have had a problem with Firefox freezing when I try to do just about anything other than simple browsing for at least two years. Updates don't help nor disabling all add-ons, nor reinstalling, etc. Nobody can figure out how to fix it so I use it as

How do I report a bug against Flash Player for Google Chrome?

Flash Player for Google Chrome is currently developed jointly between Adobe and Google.  Because of this relationship, we would like to encourage users that are encountering issues with Chrome's Flash Player to report bugs directly to the Chromium da

Keep getting the error I need to install the latest flash player, although I did

Hi all. I have a very rare issue with flash player. First some information: I'm using Windows Vista 64-bit, and the latest Mozilla Firefox. When I want to wath a movie on Facebook, ik keep getting the message 'Upgrade needed for Flash player. To view

Plugin for Safari 3 Popup

Hi, i tried every browser on the market from firefox to icab, also safari 3. Safari 3 works perfect, only the cache and popupblocker is not so good. I read in the web about plugins for safari. To block popup. Like Adblock. Is this plugin usefull - or

Flash fails for Mac OSX

I just cannot install the free Flash Player 9 for Mac OSX (PowerPC). I get an "Access denied Error 1008:5,-5000" , then "You do not have enough access privileges for this installation". I've installed/uninstalled countless times and ev

Which adblock is the best one for Safari 5 ?

Which adblock is the best one for Safari 5 ? I was recommend "Safari AdBlocker" and "Safari adblock". Is it worth to install both or another one app ? which one is best and why ?stamat -- I would not recommend anything AdBlock. Glimmer

Mac osx n latest flash

I am on Mac with OS X but need latest Flash apparently, have downloaded it to HD loads of times yet still need it - WTF!!?? x I totally agree about Flash, althouh there are still many sites out there that require Flash. In my case -- mostly for the v

My DVR security sofware that I access remotely uses a "dvr .ocx" file....when I try it in Firefox , either the latest non beta ( or the new beta version (4.0 rc) it will NOT work as it says the plugin is missing... it works in IE 8,but not IE9...

My machine is Top of the range (my Company builds them so it had better be :) ) Amd 1100t , 8gb ram , Windows 7 64 bit etc, etc... The is not a hardware problem , but a software problem with FF...Any help would be appreciated as I hate using IE 8 for