Khmer Unicode?

I'm looking for Khmer unicode to support my Browser. ThanksHi there, thanks to all for asking and replying with support on this issue. I hope the company is working on it. As Android and iOS hitting hard around the world, especially in developing cou

An necessaries requirement of Java for using Khmer Unicode

Hi Java Architecture or Engineering, May you describe me about any specific requirement that Java 1.6 can support Khmer Unicode? My Simulation problem: Recently, newgenlib (Open source Library) have been launch new version what can support Khmer Unic

Khmer Unicode for iOS

I need Khmer Unicode for every iDevice iOS. WHY APPLY DONT built Khmer Unicode for iOS.To tell Apple you want something added, you need to go to In the meantime, try the Keyman app.Read other 2 answers

Embed Font of Khmer Unicode works improperly

Hi all , I am developing a book with both english and khmer language by using the embed font. I tested it with the iBook on an iPad air. I can present the Khmer in the iBook but in some scenario, the iBook renders the Khmer as rectangle symbol. Any i

Selling ebooks in a country without credit cards

Hello, I am exploring options on how to help a local book publisher in Cambodia be able to sell their books electronically and I came across Adobe Content Server (used Adobe products for years, but never heard of this). Here's the situation: The book

Dg4odbc to connect to mysql rc 28500 something other than invalid authoriza

dg4odbc to connect to mysql rc 28500 something other than invalid authoriza Hi, We are trying to establish connectivity from oracle to mysql using dg4odbc and openlink ODBC drivers. I get the following error when queries are run on mysql tables from

Connecting to EMS fails with No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page

I am getting the following error when trying to connect to both my exchange servers. New-PSSession : [] Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : No mapping for the Unicode character ex

Unicode Khmer font display problems in FrameMaker 10?

How do I get Khmer OS or any unicode Khmer font to display properly in FrameMaker 10? I am working with cambodian files in FrameMaker 10. This is what it looks like in Word (this is how it should look) This is how the same texk looks in FrameMaker 10

Unable to Import Unicode (csv) file to BlackBerry Bold 9700

Hi all I'm facing some problems with my new BlackBerry Bold 9700. I have Nokia mobile, I exported my contacts using PC-Suite 7. The exported file includes Arabic characters, so the charset used was in Unicode. I've changed the heading for important f

Multi-language Package for BlackBerry

Hi, Guys, Do you know where I can download Chinese language packages for the BlackBerry ? ThanksHey Quan, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. What BlackBerry are you currently using?  Also who is your wireless provider? -ViciousFerret

Blackberry controls and midlets

Midlet meets blackberry let the battle for who can use the escape key begin! If you're having trouble mapping keys from the blackberry to your midlet..this will definitely help you! in this post I go over: Adding menu items to the blackberry menu, an

DBMS_LOB.WRITE fails to write multi-byte data

We have Oracle 8.1.6 database, UTF8, and a table with a CLOB column. I'm trying to write some multi-byte data (Japanese) to that CLOB using DBMS_LOB.WRITE(lob_loc,48,1,v_buffer); I get ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [711], [25806920], [ko

Is Locale required for multi language?

Hi Folks, I used Locale to represent multi language or directly using unicode characters, these 2 scenarios as follows: Using Locale: <%@ page import="java.util.*" %> <%@page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"%> <html

Multi-lingual Text trouble

Hi there, I having trouble getting Director to display multi-lingual text in #text members. I'm using WinXP Pro and have installed everything that can be under the "Regional and Language Options". The text displays correctly in the thumbnail pre

Mark/Space announces the Missing Sync for Blackberry

This package, promised for delivery by the end of the first quarter of 2007, will require Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later and a Blackberry device sporting version 4 or later of the Blackberry OS. It will reportedly support these devices, and may support oth

Open dataset (UNICODE) for english en polish characters

Hi, I have a problem on my multi language project on where I need to manage English language and polish language. I have a table (that we can call TABLE) I manage the translation on it. When I am connected in English I can see some squares instead so

Multi Language Support implementation

<span style="font-size: 8.5pt; color: black; font-family: Verdana">Hi,<br /><br />Iam currently working in Oracle 9i database configured for multi-language support. Iam able to enter Chinese characters into the database and vie

Help: Multi-language Support in Jdeveloper 9i Log Window

I have basically solved the multi-language display problem in code editor, compiling and run. If I send the output out of JDeveloper, it's displayed well. However, if I run or debug in JDeveloper and want to see the result in JDeveloper log window, t

Blackberry 8100/8110 Red Light Flashing

It seems this is a common problem. I loaded my Pearl 8110 or 8100 with a sh**load of music, pics & videos. when i went to access them, play them or slideshow them, I noticed it took forever...attempting to ease the memory load on my phone, i started

Android anti-virus on Blackberry

I've been able to install, and run a few android apps on my Blackberry Z10. Would it be as effective running an anti virus/internet security whats unfortnatenly only releaslted on iOS, and android. It's a multi-device internet protection product. I k