Save enhancement utilities

I used to have a utility that gave extra options in the save dialogue box that also placed a thumb nail image of a PDF in the finder window. Apple implemented Thumb nails in the finder and I stoped using it. However one of the great things it did was

RMMAIN: 000000000000Enhancement /KWCUST/ (Release 610) does not exist.

Hello, I have installed SOLMAN 4.0 and have this message in the right window: "000000000000Enhancement /KWCUST/ (Release 610) does not exist" when calling RMMAIN and clicking any "deliverable group" or "milestone" of the ASAP

Case notes - enhancement inability to save notes properly

Hello experts, we try to save three notes each time a save occurs on a case (UI component: crmcmp_cmg, method eh_onsave after enhanced on view OverviewPage). we use the cmgNoteRel relation of BOL cmgCase to create the notes one by one and insert valu

Badi, enhancement in MB1B on save.

Hi, i am new to enhancements in ABAP, i have functional req as in MB1B with Mvt type = 411 and Special Stock = Q at the time of posting, available balance in budget should not get effected i.e amt of material not get added to available budget. and in

CRM  Call List Save BADI / Enhancement Point

Hi I need to perform some validations on Call List Save using TX CRMD_TM_CLDIST . I searched for a BADI which gets called when the call list is saved but could not find one . Has anyone worked on a BADI which gets called when a call list is modified

Beats-Audio / Sound System Enhancement dv7 / HP Envy 15

Beats-Audio - Sound system Enhancement Test system dv7t – 6100 Quad / Windows 7- 64bit Beats-audio Introduction - Cave Sound Caper Edits 29-Nov-2011 This is a re-write of this document.  Parts One and Two have been flipped.  It's a work in progress.

USER EXIT / BADI on save VF01

Hi, Do you know any user exit or BADI which triggers after save VF01 (Billing document), actually I need to modify the payment terms field in the VF01 while save. Used program RV60AFZC to modify payment terms field but it does triggers before save. <

Save file problem in network hard disk

I connect to network hard disk called X: When i open a pdf file in X: and change something to save. A message will tell me "Files can not be saved, can not be saved to this file name, use a different name or save this file in another folder" But

Enhancement Request for RFC 4021 Support in Mail

I'm not sure if this is appropriate for this forum, or complies with the click-through agreement which neither I nor the vast majority of anyone here probably read, but here it goes. Mail does not appear to support RFC 4021. In particular, there are

Enhancement Requests for AWM10g

Hi, before I start in on the enhancement requests I want to say that I am pretty impressed with AWM10g. Definitely a huge step forward in creating AWs. Having said that, I think there are a few enhancements that could be done to the tool to make it e

Enhancement required for VA02

Hi The issue is related to my earlier thread :- [Contract Quantity not updated after assigning Reason for Rejection in Order; Now to resolve this issue we need to keep the Message V4 096 as "warning", presently we set it as an "error"

Adobe Reader X save location issue

Hi All, i would like to seek expert helps on Adobe Reader save location issues. After we upgrade from Adobe Reader 9 to Adobe Reader X. There are changes on how save location works in Adobe Reader X If save PDF via Internet Explorer – the save locati

Send and Bring enhancement

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to script a function that would allow the user to send back and bring forward an object to be behind or in front of only the objects it is directly in contact with? To explain, this is to avoid the excessive

Selection brush tool - how to close and save changes???

I'm using PE 7.  When I use the brush selection tool and select an area and enhance it, how do I quit the selection process and start another one. Say I select a face with the brush, use the enhance faction to lighten the shadows then want to close a

How to activate a CRM datasource and also to enhance

Hi experts 1. can somebody guide me how to activate a CRM datasource like in R/3 we do it in RSA5 and check it in RSA6 do we have to do the same and also any additional steps need to be performed for adapters. 2. How do we enhance the CRM datasources

Safari wont save new Bookmarks

No matter what I try, Safari 1.3.1 will not save a new Bookmark. If I drag to the Menu Bar, use the pulldown etc, when I reopen Safari the Book mark is gone.Safari 2.0 (as part of Tiger) has an Import Bookmarks option in the File menu. Not sure about

What caused my computer to no longer open or save pdfs in emails ?

Can no longer open pdfs.  Just says 'scanning' then nothing happens.  Feel it may have been hijacked by a rogue program.  No way to save them either.  Major problem!  Already downloaded latest Reader, also used earlier restore point to restore progra

User enhancement

Guys, I have a basic question about user enhancement particularly regarding RSAP00001.  Is it true that we are adding a field from one table to another in enhancement and populating the data in it?Hi, Go through the below steps: Go to CMOD. 1. To cre

Error in creating implicit enhancement

Hi Experts, I want to create an implicit enhancement in a standard program. I went to Edit -> show implicit enhancements and right clicked at the yellow lines and clicked create . it asked for the enhancement name. after giving name and pressed ok ,

Enhancement of 2lis_01_s001

Hi, i have to add the company code (bukrs) to the datasource 2lis_01_s001, please tell me if i'm doing it ok, what i've got until now it's: 1. bukrs is not in the "standar" structure s001, so i add the field bukrs by adding it in RSA6, Enhance s